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Author Topic: Reference: Used Thread Titles  (Read 18527 times)


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Reference: Used Thread Titles
« on: Feb 18, 14, 11:08:16 AM »
Used Thread Titles

Given the nature of our automated systems a thread name should not be used more than once. Variations are ok, but please note that should you use a variation it could confuse other writers.

Last Updated: February 1, 2020 by WrenStar

tis the season for subterfuge
(Alcoholic) tea and sympathy
.someday. this pain could be useful
101 Flavors of Warlord Prince
190/191 Winsol: Painful Ambition and Hidden Truth
191 late Spring, The Plaza: Ordinary Things
191, Spring: Assassin's Truths and Dragon's Lairs
3 hots and a cot
99  problems....
a .restless. night
A bat among the cherry blossoms
A Better Offer
A big old hole in the middle of you
A bigger pond
A Bird in the Hand
A bird without a cage
A Birthday with a Queen
A Black Envelope.
A body that represents your sin
a boy named sue
A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother
a broken bird can still talk
A broken blade
A brush with the devil can clear your mind
A Burglar's Gratitude
A cake can't solve it all
A Call to Heroes.
A case of mistaken identity
A casual encounter
A catalogue of mornings
A Certain Slant of Light
A challenge answered
A chance for grief and sorrow
A chance reflection
a chance to blow off steam
A Chance to Show His Quality
A Change in Perspective
a change in tendency
A Change Is Coming Through These Doors Now Closed
A Change is in the Air (attn. Sorcha)
a chill wind blows through the heart
A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing
a completely unsuccessful attempt at ghosting
A Confusing Conundrum, Expanded
A contract, for I plot to kidnap the Queen [NC-17 for Sexual Violence]
A convenient arrangement
A cord of three strands
A Court's Welcome (attn. Linnel & Court)
A crack in the slab
A cure for what ails
A Dance Of Daggers
a dance of rage and celebration
A Dance of Words Spoken and Unspoken
A dark lit place
A day and a day and a day in the sun
A day late and a Plaza short
A Day Late Is Better Than Nothing
A delicacy fit for a spider
a desert hare still has claws
a desert in my blood and a storm in your eyes
A deserved scolding, perhaps
A different kind of jungle
A Different Kind of Understanding
A different sort of Healing
A Dinner Date with Destiny
A dinner here is never second best
A Discovery in the Library
A dove among the cobras
A dream is a wish your heart makes
A Duty To Care For You
A Factious Tea
A Falcon Flies Alone
a family gathering
A Father's Expectations
A father's love can help you soar
A Father's Pride
A Favor for a Favor
A fawn mistaking candles for headlights
a fertile day for an awkward duty
a fever you can't sweat out
A Fish out of Water
A Forgotten Danger
A Friend Indeed
A Frustrated State of Affairs
A Fugitive's Flight
A future Untold
A Gathering of Allies and Enemies
A Ghost Shouldn't Be So Practical
A Girl's Work is Never Done
A glimmering of hope
A Glittering Affair
A golden cage is still a cage
A Good Day
A good player is always lucky
A grand adventure is about to begin
a green field from a cold steel rail
A Grey Diaspora
a hands-on approach
A Hard Day's Night
A historically parallel case
A History Of A Present Illness
A home to call our own
A How To on Curbing Megalomanic Behavior
a hundred years or more
A Interesting Turn of Events
A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Argument
A Journey to Remember
A Kick to the Stones
A Kind Heart in a Land of Gold
A Kind of Destiny
A Kind of Waiting Game
A labor of love
A ladder sans crossbar
A Late Return
A letter always reaches its destination.
A letter from mother to son
A lie to uncover the truth
A lie told often enough...
A Light in Nightly Uncertainty
A Light in the Darkness
A Lion's Roar
A Litigant's Effort
A Little Drop of Poison
A Little Faith
A little less package and a lot more care
A little light reading
A little more than you bargained for
A little nighttime music?
A little party preparations
a little pile of ashes where my old life used to be
A little spot of rain
A little sugar for my sins
a little sunny and a little sad
A little swim
a little time to ourselves
A long shot across the bow
A Long Time Ago, We Used to Be Friends.
a lot of money for a little effort
A Man is as Old as his Work
a match you strike to incinerate
A Mater of Mothering
A Matter of Loyalty
A Matter of Opportunity
A Matter of Spice
A Meeting Made in Marvelous Madness
A Meeting with the Boss
A meleth, perónen (For a love half given)
A Mercantile Routine
A Midnight Gamble
A Midnight Stroll (tag: Don)
A Midsummer Day's Dream
A mile of bad road
a million dreams for the world we're going to make
A Million Miles Away
A Miracle is Only a Hidden lie
A Mirage in the Distance
a moment long overdue
A Moment of Silence
A Moment of Your Time
A Moment With The Queen {Attn: Darcia}
A Moment's Peace {Open}
A moot point
A most unsettling arrangement
A Mother's Heartache
A Mother's Invasion
A Mother's Love
A Move Too Far
A Myos's Mercy
a necessary rebuke
A Network Of Thorns
A New Chapter (but still too sandy)
A New Craft for a New Age
A new dawn; an old Territory
a new day comes
A new frontier comes new hope
A New Light
A New Light In The Dark
A New Lord Obsidian
A Night for Amazons and Leviathans
A Night of Endless Acts
A nightmare disguised as a wet dream
a part of your life it can't take away
A party's not a party until...
A Past of Light and Shadow
A pastoral love affair
A Pawn for a Queen
A Peacock in a Hawk's House
A Petition For the Queen
A Picnic in Witchblood
A Picture is a Poem without Words
A Piece of You For a Piece of Me
A Pilgrimage is Never Straight
a pill to make you numb, a pill to make you dumb
a pink and yellow basket case
A place to burn the shadows away
a place to unwind
a place where you can light the fire and watch it burn
A pool too deep
A Portrait [ATTN: BOOTS – OPEN]
A Potentially Profitable Evening
A pound of gold for a pound of flesh
A Praetor in Raej
A Prince in the Hand
A Prince's Fury in a Soft Pale Rain
A Prize to Be Won
A Promise to a Stranger [attn: Brennan]
A Queen's Demand
A quiet morning
A quiet, charged tension
a real shot in the dark
A Recurring Memory
A reintroduction of sorts.
A Report Marked: URGENT
A ring in a box
A Ripple Begins a Wave
A rising tide lifts all boats
A rock that bends to no wind
A Rose by Any Other Name is Still a Rose
A Runaway Pair of Queens
A sacred duty
A Scarcity of Options
a scheme between siblings
A Second Chance (Attn: Letta)
A Second Hand
A Secret Kept, a Tide Evaded
A Secret Web
A series of events
A setup for a punchline on duct tape
a shadow is cast on devotion
A sheltering ray shines through this night
A Shephard Among Monsters
A Shepherd Must Tend His Flock
A Silenced Pulse
A Silver Night
A Simple Invitation
A Single Mother's Son
A Sister's Worry
a slim gray hope
A Slumming Lunch [ATTN: LUX]
A small match strikes wildfire
A small offering of hope
A smile is a curve that sets everything straight
A Snake in the Parlor
A Snowflake's Chance in Hell
A song in the bone
a song will cost you more
A Soothing Sister
A Soul From Out The Shadow
A space between valleys
A specific overture
A Spider Checks Her Web
A Spider's Plot, A Steward's Choice.
A Spoonful of Honey
A stage where every man must play a part
a star, a star, dancing in the night
a starlight in the gloom
A stolen smoke ascends
A Storm of Broken Oaths
A Storm of Decisions
A Storm of Difficult Decisions
A Storm of Flame and Fury
A Storm of Grief and Fear
A Storm of Reticent Faith
A Storm of Rushed Farewells
A Storm of Stone and Dreams
A Stormy Encounter
a strange accordance of company
A Strange Alliance
A Stranger Lurks Behind Those Familiar Eyes
a sudden point of convergence
A Summit By The Sea
A surprise in the mail
A Swan Dive Into Whoknowsville
A sweet, small slice of immortality
A Tale of Two Males
A Task for Snakes
A taste of home
a thing about contrition
A Thousand Swords, Two Eyes
A time for Lions
A Time for Spiders
A time for us
A Time to Mourn
a town hungry for the lonely
A Trip to seek help
A Twisted Sense of Humor
A Voice that Breaks the Silence
A Voyage to Forget
A walk in the forest
A wave o' th' sea
A Web of Tangled Roses
A White Winter in a Winter Garden
a will passing all understanding
A wing and a prayer: the absence of either.
A Winsol Adagio
A winter's Idyll
A Witch for a Witch.
A Wolf in Whore's Clothing
a year like this passes so strangely
About as Subtle as an Earthquake
about nothing and everything
Above all these promises we couldn't keep
Above or Below the Ground
Absence makes the heart grow bloodier
Accounting 189
Acrimonious relationships
Across a Land of Blood and Dreams
Act I: Acquaintances
Actual Trash Fire Elenor Lirion
Adaequatio Intellectus et rei
Addicted to your Allure
Adjusting the Status Quo
Adrift and floundering..
Adventures in Introspection
afraid to leave, scared to venture out
After the Exchange
After the fall, I am nothing
Aftermath at the Breakfast Buffet
Aftermath: Segue to a New Normal
Aftershocks of Atrocity
Against the distant chance
Age Beats Beauty Every Time
Age is no Guarantee of Maturity
Aiming Blind
Ain't got nothin' but too much to lose
Ain't no compass, brother, ain't no map
ain't nobody gonna miss me
Alarms in the Heart
Align The Stars In My Image
Alive Or Just Breathing?
all dreams steal you away somewhere
All Dreams Were Ours For The Taking
All fucked up and dead to the world
All I ask of you...
all i ever wanted was the world
All I Need is a Day
All is Theft, All is Fair
All Is Violent, All Is Bright
All My Plans Are Undone
all of these tricks I would try
All Out of Faith
All Roads lead to a Gateway
All Signs Point to Betrayal
All that Glitters
All That Is Left
All that is limited can be more (attn: open)
all that was good
All that we need is too close to be seen
all that you believe
all the light that you possess
All the Love in the World
all the people on the street
All the Places You Haunt
All The Places You Should Not Be
All the pretty horses
All the Queen's Men
All the rage inside me subsides
All the same I blame your sister
All the shades of Ebon Gray
All the spoils of a wasted life
All The World is Ill
All the World You Roam Turns You Into Stone
All These Promises, These Promises and Lies
All These Tears I've Bled
All These Walls are Caving In
all those little happy spring awakenings
All we are is fading away
All We Need is a Little Bonding
All Work and No Play
Allies and Allemandes
Allies and Desserts
almost not quite a homecoming
Along The Way
Alot to ask from dirt and bones
already asked too much of you, still need a little more
Am I More Than You Bargained For
Ambitions Like Vapor
Amidst the Chaos
Among Brutality, We Find Each Other
Among your own kind
Amuse Bouche
An Afternoon of Summer Sky
An Altered State
An apple a day won't keep the Healer away...
An Appointment with Danger
an architect, trapped in my own walls
An Assassin's Request
An Assassin's Vulnerability
An early appointment
An Early Morning Spar
An Early Morning Walk
An Ember In The Ashes
An Escape Arist's Reverie
An Evening on the Job
An excitement burning with a cold flame.
An exercise of power
An explanation is owed I think
An Honest Sign
An ill-timed visit
an inheritance that you can’t deny
An insect decaying in your little trap
an instinct that never lies
An Introduction
An Introductory Course in WTF!
An invitation to rule if you are strong enough to accept
An Irresistible Aroma
An offer they can't refuse
an offer you can't refuse
An omen in the blood
An omen in the bone
An Unlikely Couple
An Untimely Interruption
An Unwanted Legacy
An Unwanted Legacy: Confrontations
Anchoring Memories
And even the moon, if you but asked
and falling, fly
And I chase them away
And I'd Promise You Anything For Another Shot At Life
and i'll compensate your greed
And if you're still breathing, you're the lucky one
And It Makes Me Wonder
and just like that, you're here
and makes her, but it breaks her
And my name on the lips of the dead
and now it seems that I have found
And now the dream must end
And oh, poor Atlas
and oh, poor atlas, he was a beast of burden
And pick a place for the skeletons to meet up
and rain comes falling down
And Remember to Wash Your Hands
And some days this life is nothing but a curse
and take an educated guess
And the blood shall sing
And the Devil Went Down to Athol
And The Monsters Are My Only Friends
and the nightmares are good, so good
And the Price Was Paid
And The River Will Flow
And the wanting comes in waves
And the world turned
and the world was without light
and then let me drown again
and then the whisper comes
And There Will Be No Tenderness
And through the haze I live a dream
and time's a loaded gun
And walk out the door
And We All Fall Down
And What Such Trust Exists Between Spies
and when i woke, i cried to dream again
And words will ever hurt me
And you forget your own home
and your heart is heavy and red
angel on fire
Angels in the Hearts of Men
Angering the Queens of Dharo
Another Bag of Bricks
Another Brick In The Wall
Another day, another death
Another inch of your life sacrificed
Another Name to Hide
Another one with the golden tongue
Another String of Hope
Answering a Sheane's Summons
Answers Lead to Riddles
Anticipated Beginnings
Antidote for Everything Except for Me
Anyone Perfect Must Be Lying
Anything at any price
Anywhere but here
appointments made
Apprehensive Silence in Darkness
Approaching The Summit
are we abandoned in the end?
Are we having fun yet?
Are we really friends?
Are you breathing, too?
Are you here to break my heart?
Are you sure what side you're on
Are you white, blue, or bloody red?
Aren't you just the luckiest?
Art Is A Constant Struggle
As inevitable as the tide
As much fun as you can have with your clothes on...
As night falls
as she falls through the stars
As the Raven Flies
As the seasons turn
As the world falls down...
As We Look Back in Regret [Warning: Violence/Triggers/Creepiness]
as you stand upon the edge
As Your Shadow Crosses Mine
Ascend to the Brightest Heaven
Ashes Cling Like Blood
Ashes On The Western Wind
Ashes to Dust
Askavi's Box
Assassin for Sale
astronomy domine
At Break of Day, Until the Light fails.
at night we have the curtains drawn and closed
At The Corner Of Grey Street And The End Of The World
At the corner of memory lane
At the End, We Only Remember The Beginning
At the heart of the matter
At the price of oblivion
audience to seek audience
automatic charisma for your chemical mind
Avenging Iubi
awake, arise, or be forever fallen
Awakenings of the Future
Awkward Sentinels
Axioms of Imperfection
Babble Babble Itch Itch
Baby it's Cold Outside
Back At The Start Of It All, Starting Incomplete
Back in the saddle again
Back on the home front
back through the vale of years
Back to our regularly-scheduled broadcast
Back To the Lion's Den
back to the old stomping grounds
Backdated 180ish The fall of Kassel - a Light in the Darkness
Background checks
Bad Day
Bad Things Happen When You're too Nice
Baiting the Trap
Balancing Guidence with Submission
Banquet of Beginnings [Caprice + Sheane Court]
baptized by a bad star
Barefoot Pilgrims
Bartender, I Really Did It This Time
Bathe the Starways in Red
Bats and the Philosopher
Bats in The Belfry
Battle of Wills
Bawdy Concerto - [Tag: Xaviera]
be .still. my beating heart
be afraid of the old, they'll inherit your soul
be careful making wishes in the DARK
Be Careful What You Wish For
be comfortable, creature
Be Ever On Guard
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
Be prepared to face myself in another day
be something greater, go make a legacy
Be Still My Shaking Earth
Be What You Are
be yourself no matter what they say
Bearding the Fox in his den
Beasts know their own kind
Beating a Dead Horse
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Madness, Glorious Sadness
Beauty and the Thief
Beauty in Diveristy
Beauty, Wisdom, and grace
Becalm the wandering mind
because it's who we are
Because Nobody Wants to Die Too Fast
because of you
Because you asked...
because you make me hate you today
Become what you fear most
been infected by a social disease
been scared of crowded places
Before it all becomes the same old song
Before It Gets Dark
Behave Truthfully under Imaginary Circumstance
Behind a Closed Door
Behind The Mask, Beneath The Smile
Being neutral does not make it easier to forget
Bells Upon the Air {Festival of the Flood}
Bend, Toward Skies Most Grey
beneath the green water of hope
beneath the lacquer of cherry blossoms
Best be prepared
Best Frienemies Forever
Best he would ever find
bet you didn't know that i was dangerous
Better Days
Better Off  Healed
Better Suited for Bars
Better the Devil you know
Better to Burn than Fade Away
Better to fight and fall than live without hope
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
between the devil and the deep blue sea
Between the Dunes
Between The Reds
Beware Morning Politics
Beware the Ice Priestess
Beyond Sacrifice
Beyond the Grays of Innocence
Beyond the veil, behind the mask
Bidea Daily: An Invitation
Bidea Daily: Blood in the Streets!
Bidea Daily: Carmen Canned
Bidea Daily: Trouble at Tantalus
Big Brothers can be such a pain
Big girls don't cry
big snakes, possible fratricide, and falling through doorways
Bind me with your secrets
Binding Actions; Requiem for a Queen
Bird's Opening
Birthrights and Blood Rites
Bite my tongue and hold my breath
bite my tongue, bide my time
bite my tongue, i taste your blood
Bitter Pills
Black Bird Fly Away
Black Blade, Bright Heart
Blameless Icarus Has Fallen
Bleed Drops of Prophecy, Bleed Drops of Change
Bleeding Hearts
Bleeding Isn't Optional
bleeding on your hallowed ground
Block Mind
blocked by dusty dirty blinds
Blood and Brunch Makes the World Go Round
Blood And Gold In The Sand
Blood and ink
Blood bonds and blood brothers
Blood calls to Blood or whatever if you're feeling superstitious
Blood comes calling
Blood for Blood
Blood for the Land
Blood has been drawn and so it begins
Blood is Running Deep, Some Things Never Sleep
Blood lines, blood lies
Blood of my Blood, Bone of my Bone
Blood on my Name
Blood on the horizon
Blood Sky Every Morning
Blood Will Tell
Blood; Stronger than Fear
Bloodcursed, Bloodbound
Blooms in blood
Blow the man down
Blueberries and Warlord-Princes
body of proof
Boe naid bain gwannathar (All things must pass away)
Bonding our hearts and minds
Bonds are Overrated
Bonds of Blood
Bones to be hollowed
Books Worth Fathomless Words Unspoken
born from dark waters
Borrowed Time
Borrowed Without Asking
Bought for the Sum of Her Parts
Bound by the life you left behind
bound laterally by blood
Bow Down Before the One You Serve
bowed down to get the kings overthrown
Boycott Love, Detox Just To Retox
Brave the Icy Winds and Fire
brave when you are free
Braving the Thorns
Bread and Gravy
Break and bind yourself to me
Break Down These Walls Around Us
Break it down, Build it up.
Break me Shake me
breakfast of champions
Breakfast, Books, and Beyond
Breaking a Habit
Breaking all the Rules
Breaking and entering
Breaking Bread
Breaking Bread not Breaking Heads
Breaking Down in 5...4...3... {Attn: Toby}
Breaking Good Coin
Breaking in a Queen
breaking in, shaping up, then checking out
Breaking Silence
breaking the darkness, waking the grapevine
breaking the hearts that wouldn't bend
Breaking up Gray Storms
Breathe me
Breathe My Breath
Breathe out breathe in
Breathing in the night
Breathing’s just a Rhythm
Breeding Lilacs out of the dead land
bridges instead of walls
Bridging the gap...
Bright Lights that Cast a Shadow
Bright Lights to Cast a Shadow
Bright Lights, Big City
Bright sisters
Bright Steps, Midnight Shadows
bring my heart to its knees
bring this question to light
Bringing The Fight To Them
Broaching the Topic of Alliance
Broken and Bloody is Better than Dead
Broken Beneath the Blade
Broken Bodies, Broken Family
Broken but Not Forgotten
broken butterflies bear (no) betrayals
Broken Dreams and Shattered Trust
Broken People
Broken Promises, Dark Desires, and Loved Strangers
Broken Things
Broken, but not that way
broken-hearted but my beat's in time
Brooding over a broken heart
Brotherly Love, Brotherly Hate
Brothers Past
Brothers: The Shifting Tides
Brought Among the Least of You and So I Remain
bruises on your thighs like my fingerprints
Build that bridge when you get there
build your castle ever higher
Building a Better Bridge
Building an Adventure
bundled up all these things inside
Burdened With Glorious Purpose
Burglary not Robbery
Burglers for Lunch
Buried Pasts, Binding Blood
Buried with Our Past
burn this city down to show you the light
Burned Out Stars Shine So Bright
Burnin' Up
Burning down your effigies
Burning From Both Ends
Burning in your honor
burnt sage and a forest of bygones
but Fate plays chess
but guidance won't come
But I don't know if I'd ever call it home
But if I did, then really, what's it to you?
But Innocence is Gone
but on your shoulders I can see
But pain is just water
but soft what light
But somehow I'm neither here nor there
But the ghosts that we knew will flicker from view
but the pages are all torn and frayed
but we've got stardust in our souls
But who's counting?
But You Don't Really Care For Sinners, Do You?
but you might be good
Butterfly Bandage
Buy another day on this hell on earth
Buying Back Her Power
By any other name, a jay is still blue
By Association
by making the darkness conscious
by noble boldness
By Our Blood, Our Fate Defined
by the way my hands were shaking
By Water Bound
by your leisure
Call Me a Rebel
Call me when you need me.
Call on me, will be there
Called Before the Queen
Calling All Adventurers
calling down thunder
calling in my marker
calling old friends to make sure they're real
Can a kidnapping be a kindness?
Can elephants dance? Sacred things, big and small.
can i be honest?
Can I lick your brain?
can i trust who you say that you are
Can never die (attn: Hero)
Can We Come To An Accord?
Can We Pray It All Away?
Can we work it out, can we be a family?
Can You Drown Under Waves of Sand?
can you fake it, for just one more show
Can you Swallow Salt?
Can't Always Be Lucky
Can't be blamed, he started it
can't believe everything you hear
Can't expose your belly if you're on it
Can't Find My Way Home
Can't find the words to say I tried
can't heal what you never reveal
Can't live in a fairytale of lies, not with you
Can't Mend this Torn State
Can't see the forest for the trees
Can't Sell a Salesman
Can't Stray Too Far
Can't take my eyes off of you
Can't you blame my head
Candles and Clockwork
Canis Minor
Canticle Within the Jewels
Can’t stop tomorrow from stealing all our time
Captured Predator
Cards with the Queen [ATTN: BRIDE, JULIAN]
Careful What You Wish For
Carefully chosen
Caresses of a Wellspring
Caring for the Poor
Carriages and Pumpkins
carry along a feel of unease
carry on my wayward sister
Carry on my Wayward Son
Carry On the Dawn
Carry Us Away
Cast Your Lots for Life
Casual Comingling, Casual Relief
Cat and Mouse
Catch the sun before he slips away
Catching a Sparrow(hawk)
Catching teardrops in my hands
Catching up with old friends
Cathedral where you cannot breathe
Caught Between a Lie and a Dream
caught between love and duty
Caught In Suspension
Caught in the Lace's Web
Caught in the Long Game
Caught up in Circles, confusion is nothing new
Cause what's in a name, oh...
cause wherever we are, it feels like home
celebrate my little victories
Cemetery Stones
Ceremony and sacrifice, Calum has to look nice
Chain One, Perl Two
chalk outline on the sidewalk waiting for the rain
Champion's Challenge to First Blood
Chance and Circumstance
Change comes with time
Change in the fall air
Change Is A Constant
Change is the New Breath We Breath
Changing Course with a Choice
Changing of the Guard
Changing Winds
Chaos and Calculation
Chariots and cats
Charming Old Alliances into Becoming New
chasing a starlight
Chasing the Storm
Check, and Check Mate
checking in
Checking up, checking in
Cherry bombs and spider bites
Children at Heart
Children of a Lesser God
Children of the Hourglass
Chillin' With a Lily
Choices narrow down to one
Choking on my Pride
choose your own chains
Chosen by a contract
Cider and Morning Chats
Circle of the Seething
Claiming Grace
Claiming What's Mine by Right
Clarity for a Vision of Askavi [attn. Endevar]
Clash of Queens
cleaning up the dark
Cleanliness and Control
Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose
Clearly a poor listener
Clever Got Me This Far
Cliff Edges and Hedge Hogs
Cloak and Dagger
Cloak and Dagger, Mill and Stone
Clocks and Hourglasses
clockwork reversal
Closed fences, open doors
closer to insanity buries me alive
Closer to the stars
closing walls and ticking clocks
Clouded Dreams
Clouded Heads and Clockwork Hearts
cockblocked by academia
Coffee is for the Birds
Cold Drinks and Hot Nights
Cold Rain
Cold Snap
Collapse of an Affair
Collar and a Crown
Collected Correspondence
Collecting Memory
Collector and Infector
Come and See
come my way of thinking
Come At Me
Come back home to roost
Come back to my side
Come Closer
Come home, coming home
come in from the wild
Come into my room of incense and candles
come soft to the garden
Come Stop the World
Come the Morning Light Now
come through the door
Come Unto These Yellow Sands
Comfortably Cold
Coming home is one of the most beautiful things.
Coming to a Mutual Beneficial Arrangement
coming up who we are
Common Ground
Conflicting Imperatives
Confluence of consequence
Congratulations, you've invented a new kind of stupid...
Connection Dropped, No, Twas Cut
Conquerors no more
Consequences: A Choice
Consider, Oh consider what we are!
contemplating contradiction
context and concepts
Control is taken, not given
core learning
Cornering a Mouse
Correcting the Course
Correcting the Record
Correspondence and cheese buns
Cotton buds and courage
Count bodies like sheep
coup de grace as a philosophy of life
Couples Therapy
Courage Does Not Always Roar
Court Dues
Court's Night Out
Courting Caine
Courtship and Customs
Cousins by blood, brother by heart
Cowardice is the Safest Shield I Have
Cracks in the Foundation
Crash of Waves
Craving Time in the Garden
Crawling Back to You
Crazy like a fox
Creatures And City Lights
creeping around like no one knows
Crimson and Clover
Crocodile Allies
Cross the Stars and Hope to Die
Crossing Bridges
Crying out your innocence against my bloody blade
Crying wine, selling vinegar
crystalizing clear as day
cue the sun
Cultural Literacy
Culture Shock
Cupid Carries a Gun
Cures for boredom
Curious Finds
Curious Losses
cut myself into pieces easy to chew
Cut that ivory into skinny pieces
Damage Control
Dance through the Fire
Dance To Go Away
Dancing into the Old Spider's Web
Dancing on My Own
dancing under rainbows
Dancing with Danger
Dancing with Death I Suppose
Dancing with fire
Danger for the Innocent
Dangerous Appeal
dangerous maneuvers
Dare the Impossible
Dare to Rise Up From the Ash (attn: Odji)
Dare you to move like today never happened.
dare you to say they taste the same
Dark Forest, Dark Times
Dark Indulgences
Dark Jewels, Dark Ambitions
Dark strangers in a fair land
Dark Wings, Dark Words
Darkest Before the Dawn
Darkest Depths
Darkness From The Lurid Sea
darkness in the valley
Darkness My Old Friend
Darkness of the Soul
Darkness was the Price
Darkness, Give Delight By Surprise
darling don't a failure fright
Darling, you look like you need a girl’s day
Daughter of a Shadow
dawn breaks to tragedy
Dawn of a new day
Dead trees give no shelter
Dead Vipers Bite No One
Dear fellow traveler
Death Doesn't Discriminate
Death grip on the future
Debt is the slavery of the free
Debts and Debtors
debts long since and never paid
decide to walk with me
Decision-making in seven breaths or less
deep in the darkness where the children play
Deep Pool of Faith
Defending Rhiannon
defiantly effervescent in the face of extinction
Defying Fate
Delegation of the Most Important
Delicate in every way but one
Delicate threads of disguise
Delivering Redemption
Descend into the Darkness to find our strengths
Desert Flower, Desert Power
desert rose, why do you live alone?
Desert Skies
Despair, Meet Sunshine and Rainbows
Desperation, Destiny and Desire
Despite what males might think, women are not made of thin glass
destined for great things
Destinies within Destinies
destiny of a lie
Devotion and Duty
Devout Gardens in a Spiritual Desert
Diamond in the Rough
Diamonds And Dominance Are A Girl's Best Friend
Did someone say... Dessert?
did you get what you deserve
did you know that cost when you broke your promise?
Didn't Wanna Be Your Ghost
different day and another wall
different persons
different than the rest
Dig myself a little hole
Digging for worth under a foreign sun
Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren
digging up bones
Dile a tu nuevo querer, truly
Dim fireflies held in glass jars
Dining on a fragile web
Dinner Date
Dinner for one
Dinner of Impulse
Dinner Time
Dinner, Wine, and a Few Things Fine
Diplomacy Is Not For Everyone
Disappear, like morning dew
Discipline Sought, Liberty Found
Discord and Discomfort
dismal Situation waste and wilde
Dismiss the anger and breathe
Disprove your faith in man
Disquiet Memory
Dissent is an Act of Faith
Distance makes the heart grow... fonder
distant shores and nearing dreams
Distorted Reflections
Divine Application
do not wander, shepherd's son
Do We Not Live In Dreams?
Do What You Must
Do You Ever Close Your Eyes
do you feel the beat in your heart
Do you feel the hunger? Does it howl inside?
Do You Have Wood For My Sheep?
Do you think it's time I stopped?
Do you think that she is dangerous to me?
Doc, There's A Hole Where Something Was
doctor, doctor give me the news
Does it almost feel like nothing's changed at all?
Does The Lion Inside Of You Sleep?
Dog Days are Over
Doing Some Good to Mend Some Harm
Doing the Master's Bidding.
Dominoes of indescretion down
Don't be dumb! love, Moe
Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened
Don't Cry for Me Dena Nehele
don't eat, just devour
don't give a good goddamn about redemption
Don't Give Up the Ship
Don't Know Nothin At All (NSFW Smut)
Don't know the language
Don't know which me that I love
don't let me get me
Don't Let the Darkness Eat You Up
Don't let yourself fall in too hard
Don't Look Too Closely
don't mean to leave you with a trivial excuse
Don't Need Ya
Don't Say A Word.
Don't Say That Everything's Working
Don't Stand In My Way
Don't Take My Heart
Don't think about the consequences
Don't try to Clip my Wings
don't usually play this game
don't wake me 'til the morning after
don't want to be a human anymore
Don't Waste Your Tears On Me, Darling
Don't worry baby, everyone dies eventually
Don't you judge of my composure
Done pleading ignorance
done with all these things
done with my graceless heart
Dont be aroused by my confession
dont pretend to be a victim
Dont you know I worship you
Dont you need some of this
Double Trouble
Down but Unbroken
Down on the boardwalk
down on the cold ground
down right here the silence fades
Down To The Doctor
Dragged Into This
Dragging Truth from the Stars
Dragon Scales and Feathers
Drapa, For Twelve Ounces Of Silver
drawn into your magnetar pit trap
Drawn Towards Hope
dreadful little beasties
Dream a little dream of me
Dream of tearing you apart
Dream Out Loud
Dreamers and the soon-to-be dead
Dreaming with Dark Gods
Dreams Adrift
Dreams are just Actions you Haven't Taken
dreams as ashes in thy mouth
Dreams of Happily Ever After
Dress Shopping and Other Dangerous Activities
Drifter and Grifter
drink and laughter, songs all around
Drink Until You Drop(Kick)
Drink Your Doubts
Drink your Fear, Swallow your Pride
Drinks on You
dropped by to tell you to drop dead
drown me in your quiet discord
Drowning in the aftermath
Drowning in the sky, slow
Drowning In Your Claws
drowning on the touch of freedom
drum the beat that my heart plays
drums in the distance
Drunken ramblings of the lovelorn
dulce et decorum est
duty is heavy as a mountain, but death is lighter than a feather
Dwell in Possibility
Each Step is One Less You Have to Take
Early morning musings
Early Though the Laurels Grow
Earth to Sleepy Smile
easier to burn than it is to heal
Easier to fight for our principles
Eating crow
Echoes and Ghosts
Echoes in the Strings
Echoes of the Past, Whispers of the Future
Echoes Of Time Unfold
edelweiss: every morning you greet me
Eggs With A Side of Snark (Attn: Gavril)
Ekto gamat
Elective Intervention
electrify the resistance in your broken heart
Elleth alfirin edhelhael [PLOT]
Elusive Thread
Embrace the Dark
Embracing potential
Emerging from the shadows
emotional motion sickness
Emotions Are Complicated
Employ the idle hands
Enchanted Dreams of a Starlit Moon
Encounter at the Market
end of an era
Enemies Against Weeds
Enjoying Warmth in Winter
Enough cracks and you shatter
Enough Nonsense, Please
Enquiring after an Entertainer
Ensuring Security Means Acquiring the Best
Enter, Stage Left
Entertainment comes in many forms
Ere to a town you travel
Escape from Little Terreille
Escorting The Petals Of Flowers
Espinado el Corazon
Establishing the Dark Haven
Et Tu Wen?
Even Doves Have Pride
Even fury needs refuge
Even if it's a lie, say it will be all right.
even in death
Even the longest river winds
Even the Most Practical Can be Beautiful
Even the Rain is Sharp
Even the Sun Sets in Paradise
Even Written the Page is Empty
Evening Tea and Privacy
Every Breath You Take
every day and twice on sundays
Every demon wants his pound of flesh.
Every Exit is an Entrance Somewhere Else
Every Failure That I've Owned
every journey is a little death of an old self
Every Life has a Price
Every scar will build her throne
Everybody here has seams and scars
Everyone believes and they're not going easily
Everyone Deserves A Second Chance...
Everyone I know Goes Away In the End
Everything Belongs
Everything changes but you (attn: Teo)
Everything Has a Price
Everything I Wanted to Be
Everything I've ever done
Everything in this World is Bought and Sold, NC-17 [attn. Saif]
Everything is Awesome
Everything you touch, surely dies
everything you want, everything you need
Evolving through adverity
Excerpts From the Sayed File
Excess Baggage
Exchange of Power
exorcise the demons inside me
Expanding the Mind to Expand One’s Hope
Expecting just a little too much
Expertly burned bridges
Exported Mythology
Extreme Liquid Courage
Eyes I dare not meet in dreams
Eyes In The Dead Still Water
Eyes in the muted dark
Eyes in the Sky, But One is Blind
Eyes of Glass Stare Directly at Death
Eyrien Interuptions
Face to Face
Fade Away One Dream at a Time
fading into night
Failure by Another Name
fair isn't what you really need
Faith and Fury
Faith in All the Wrong Places
Faith in Chaos
faith twisted and bending but never broken
Fake it til you make it
fall in the water just like a stone
Fall Upon The Pain Of Life
fallen asleep from our vanity might cost us our lives
Fallen brethren bones
Fallen; the Champion's Demise
Falling Down
Falling Down to Get Back Up
Falling Fast in the Space Between the Lines
Falling Short of Perfection
False Starts and New Beginnings
Familial Ties, We Grace Your Presence
familiar companions
Familiarity Breeds Contempt
Family Affairs
Family Bonds Tether Us
family bonds that tie and strangle
Family Matters
family steps up when other people step back
Famous Last Words
Fanning Embers Caught in Flames
Fanning the Flames
far from this opera forevermore
Far Too Calm
Far Too Much Work for Some Coffee and Books
Fate finds you wicked (and) turns you victim
Fate is an Elegant, Cold-Hearted Whore
Fate. Up Against Your Will.
father always knows best
father father I burn so true
father knows best
Father of Gambits
Father's Never First to Know
Fault lines tremble beneath glass houses
Favors Asked and Owed
Fear and Decoration in Central Vaasa
Fear and the Fever
fear is a device, so quiet and precise
Fear not this night
fear that you can't reverse
Feast of Wolves
Feathers paint the asphalt white
Feed Our Fame
Feed the Wolf
feel it now, deep beneath the light
feel my desire, it burns like a fire
Feel them spark, ignite, and blaze
Feel you beating in my chest
Feeling Heartbeats Vibrate
Feeling so cold inside your shadow
Fertile fields & stony mind
Festival of Onn: A Breath of Hope
Festival of Onn: Aftermath
Festival of Onn: For the Mother, who guides through the Darkness
Festival of Onn: Lessons in the art of love
Festival of Onn: Of worms and Wildthings
Festival of Onn: Passage of Storms
Festival of Onn: Perched like a bird, high above them all
Festival of Onn: Shadows in the Night
Festival of Onn: Shifting Sands
Festival of Onn: Storms from above
Festival of Onn: Taking chances and making choices
Festival of Onn: The heart of the Storm
Festival of Onn: Wind Shear
Festival of Onn: Zen and the art of making women happy
Festival of Oon: Incense and Wonder
Festival of Oon: Shattering the Silence
Festival of Oon: Whispers in the clouds
Festival of the Flood
Fever Dreams of Tiger Eye Strength
Field Lessons
Fight to Survive
fighting the bonds that bind and the bonds that break
Fill Circle: A Rose by any other Name
filled with my old wounds
Find a better set of footsteps.
find my way back
find the drowning and the drowned
Finding a Fairytale
Finding a life worth living
Finding Comfort in Caprice
Finding Favor
Finding My Religion
Finding Sanctuary in a Tomb
Finding where we belong
Finest Wardrobe In Offering
Fire and Rhinestone
Fire Bright, Fire Out of Sight
Fire in my Belly, Venom in my Veins
Fire Walk With Me
First date...of my life?
First Impressions
first of a thousand questions
first of a thousand strands
First one step, then another
First snow till dawn breaks
First steps out of the Dark
First Things First
First, Do No Harm
first, stop digging
First, the Sweetest Connection
Five for sapphire, six for red
Five Months
Five people you meet in Hell
Flawless gems and tainted games
Flesh and Blood
Flesh and Bone for the Mending
flesh, bones, skin, and soul
Flies Will Lay Their Eggs
Flight at Night
Flight of the Concords
flint and steel
Flip a Coin
float up from dream
Florentine stitches in silk
Flowered Words
Flowers Beneath the Snow
Flowers competing for the sun
Flowers Fall
flowers in the snow
flowers never bend with rainfall
Flowers that bury, flowers that crush
Flowers Through the Snow
Fly Free and True, Wild Hearts
fly into my palm and collapse
Fly, You Fools!
Flying Daggers of the Mind
fog bound
Follow Suit
Food for the Hungry
fool me with a cheap surprise
For Chocolates & Politics
For Dena Nehele's heart, I'll sell my soul
For Every King They Killed, They Would Crown Another
For Grace, We Consider a Duchess
For heirs to come, be brave
For ladies not to say a word
For Love and Joy
For Love of a Sister
For Posterity's Sake
For Queenly Presence, Grant a Bow
for the damaged
For the eyes are never tired of seeing
for the fatherless in ypsilanti
For the first time in forever
for the meeting of the morrow
For the Skies are Endless
For Whom the Bell Will Toll
For Widows, Bend Thine Heads
foreign bodies take their toll on mine
Foretelling Madness and War
Forever in debt to your priceless advice
Forewinds and Fortelling
Forged by Pain, Hardened with Hate
forget the reckless things we've done
Forgive me if I act a Little Strange
Forgiving and Forgetting Arn't the Same Thing
Forgotten Is The Life We Led
Found In The Last Place You Thought To Look
Four walls do, sometimes, make a home
Fractured Glances
Fractured Souls
Fragile Things (Attn: Bast)
Frayed and Tending
freedom is a drug too good to waste
Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
Freely Given in Times of Need
Fresh Snow in the Morning
Friendly Faces
Friends In Low Places [Noel]
Friends with the Monster that's Underneath my Bed
friendships in the forge of boys
From Ashes We Rise
From Broken to Made
From Darkness, Light
From Four Corners
From One Patriot to Another
From One Pocket to Another
From Peaceful Darkness With a Smile
From Salted Earth, A Rose
From the Ashes, Queens Rise
From the bloodrops of tragedy comes the fruits of the future
From the Darkness, Hope.
From the Depths I Called On You
From the font to the last rites
From the Heaven I've Had to the Hell I've Been Through
from the land of ice and snow
From the Mountains They Came
From up the mountain, down to the river
From when winter grieves
Frozen Hearts and Empty Eyes
Frozen Scars
Full Circle: A Difference of Opinion
Full Circle: Bad Moon Rising
Full Circle: Balance of Power
Full Circle: Circles in the sand
Full Circle: Heart to Heart
Full Circle: Horses and Hellhounds
Full Circle: Rite of Passage
Full Circle: Skill Assessments
Full Circle: The Arrival
Full Circle: The Benefits of a Classical Education
Full Circle: Welcome Festivities
Full Looking Glass of Rage
Full of sound and fury
Functions and Introductions
futon futoff
Games I Had to Play
Garden Party:13 Little Witches all in a Row
gather up your courage and knock on the door
gathered around the quiet earth
Gathering of Power
Genteel Whispers Through Darkness
Gently Weeps
Get Off The Island And Swim Back To Shore
Getting Acquainted
Getting Bogged Down
getting by with my wicked ways
getting closer to acceptance
Getting into the habit
Getting Started
getting to know you all over again
Getting to know you, getting to know all about you
Ghost in the Stacks
ghost, ghost, i know you live within me
Ghost-makers and ghosts
Ghosts That We Knew And Must Know
Gifts for the Familiar and the New
Girls Like You
Give in to me, for I am laid bare before you
Give In Too Me
give it all away until there's nothing left
Give it the Life it Needs
Give it up for me, please.
Give me a hand to hold
Give Me a Shot To Remember
give me back what's mine
Give Me Everything but Apathy
Give Me Some Good to Do
Give Me That Horizon?
give me the beat boys and free my soul
Give me the burden, give me the blame
Give me time, tell me you're fine
Glass and Sands
Glass Full of Players, Without A Sound
glimpse a shadow falling
Go Get a Room, She Says
God knows we like archaic kinds of fun
God of Death
Going Home To Blood and Sea
Going to War
Gold & Silver
Gold as Bright as Hell's Own Flame
Golden Lessons and Worn Stories
Gonna need a spark to ignite
Gonna party till they take us away
Gonna Scratch and Bite (Dorian)
Good Morning, I'm Glad You're Alive
Good morning, starshine
Good Words Cool Better Than Cold Water
Good, Bad, and Incredibly Drunk
Goodbye Doesn't have to Mean Forever
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Goodbye, farewell
Goodnight Fair Lady
Goslings in Need of a Goose
Got a date with destiny
Got a Pocket Full of Rainbows
Got alot to not do
got the power
Got your chin held high
Gotta Change Rearrange
Gotta find me a future
gotta find my way, need to find my way
Grabbing the snake by its tail
Great Minds Think
Green as sun-drenched grass
Green in the Dark, Echo the Heart
Greetings To A Mothering Queen
Grey would be the color
Grief and the grieving
Grief is the last act of love
Growing Pains
Growing pains and self reflection
Growing the future
Growing up is hard to do
Grumpy See, Grumpy Do
guarantee a source divine
Guaranteed on-time delivery
Guilty party
Gura mise tha fo éislean
Habibiti, it is homesickness
Habibiti, Walking Among Strangers
half the man I used to be
Hammer Meet Nail
Hand in unlovable hand
Hand me the knife and ask me again.
Handful of Thorns in a Cheap Bouquet
Hands All Over
Happiness is not something ready made
Happy Cultural Appropriation Day
Hard Lessons
Hard to Tell You, Hard to Take
Harder to Breathe
Hate Does Not Spare The Unknowing
Haunted by Shadows
Haunting These Halls
Have a Drink, My Friend - Have a Drink
Have A Little Priest
Have I had a hand in your loneliness?
Have More Than Thou Showest
Have You Ever Looked Fear in the Face
Have You Seen My Mothers?
Hazards of the Trade
He followed me home, Grandma- can I keep him?
He knows not it tolls for him
He who holds her leash
he who shed his blood with me shall be my brother
Headed Home
Heads Will Roll
heal me until I can feel all this pain
Healer for Hire attn: Rehor, open
Healer in Distress
Healer's Mark, Beautiful One
Healer, cure thyself.
Healing Hurts like Hell
Healing Takes Courage
hear the whispering of the wind
Hear You When You're Quiet
Heart in Hand For All Eyes
heart shaped box
Heart to Heart
Heart, Heart, Head
Heartbreak, Hazard and Hope
Hearth Witch to Hearth Witch
hearts a mess
hearts tilting towards the dark
Heaven's So Far Away
Heavenly Bodies
Heavy is the Head
Heck the Dalls with Hows of Bolly
Hedging My Bets
Heedful Caucus, Equivalent Notions
Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned (Solo)
hell is empty and the devils are here
Hello Again
Hello Fate, You're Looking Lovely Today
Hello from the other end of the ocean
Hello World, I Am A Walking Disaster
Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend
Hello, Hi, I'm Pissed at You
hello, sister, my old friend
Hello. My Name is Inigo Montoya.
Help Me, I've Got No Soul to Sell
Help my Fly, I'm too Afraid to Try
Help Wanted
Helping hands to lighten your load
Helter Skelter
Her mother's echo
her pound of flesh
Her World She Made Here
Herald of Chaos
Herbs and Potions, Magic and Health
Herding Black Sheep
here comes the feeling, but not the words
Here I Will Spread My Wings
here to help
Here we stand or here we fall
Here Where The Light Only Dies To Remember
here's the misery that knows no end
Here...We... Go!
Hermitage Interrupted
Heroes never Die
hewn from a single stone
Hey Doctor I'm Certifiable
hey little fighter
hey thanks for the weekend
Hi there, sailor!
Hidden Messages Buried Deep
Hidden Oppertunities
Hidden treasure
Hide my head, drown my sorrow
Hide Your Feathers
Hiders and Seekers
Hiding all those secrets in plain sight
Hiding in Plain Sight
Hiding Out Behind the Leaves (attn: Lysander)
Highest foe you'll ever grace
hip hip hooray for me
His good intentions leave me shaking
His petals arranged by force to bloom
His Queen Returns
Hitching Wagons to Blind Horses
Hold bones just to break them
Hold Fast Hope
Hold Me Close Till Morning Comes
Hold my head to keep from going under
Hold my secrets, hold my head
Hold This Space So I Can Hold My Life Together
Hold to me... for just a little while
Hold up a Light
Holding On To Smoke
Holding Up the Walls Around You
Hollow out my body, I'll be just as empty as you
holy water cannot help you now
Home is behind, the world ahead
Home is Different after Leaving
Home is not Home Without You
Home is Not Where You Were Born
Home is Whenever I'm With You
Home is Where the Heart Is
Home Is Where You Make It
Home will be where the heart is
Home, Sweet Home
Homeward Bound
Honest Mistake
Honesty in belligerence
Honey for the Grizzly Bear
Honey, Almonds, and a Side of Cunning
Honey, I'm HOME
Honor of the Flood {Festival of the Flood}
Hoofbeats Echoing In My Heart, In My Soul
Hope and History
hope curls inside me.
Hope is a waking dream
Hope you guess my name
Hope, waiting for you in the dark
Hopeful New Recruit(Atten:Rhiata)
hopes fall as fast as blood does
horizons to kingdoms: of blood and mist
Hourglass Drips Empty
House Call
House of Cards
how amazing it feels just to live again
How big is the monster looking over your shoulder?
how can you dream in the doorway?
how dangerous could it be
How Do You Make My Heart Sing
How Hard Could It Be?
How Lucky I Am
How Many Legs Does A Spider Have?
How many sides does a triangle have? WTF Do I know? I suck at geometry.
How much is that doggie in the window?
How sweet, how fitting, to die for the motherland
How the Other Half Lives
How to be a Queen 101
How to Train your Puppy
How to win friends and influence people.
How unlike the place
How would you rate your care?
Humble and Penitent- not today
hunger gnaws on the lonely
hungry for a past to fill [trigger warning]
Hunter and Prey
Hurry up please! It's time.
Hurting Ourselves is Better than Hurting You
I am a man, more sinned against than sinning
I am folded and unfolded and unfolding
I am instrumental, I am out of my mind
I am Just a Worthless Liar
I am speaking of dread and hunger
I Am Still Painting Flowers For You
I am the hand that will take you down.
i am the heart, all i see is red
I am the Need in You for More
I am ze locksmith of love, no?
I await you; however anxiously.
i bare my skin and i count my sins
I believe in Reinvention
I break these bars to save my heart
I burn breathing her in
I Came Upon A Child of God
I can do anything better than you (attn: Keels)
I Can Feel Your Halo
I Can Move Mountains
I can reduce you if I want
I can work a miracle
I Can't Be Alone With All That's On My Mind
I can't stop chasing after you
I Can't Trust You, Because I Can't Trust Me
I Cannot Stand This Life in Vain
I cannot wait for a savior
I can’t forget what you can’t remember
I carried this for years
I Come Bearing Gifts! Sort of.
I Crave Excess
I do believe we haven't met!
I Don't Believe in Tomorrow
I don't believe in your institutions
I don't care if it hurts, I want to have control
I don't hate everything, just most things
I Don't Know How I Got Here
I don't need another friend
I Don't Want To Be Saved
I don't want to live on this battlefield
I Don't Want To Work!
I dream an ocean
I dream in Black and White
I exploit you, still you love me
I felt so safe in a warming bath of sunlight
I get a little bit Genghis Khan
I Got Demons Inside Me
I Got Edges That Scratch
I got my head but my head is unraveling
I Got Survivalism
I hardly feel anything at all
I hate that you're not wrong
I Have A Concern
i have heard your praises sung in screams
I have seen the fields aflame
I Have So Much Work To Do
I have the Body, You have the Soul
I heard it's cold out
I hope you dance
I hope you know this will go down on your permanent record
I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel...
I just might remember that day for the rest of my days...
i keep it caged but i can't control it
I Knew The Moment I Looked Into Your Eyes I'd Have To Swallow All Your Lies
I knew you in the time before
I know my call despite my faults
I know something about hypocrisy, I know a lot about denial
I Licked It, So It's Mine
I Live With My Greedy Need
I Live With My Justice
I Live With No Mercy
I miss the taste of a sweeter life
I miss the way things were before
I must confess I feel like a monster
i need a change 'cause i'm tired of feeling drained
I Need a HERO!!
I need the fire, just to know that I'm awake
I needed a friend and I thought of you
i often fall prey to the popular fallacy known as positive thinking
I put sugar on everything
I Scaled a Mountain for You, My Dear
I see new ways
i see the light but darkness is calling
I Should Just Walk Away, But It Grips Me
I smoke what you sigh
I spy with my little eye....
I Think I'll Die Another Day
i thought he was with you
I Told My Wrath, My Wrath Did Grow
I Told You So!
I wanna breathe into your well
I wanna know who you are
i want to be awakened somehow
I want to shelter you.
I was gonna die
I was searching for a breath of life
i will end where i began
I will find a center in you
I will make you bleed.
I Will Only Complicate You
I Will Serve
I Will Show No Mercy for You (NC-17 for violence & torture)
I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
I woke up and the world was on fire
I won't lie, I've never been ashamed
I Wont Appoligze for Doing What's Right
I would call you brother
I would eat your cancer
I'd have had to invent you
I'd never been so alone
I'll Be Big One Day Too
I'll be glad I made it out
I'll be here patiently waiting.
I'll Be Home For Winsol
i'll be just fine pretending i'm not
I'll Be There When There's Nothing Left
I'll Be Your Falling Star
i'll be your shield against the cold
I'll build heaven and call it home
I'll bury you good and straight and right
I'll drown, you'll take me down
I'll Follow You Into the Dark
I'll leave my love between the stars...
I'll make you a believer
I'll Raise You Like a Phoenix
I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
I'll wait for the stars to align
i'm a machine, an emotional being
I'm All You've Got
I'm begging you to keep on haunting me
I'm better off when I hit bottom
I'm choosing my confessions
I'm down to just one thing
I'm feeling I'm becoming limitless
I'm Here to Help
I'm just a villain vying for attention
i'm losing time
I'm lying in the ocean
I'm much more me when I'm with you
i'm not half the man i used to be
I'm not scared of you.
I'm Only In It For The Give And Take
I'm Ready To Lie And Say I Won't
I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loser
I'm still learning; I must be warmer now
i'm the worst
I'm waking up
I've been begging for blood on the wall
I've Earned My Place In The Tidal Waves
I've got a new complaint
I've got a strong urge to fly
I've Got Your Back, If You've Got Mine
I've just seen a face
I've Learned To Live Half Alive
I've lived your fate
Ice & Chocolate [Open]
Ice Upon the Summit
Idealistic fatalistic
If coffee be the language of frustration
If I can't find trouble, I'll make it
if i cannot deflect the will of heaven
if i could do anything then this wouldn't be happening
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
If I had a heart I could love you
If I Had A Heart I Wouldn't Wear It On My Sleeve
If I really am a queen, I shall manage it quite well in time.
if i'm a demon you're the beast that made me
if it had to perish
If It Means The Death Of Me I Won't Let Go
If life was ever so easy
If not for this, our flesh and blood
If Not for Us Being Family
if only maple leaves could have hearts
If Only Shields Protected Against All Attacks
If that's movin up, then I'm movin out
if the morning light don't steal our soul
if the stars fall down on us
if the suit fits
If there is no struggle, there is no progress
If These Mountains Had Eyes
If these walls could speak
If this is to end in Fire, then we should all Burn together.
If This Is Torture, Chain Me To The Walls
If this is what it takes to take me even higher.
if what it is isn't all we are
If You Are Afraid, Give More
if you carry on this way
If You Could Only See
If You Don't Mind Broken Things
If You Don't Play, You'll Never Win
if you want to destroy my sweater
Ignorance is your new best friend
ill tidings
Illiterate and Intolerant Minds
Illusions Never Change into Something Real
imagine what we can do together
In 2...3... Out 2...3...
in a day, a year, a century: the world promises
In a perfect world, I would grant that wish
In a Pseudodragon's Lair
In a secluded hideaway...
In all my dreams, I drown
in between the lines of my heart
In blood or coin, everyone is going to pay me their due.
In Chaos There is Calculation
In Darkness, the Darkness Reigns.
In for a penny, in for a mark
In Ghostly, Spectral Arms
in her wake
In It For A Minute
In LT You Can Be a New Man
in my darkest nightmare
In my heart there is a trace
in my mind, faces keep returning
in one fleeting moment
In Peace, Vigilance
In Pursuit of a Mouse
in recognizing your kindness, I offer my own
In search of new dreams
In Temple and In Law
In the Cold Womb
in the dark i rest, unready for the light which dawns
in the end the choice was clear
In the face of sickness, we value health
In the fell clutch of circumstance
In The Forest Burning Bright
In the hollow of your hand
In the Lair of Vipers and Cats
In the life of ...
in the limelight i want to stay
in the middle of the world we float
In the name of friendship (Darcia)
In the Numbers
In The Quiet of the Morning
In the Service of the Queen
In the Shadows it's Easier to Stand
In The Spider's Eyes
In This Cold Reality
in this handmade heaven
in this infinite space
In this nightmare land
In this Region, this the Soil, this the Clime
In this storm I'm torn asunder
In Time Our Soul Untold
In your room where souls disappear
Inaction Acts as a Blade across the Throat (Saif, Zyanya)
Inevitable Pain, Optional Suffering
Infected with its rage
Infinite goodness, grace and mercy shewn
Information and Reformation
inject sunshine in my veins
Ink stained heart
Inquiry, With Pleasant Protocol
inside information
Inside man
inside my head is humming
Inside, a Storm
Insight and Intelligence
Intermission, and Turnabout
Interrogators Apprentice
Interview with a Thief
Into Forbidden Lands.
Into The Bookshelf
Into the Bowels
Into the Dark!
Into the Depths
Into the future, one and all
Into the light of the dark black night
into the spiderweb
Into the Storm
into the trees
Into the Wild
Into your hands, my Heart
Introduction by Night
Invasion, Eyrien Style
Invitation to a Fencing Salle
Inviting the Spider in
Irrigating Hope
is it just madness keeping us afloat
Is it just the moon that turns the tide and the sun that melts the ice?
Is leaving like un-bonding?
Is Misery All Around
Is this not what you expected to see?
Is this the ending of what we've begun?
it all goes awry
It Can Creep Up Inside You
It Doesn't Even Matter How Hard You Try
It gets stuck in my teeth
It gets worse before it gets better
it had seemed such an innocent pleasure
It is not the bite that kills, but the poison left behind
It isn't all Numbers and Words
it just happens every day
It keeps growing, and I can feel it breathe.
It puts a chill into your heart
It Sings Away Its Grief
it started long before
it starts just where the light exists
It Takes a Village
it tied my hands and feet
it wasn't a lie when I said it
It won't hurt unless you let it
It's 5 o'clock somewhere or so they say
It's a celebration, witches!
it's a feeling that cannot be missed
It's a Fight to Find Our Way
It's a hard rain, honey, it's never gonna flood
It's a Jungle Out There
It's A Long Path Towards Happiness
It's A Long Way Back From Here
it's a silent murder, it's a grave that sings your song
It's A Vicious Little World That We Live In
it's all falling away
It's always a bar
It's always darkest before dawn
It's Always the Quiet Ones
it's an art you know
it's buried in your bones
It's character forming?
It's Complicated...
It's Dangerous To Go Alone
it's easy to say it's for the best
it's far from over
It's in the cards
It's Just a Delivery Quest
It's Me I Hate
It's Midnight Cinderella
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
it's my weakness please forgive it
It's Never Too Late to Learn New Tricks
It's Not Always Necessity
It's Not Enough - It Never Is
It's not that I don't want to. Believe me, I do.
It's not the same, but different isn't always bad
it's not you, it's me
it's now or never to decide
it's okay to be angry
It's Only What You're Waiting For
It's so lonely here, help me come up for air
it's such a shame for us to part
It's Such a Sweet Addiction
It's the Hap-Happiest Time of the Year
It's The Sneak Attacks That Get You
It's Time To Face Your Fears
It's Time to Make a Change
It's Time to Take Charge
it's waiting in shadows
It's way Beyond me
It's where my demons hide.
It's Worse Than You Ever Imagined
Iterations: Castles in the Sand
Iterations: House Cleaning
Iterations: New alliances
Iterations: shooting stars will fall tonight
Iterations: The Chavez Manor
Iterations: The Chavez Museum
Iterations: The Travel Coach
Its all a matter of shades
Its all fun and games (Riordan)
its not so easy Caving In
It’s Never the Right Time
It’s not a mystery to solve. It’s a depth to drown in.
it’s only water, it’s only fire, it’s only love
I’ll Put my Armor on Show you how Strong I am
I’ll Save You!
I’ve got all I need
Jewels from the Rough
joining the flock
journalism can never be quiet
Jug of Punch
Just A Lick Of Madness
Just a Little Something For the Pain
Just a pinprick
Just About Rare Love
Just About to Break
Just Another Day At The... Huh?
Just another day at Whispering Stones
Just another walk in the park
Just as I can Be so Cruel
Just dreaming of tearing you apart
just feels like I'm constantly dreaming
Just guys being dudes being bros
Just Like Any Other Day
Just Queenly Things
just say you'll be at my side when the storm subsides
Just settled into the glass half empty
Just sign on the dotted line.
Just stare into the sun
Just the bare necessities of life.
Just to Poison You
just treat this truth as loneliness
Just underneath her skin
Just want to learn about the truth
Justice with No Name
Justice, or just us
Kali bakka a tishuf ahatt (Sacrifice is her gift)
keen-brained and patient
Keep 'Em Coming
Keep Moving On Until Forever Ends
Keep Off the Grass
keep the mask aligned
keep these words forever
Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow
keep your proud head from falling
Keeping In Step In the Line
keeping our lies
keeping out of trouble
Keeping the old
Kicking and Screaming
Kids These Days
Kill the messenger. Please.
Killan versus Killan
Killing Strangers
kinda I want to
Kindness is cousin to contempt
Kings of Everything and Nothing
Kiss My Eyes.. Lay Me to Sleep
Kiss The Rain
Knife in the Dark (Open)
Knife On The Belt
Knives In The Backs Of The Martyrs
Knock the ice from my bones
know that we'll be safe and sound
Know the Basics Before Application
know the direction, the lay of the land
know the score like the back of my hand
Know Virtue, Know Vice
Knowledge Pays the Best Interest
knuckles bruised, blood runs white
Lacking Altruistic Motives
Lady Brains
Landen Of The Ashes
Last Rose of Summer
Late Nights & Dark Sights
late nights and wild things
lay dagger dead inside a lonely bed
Lay my name to rest
Lay of the Land
Lay Your Head Down Child
Laying Down in the Devil's Lair
Laying out all the cards
le trublion
Lead me not into temptation
Leading A Horse To Water
Leading the Army Inside
Leading Treasures to Precious Water
Lean in
learn to let go
Learning the words
learning to like the taste of crow
Learning your lines to scale and to time
Leave a Tender Moment Alone
Leave All Your Love Behind
Leave it all behind...for a time.
Leave my Sunglasses on While I Shed a Tear
Leave Only A Steaming Whisper
leave room for mother night
leave the pieces when you go
Leaving Bloodstains in the Sand
leaving yesterday far behind
Leaving Your Corpse Behind
Left Love Bleeding
Legacy of the Battle
Less than anything we dream of
Let beauty come out of ashes
let die to let live
let it all go
let me catch my breath
Let Me Complicate You
let me feel as hurt as you
Let Me Go Where No One Can Follow
Let Me In
Let me know what I can mend
Let me rip her heart out
Let Me See a Wandering Star
let me see your insides
Let me show you everything I know.
Let me show you how to really throw a party
Let me stay where the wind will whisper to me
Let me, let me, let me freeze again to death
Let Secrets Die
Let The Arrows Fly
Let The Blood Run
Let the broken pieces go
let the dark water take me home
Let the Darkness In
let the fire burn the ice
Let the wind carry you home
let us be free of prayer and shrine
Let Us Work Together
Let's all stroke together
Let's be Border Buddies
let's cut away our smiles
Let's go over the plan one more time.
Let's jump upon the sharp swords
Let's just say she's never been happier
Let's not run amoot here
Let's take off our masks
Let's Try This One More Time
Letters across enemy lines
Letters Between Siblings
Letters from the Grave
Letters to a friend
Letters to home..
Letters to the Queen
Letters to the Wasteland
Libraries Are Full of Ideas
Licking the Wounds but the Venom Seeps Deeper
Lie and smile to get what's mine
Lie Still, close your eyes
Life Changes in a Heartbeat
Life doesn't forgive weakness
Life goes on and on
Life Is Never Like The Pictures You Paint
Life Of Fire, Light The World
Life of the party
Life of the Party: My Remedy
Life of the Party: The Words That Need to be Said
Lift you up like the sweetest angel
Light and Shadow
light is melting our shadows away
Light of my Dark
Light on the Horizon
light skies arn't so free
light the somber abyss
Like a Bull in a Pottery Shop
like a crane at the final breath that is drawn
like a liar
Like a stone I'm falling down
Like Alabaster and Ice
Like drawn to like
Like fire
like lace among the rocks
Like memories of dying days
Like salt in the mouth
like ships in the night, you keep passing me by
like sorted
Like tears in the rain.
Like the Ceiling Can't Hold Us
Like the girls we used to be
Like Thunder, going to shake your ground
Like tripping over a pile of books
like vines, we intertwined
Listen, About Jack...
Little Birds in Big Cages
Little Birds Will Fly
Little Girls With Dreams Become Women With Vision
Little Hands and Large Hearts
Little Help?
little lost lies
Little negatives of hope, refined
Little Paws as the Snow Falls
Little Queens, Big Problems
Little Ray of Sunshine Knockin' at Your Door
Live With the Unimaginable
lived, lives, will live
Living Beyond Our Years
Living on your knees
living the dark side upside down
Living with our Fears
Local Boy and the Sunshine Pony
Lone Wolves
Lonely in my own skin
Lonely, but never alone
Long dark night of the soul
long live the queens
Long Lost Trouble
Long May She Reign
Longest Night (Isis)
Look at all the objects in your hands
Look at the Horizon
Look at this Stuff - Isn't it NEAT!?
look me in the eyes, tell me what you see
look to those who walked before
looking at my years like a martyrdom
looking for heaven (found the devil in me)
Looking Up From Underneath Fractured Moonlight on the Sea
Loose Bolt Of a Complete Machine
Loose Ends Can Be a Bitch
Loosen Up the Frown and Make Them Feel Alive
Losing Control
Losing My Soul
Lost and Flawed Diamonds
lost children far from home
lost dreams are buried in this sleep
Lost in confusion, look beyond the illusion
Lost in the Darkness
Lotus Among the Witchblood
Lotus in the Desert
Love and War: The lowest common denominator
Love is Not Enough
Love's Swift Arrow
love, love as simple as shaving soap
Lovely, dark, and deep
Lov’d I not Honour more
Lucky's Journal
Lust is just Convenient Now
Luyse Arevi, the light of the sun
Lying Under Stormy Skies
Machinations Of The Widows
Made a God out of Blood
Made of Sin
magnets pulling from different poles
Mail bag / Male bag
Make It Bleed
Make like a tree
Make Me Numb, Make Me Feel
Make Me Whole Again
make my messes matter
make myself sick just to poison you
Make Our Nature Rise Above Itself
Make This Chaos Count
make this place something better
make up your own ending
Makes No Sense to Fall
making an offer
Making Arrangements That Make 'Cents'
Making Connections
Making the Rounds [open]
Making The Rubber Chicken Circuit
Making time
making time for tea
Making with the Sneaky Sneak
Making you mine and mine and mine
Mama said, mama said
Mama you know I will
Man Can Love an Angel
Man on a mission (shot to the heart)
Manners Maketh Men
Many Travels, Many Fortunes
Marked by Sin and Shadow
Market Day
mask the truth and hide the blues
Masked Machinations
Masquerade <Open>
Masquerade of Memory
matters of importance
Matters of Utmost Discretion
May Be a Sinner...
May it be an evening star shines down upon you
may it be you journey on
May Our Sins be Justified
Maybe a home can have stone walls.
Maybe I'm just like my father: Too Bold
maybe the light will come back tonight
Maybe We Have Been Here Once Before
Maybe we're a different breed
me gusta tocar guitarra
measure out the damage done
Meet me in this broken place
Meeting at the Equinox
Meeting of Silken Webs, Divined
Meeting on a Cloudy Day
Memories Fade into Emptiness
Memory and history
Memory box
Memory, Nightmare, Lunch.
mercurial madness
Merely Players
Mesh the Light of Sun and Moon
Message In A Bottle
Metaphysical mysteries
method not objective
Mettle of Honor
MIA - To Memory Lane!
Midnight at the Oasizzz
Midnight Call
Midnight Meandering
Midnight musings
Mines, Maps, and Memories
Miniature Disasters and Minor Catastrophies
Mining for small favors and big rewards
mirror mirror on my wall
Mirror, Mirror
mirrors for princes
Missed me, missed me, now you wanna kiss me
missing a wishing well
Mistakes Were Made
Mists of Fate
Mixed Blessings
Modes of service
Moesian White, Tulzbruja Red
Mommy Dearest...
Money Between Friends
Money so they say is the root of all evil today
Moonlight on the Window (attn Honora)
Moonlight sweeps across my thoughts
more do you dare, little yet do you dream
More glorious and more dread then from no fall
more jitters than a bucket of... jittery things
More than one, less than family (attn: Angharad)
More Than Ones And Zeros
More than our Bread and Butter
More things in heaven and Earth
more to me than all these broken things
morning dew and dawning mist
Morning Light
Morning rituals
Most Affectionately, Your Secret Brother
most far off horizons
Most Precious a Treasure, Bartered for Maror
Mother is the Name
Mother's Medicine
Motherly Instincts
Mothers In Every Other Sense Of The Word
Motion isn't Meaning
Mouths Left to Feed
Move Aside For Me
Moving Mountains
Moving together towards the future
Mutual Interests
Mutual Nightmares
My body is a cage (attn: open)
My Business is Your Pleasure
My Circus, My Monkeys
my head is bloody, but unbowed
My heart beats in patterns with a broken sound
My heart is aching for you
My Heart Soars
My honour was not yielded
my hunger runs deep
My Inside's Out, My Left is Right
My life is my message
my memories and dreams upon those wings
my old self hasn't been quite used to me
My other half is made from you
My Own Brother's Keeper
my own desire / my own remorse
My Own Worst Enemy
My perfect drug
my place at your side
My precious captive swan
My Soil, My Water, My Air
My soul is slowly burning
my trigger, your finger
my witness, my eyes, my evidence
names of red, partial list
Nature of my Circuitry
Nearly Every Inch of Us on the Line
Necessary Compromises
Necessity is the mother of compromise
need no advice, i got a plan
Need to contaminate
need to take a pill to make this town feel okay
needle in a haystack
Neither Snow nor Rain
never be more than a wolf at your door
Never Even Heard a Word I Said
Never forget where you came from
Never had I thought I'd drag you down as well
never have been one to write it down
Never Have I Ever
Never Late Than Better
Never Leave Your Side
Never neeeded to make an impression
Never Planned on This
Never Really Knew Each-Other Anyway
never saw a wild thing
never see me fall from grace
Never work a day in your life
Never Wound a Snake
New & Old Wounds
New Clothes, New Life, New Queen
New Craft, New Beginning
New Eyes, Old Friends
New Friends, New Faces
New Growth In Mid-Winter
New home, new rules
new leads
new life ahead of us
New Shoes and New Friends
New ways of being old friends
New Year, New Alliances
nice legs, daisy dukes
nice to meat you
Night eats color
Night on the Town
Night Terrors
Night will fall and the dark will rise
Night, Rise Unto Lanced Hearts
Nightmare Fuel
Nightmare Hauntings and Midnight Snacks
Nightmares are Made from Love
Nightmares don't cry
Nightmares Pick You
No Business in Show Business
no city for old men
No Friend Like a New Friend
No graveyard monument required
No Greater Burden
No legacy is so rich as honesty
No light in your bright blue eyes
no longer the lost, no longer the same (attn: Sorcha and open)
No man is an island
No Man's Land
No matter how far, you will always return to where you came from
No matter the lock, you are the key
No mercy, but no cruelty
No more sad songs
no night to be on your own
No one can hear you here
No one escapes the huntress
No one gives hugs like a big brother
no one here but us outlaws
No one is ever going to want you
No one knows what goes on up inside my head
No one knows what the dead think
No one seduces the Ebon Gray.
No One to Turn To
No Place for Promises Here
No Place Like Home
No Pressure
No rest for the wicked
no salvation, no forgiveness
No Space Among the Clouds, and I Feel I'm Heading Down
No Stone Unturned
No such thing as a walk of shame
No Turning Back
No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood
No Water After Midnight
No words to convey
No, you can't keep them.
nobody said it was easy
Nobody Wants To Hear You Sing About Tragedy
Nod and watch your lips move
None of Us are Free
Normal isn't for people like us
Northern Lights
Nos autem populus
Nose Over Tail
Not a lot of money in revenge....
Not A Party Without A Brawl
Not a Token Figure Head
Not All Normal Lessons for a Queen
Not all of life is a picnic
Not All Poisons Are Deadly..
Not Another Chain To Hold Me
Not Break, Just Overflow
not done learning all my lessons
Not Enough Room For You and Me
Not even a postcard
Not for you, little one
not just a job
Not just playtime
Not only empty but empty and loud
Not only Spiders Spin...
not quite so belated
Not so much a fall as...
Not Superiority
Not the homecoming I hoped for...
not the only one who finds it hard to understand
Not the Queen you had in mind
not the sauce you expected
Not The Usual Curriculum
not the words of one who kneels
Not to disappear
Not Your Fault But Mine
Not Your Typical Knight In Shining Armor
Not Your Typical Pillow Talk
notes from the front
nothing breaks like a heart
Nothing can come of nothing
Nothing ever comes like it did when you were little
Nothing Ever Happens if You Always Play it Safe
Nothing goes as planned
Nothing left at all at the end of being proud.
Nothing Pancakes Can't Cure
Nothing stands in our way
nothing stops the dream
nothing thicker than blood
Nothing Ventured
Now Everything is Imaginary
Now I find myself in question
Now I understand freedom begins
Now it's all eyes on us, and this all lies on trust...
Now On Dark Wings
Now that I know the darkest side of me
Now without guidance
Now You See Me
Now You See Me, Now I Don't
Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Nunc obdurat et tunc curat
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
O Fortuna, Velut Luna, Statu Variabilis
Objective Achieved
Obligations & Connections
Obliged To Serve
Observe and report
Obsidian Flowers
Ocean In The Sand
Ode to a Concealed Spectre
ode to the public panic attack
Odelle's No Good Very Bad Day
of a small fire burning
Of Ash and Reunions
Of birds and fate
Of Blood and Politics
Of course I'll take you book shopping!
Of hope in fears and dangers
Of Knives or Lambs (attention Gavril)
of man's first disobedience
of matters most dear
Of No Use To Me...Yet
Of Pawns and Queens
Of Pots and Pans and Wondering Things
Of Princes, Promises and Provinces
Of Queens, Dragons and Assassins
of rocks and hard places
Of Sand and Shadows
Of Shadows and Pirates
Of Shadows and Webs, Betrayals and Bonds
Of the eternal silence truths that wake to perish never
of whores and hope
Off the Hook
Off with my head for you
Oh Baby, This is a Big One
Oh Glory - I see you round the bend
Oh love, I'm sorry if I smothered you
Oh my love, what webs do you weave?
Oh, and one thing leads to another
Oh, be careful little lips what you say
oh, how the ghost of you clings
Oh, my beautiful liar
Oh, you can't hear me cry
Old Bat and the Young Prey (Atten:Anya)
Old faces in new places
Old Faces, New Places
Old Friends Never Die
Old Friends, Old Enemies
Old Habits, Sweet Comfort
Old Scars And Future Hearts
Old Ways Won't Open New Doors
Older and Wiser
Omega Company: Welcome to the Last Stand
on first seeing jhirit
On the balance, or not
On the Corner of a Tattered Page
On the Edge of Agony
On the Heels of a Dervish
On the prowl
On the right track baby
on the wings of candle-smoke we anchor our prayers
On This Hallowed Ground
On top of the world
Once I Start I Cannot Help Myself
Once it was all so uncomplicated (attn: Mikael)
Once upon a Season
Once upon a time, a wolf loved a fox.
once upon an .edition.
Once Your Beauty Is Mine
One Can Make a Difference; Everyone Should Try
One day I'll find my calling
one day you'll say you learned all you know from me
one ember feeds a flame
one ember sparks a fire
One eye watching you
One Father Is Worth A Hundred Mentors
One fish, two fish
One for the road
One for Two, Two for One
One Good Turn Deserves Another
One is silver and the other's gold
one last touch and then i'll go
One line too many
One litte queenling sitting in a tree P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T
One Month
one more soul to the call
One Name, twice heard
One nation dies and another is born
one need not be a chamber to be haunted
One night in Nharkava and the world's your oyster
One of the Wise
One of these moments in time (attn: Waylend)
One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it
One Red To Another
one second later than the second you're gone
One short the capital city.
One Sided Triangle
One Sided Triangle: A Question of Service
One Sided Triangle: A Warrior's Offer
One Sided Triangle: Fish Out of Water
One Sided Triangle: The Newcomer
One Soul To Another
one step closer to oblivion
one voice in a sea of pain
One Wrong Move
One wrong turn leads to another.
only a puppeteer would put expectations on a puppet
Only Ashes
Only Happy When It's Complicated
Only surrender will help you now
Only the Good Dye Young
only the trees keep us in line
Only the Very Best. With Just the Right Amount of Dirty
Only the weak are cruel
Only the worthy shall rise
Only thee do I love (attn: open)
only time will tell it's tale
Only Treason if We Lose
Open Call: (Does everything in this Grand Republic have to be political?)
Open the Door to Heaven or Hell
Opportunity makes a Thief
Origanum vulgare
Oskari Family Dinner
ought to have it all
Our Choices Seal Our Fate
Our doubts are traitors
Our Fate's Already Sealed
Our Glorious Revolution
Our Indestructible Days
Our Lady of Summer Skies and Succor
Our Lives Are Made In These Small Hours
Our Own Kind
our paths they did cross, though i cannot say why
Our Reason Co-exists With Our Insanity
Our Scars Remind Us
our work is never done
Out by the Sea
Out of Second Chances
Out of the Desert Comes a Storm
Out of the flood and into the fire
Out of the rabbit hole
outside the world seems a violent place
Over And Over The Light Hits The Dusk
Owed and Owned.
Owning Up
Padean's Place
Padmalaya Estate
Painful Politics
Paint a Hopeful Future
Paint It Black
Paint the Town Red
pale and perfect, such unholy heaving
Pale Blue Ribbon
Pale ghosts that bend between us
Pale Lily Among the Thorns
Pale princess of a palace cracked
palm tree escape
Panic on the Run
Paper Trees
Parallels & Parables
Pardon Me For this Intrusion
Parlor Pleasantries and Coffee Cake Confessions
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme
parting is such sweet sorrow
passing odd for kindness
patience and time
Patience is A Lesser Virtue
Patience-Testing Patients
Patron Saints of Lost Causes
pay an iron price
Paying Dues
Paying the piper
Paying the Price with Innocence
Payment due upon delivery
Peace Can Be Evasive
Peace In Your Violence
Peace Makes Plenty
Peace On Desert Winds
Peace, at any cost
Peace, Pure Goddess of Fate
Pearl of the Stars
Penny for your thoughts, a dime for your smile
People Watching
Perceive the Past, and See
perfect boys with their perfect lies
Perfect little punching bag
Perhaps a change of pace, perhaps a change of place.
Perhaps I am stronger than I think
Perilous Notions
Perseverance and Foundling Rumors
Persistence is... futile.
Petitioning Sanctuary
Phantom fears and living sculptures
phatic utterances
phoebus aegle shitcans himself
Phoenix Ignition
Pick Up the Pieces
Pick your path and pray
Piece Me Back Together Again
piece of your heart
Piecing the Shards back Together
Pillow poetry
pills to wake, pills to sleep
Pinch this Tiny Heart of Mine
Places to Heal
planning for a victory
Planting for the Future
Play a part, but act the Queen
Play to Your Strengths
Play your role, bare your soul
played the wolf and let the sheep figure it out
playing favorites
Playing Hard to Get?
playing house in the ruins of us
Playing Nice Enough
Playing the Villain
playing this close to the chest
Playing with Laughing Wonder
Pleasant Is Your Name
Pleasant Unplanned Business
Please, think of the children
Pleasure Doing Business
Plugged In To Save Rock and Roll
Points of Authority
Poison in the water
Politicking with Peacocks
Politics and Pinor Noir
Politics and Prayers
Politics Can Wait
Poor Unfortunate Souls
pop that pretty question
Port of Call
Pour more oil
pour myself a cup of ambition
power and control
power and provenance
Power is not Given - It is Taken
Power is the Burden of Old
Power of love'll keep you home at night
Practice Makes Perfect
Pray It Comes Undone
Pray not to be sheletered from dangers
Precious Divinity of Love
precious illusions
Predators and Prey
Prejudice and the Guilty
Prelude to a Dream
Prelude to the Game
Preparing Crow
Preparing for Revolution
Preparing for the Harvest Market
Prepping the Loom
Pressure, pushing down on me
Presumption of power
pretending to protect you to protect myself
Pretty as a picture
Pretty Please
Preventive Measures
Price and Price Again
prices that we pay
pride goeth before it
Pride, Stepped Around Wisely
Princes Cannot Be Defeated by The Sniffles""
Principles are For the Ages
Prison of the Mind.
pro patria mori
Professional Courtesy
Promise of a Foreign Land
Promises of liquid gold
Properly Claiming Property
Prophecies and Preparations
prophecies live and die in the winds of winter
Propositions and Promises
Protect The Heart
Prove Your Worth
Puddles and Petals
Pulling The Thorn
Pulses can drive from here
Punch Drunk and Saved By Bells
Puppet-show of Politicians
puppets on strings still dance and sing
Puppy love
Put a little song in your heart
Put me out of my misery
put your fingers back on the key
put your good face on not fooling no one
putting down new roots
Putting Family to Rest
Putting Meat On The Table
Putting the Pieces Together
Putting Theory To Practice
Pyres of Varanasi
Quality and Cooperation
Queen and Council
Queen Takes Pawn
Queen to Pawn in three moves...
Queens in the Dark
Queens will Queen
Queens, hearts and spades
Queens, Knights, and Pawns
Question of Emotions (Isis)
Questions for the Darkness
Quick, to the Habadasher!
Quid Pro Quo
Quiet at the break of dawn
Quiet Breaths in Shade
Quiet treasures
Raider of the Lost Art of Etiquette
Railing at Raild
rain flows into my heart
Rain on Utopia
Raindrops on Rooftops
Raindrops On The Tangled Webs
Rained Out
raise a glass to the two of us
raising the black flag
ran aground on maneuvers
Rare Flowers Rising from the Mud
Rarest rose, ever dared to bloom
Rash Decisions and Consequences
rather be a widow than a divorcee
Raven's Nest
reaching for serenity
Reaching for the life within me
Read That Writing On The Wall
Read what you've written
Ready for a Drunk Brawl
realization grew on me
realize we weren't put on this earth to suffer and cry
Reallocation of Asshats
Reasons for Insanity
rebel just for kicks
rebirth is no guarantee
Reconvening the Priestesses
Records request
Recruiment & Rewards
Red carpet treatment
Red Rage
Red rose, yellow sun
Red Season
Red Souls
red sun at morning
red. is the color of my heart
Redemption's Waltz
Refugee In Her Own Land
Regretted Endings
Regretting Tomorrow
Relax and pull up a chair
Relight The Flame When It's Cold
Remedies, roots, and regrets
Remember Me, But Forget My Fate
Remember to breathe (NSFW: Sex)
Remember Where We First Met
Remember, Forget, Repeat
remind me how it feels to hear your voice
Remind us of what we owe
remind you that there's more to see
Reminded of everything they deprived me.
Remove our shackles and let us live as free men
Reparations (of the Sceltic Nature)
Repetitions and Routines
Replace the old with the new
Replacing the Prodigal Son
Report to the Office
Reporting In To the (Not So) Big Guy
Reporting in(Atten:Esra)
Requiem for a Dream
Requiem for a Queen
Rescue in Goa Province
Rescue Mission
Resolved: This is Messed Up.
respect between peers
Ressurection Among the Rubble
Restless In The Midnight Garden
Restorative Rebirths
Restore what once was lost, part one
Restrict the lying tongue
Resurrections & Ghosts
Retail Therapy
Retreat and Regroup
Return to Earth
returning is like reliving the past
Returning the place from whence I came
Returning to Remember the Forgotten (attn: Alora)
Revelry and Penance
Reverse the Monster
Reviewing the Plan
Rich Witch
Riches Aren't Freedom
Ride the Lightning
riders of the storm
Right Beneath Your Eyes
Right In Two
Right of Recall
Right of survivorship
Right then. Time to get to work.
Right Where It Belongs
Righting a Wrong
Rise from the Ashes
Rise to the Height of Our Halo
Rising to the seat of power requires a gentle hand
River Eddies of Life
Rivers rise and fall
Rivulets of Daring
Rock, meet hard place.
Role Model Recruitment
Rolled Together
Room of Careful Hearts
Rose out of Chaos
Rose sister, never missed her
Roses and Thorns
rosewood grains and grains and grains of sand
Rough Meetings
Roughened Diamonds Singing
Round and Round and Round we go
Round Here
Row through the nighttime
Rowdy Nights (This Isn't a Place for Bar Fights!!)
Ruffled Feathers
Ruin, Chaos, and Revenge (Attention Dirk)
Ruling with Hard Hands and Soft Hearts (ATTN: Mineborn)
Rumors are like storm clouds on the horizon
Run and tell all of the angels
Run For Your Children
Run now, chat later.
Run Run Little Spider
Run where you'll be safe
Running on Bravado
Running to ground
Running with the wolves
Rushing forward into the arms of Death
Ruthless in the Face of Beauty
Sacred things
Sacrifice to the cause
Sacrificial Lamb
sad pale ghosts
Sad&#333; or The Way of Tea
said you better try to have fun
sailors take warning
Salon Duval
salt and pepper
Salt Stings Small Wounds Too
Same Shit, Different Day
Sandcookies and sparkles
Sandwiched between fire and ice
Sapphire and Green
sapphire equinox
Sapphire to Purple Dusk
Sapphires In Her Eyes
Savage Hearts
Savage Thoughts, Broken Hearts
Saving Your Life With a Lie
Savor the Simple Cup
Say Anything [Open]
Say it, Spit it out!
say just the right thing and show that you're understood
say something to us we can learn
Say your prayers by night
Scandals Have Wings
Scared To Start Again
scars are evidence of life
Scars from battles nobody won
Scars on our knuckles.
Schemes within Schemes
Scorpion In Your Bed
Scorpion Schemes & Jackal Dreams
Scout's Honor
Scouting for Intentions (attn. Dorian)
Scribbles and Scrawls
Sea Change
Searching for a precedent
Searching for an old weapon, and finding it still sharp.
Searching for Solace
searching gold in the midnight cold
Seasons change, people don't
Seasons don't fear the reaper
Secret Savages
Secrets between sisters.
secrets only last long enough to break you down
secrets that you were meant to find
Secrets weary of their tryanny
Securing our secrets.
see my reflection change
See this place through different eyes
Seeds Of Corruption
Seeds of Fate
Seeing Red
Seeing The Beauty From The Pain
seeing things right before our eyes
Seeking a Second Opinion
Seeking absolution
Seeking answers, seeking hope
Seeking my freedom
Seeking Solace
seeking sound counsel
Seeking The Lost
Seeking the Storm Queen
Seeking the Wisdom of our Elders
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
self-inflicted wounds of the indirect variety
Sell me all of your laughter
Sell your soul, not your whole self
Send in your skeletons
Sense Amid Madness, Wit Amongst Folly
Serendipity is not always a good thing
Serious Callers Only
Serpants of Sacrificial Night
serpents slithering in the sands
Servant of Desire
set a date and keep it
Setting Fire To This Life
Setting the Record Straight
Settled Into The Glass Half-Empty
seven devils all around you
Sew this hole up...
sewing up a shattered heart
Shades of Darkness
Shadow of a Former Self
Shadow of a Song
Shadowing the Sheanes (Spies in Scelt)
Shadows and Blood in Tangled Pattern
Shadows in the Night
Shadows of Ourselves
Shadows of the Past
Shadows of Twilight
Shaken, Not Stirred
Shalador Standoff.
shallow water, channel and tide
Shards of the Morning After
Share The Nature Of Infinity
Sharp Edges Have Consequences
Sharpen my teeth against your bones
sharpen your knife
Shattered Pieces Still Remain
she blinded me with science
She blinked first
she cannot walk on water, but through fire
She had become like they are
She leaves a trail of honey
she's like an angel with barbed wire wings
She's No Cinderella
Shelter from the Storm
Sheltering Wings
shibboleths, purposeful and non-
shields of faith
Shifting Dunes
Shine a Little Light
Shine Forever Fair and Bright
Shining up to the sky
Shock and Awe
shock you like you won't believe
Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot?
should've known better than to cheat a friend
Shoulder Deep Within the Borderline
Show me a sign
Show me how to take on the world
Show me your teeth
Show Me Your True Ugly
Show myself how to make a noose
Shred My Heart and Eat it with Sauce
Shreddded Soul and Wine
Shrift of Memory
Shrines for the Land
Shrouded Revelry
shut my eyes and count to ten
Shut Up and Smile
Sibling Pursuits
Sibs from other cribs
Sick, Tired, and Kicked in the Ribs
Sigh, Suffering Every Moment
Sight Lines
Sign Away Our Peace for Your War
signal when you can't breathe no more
Signed in Xs and Os
Silence Lends a Face to the Soul
Silences of syzygy in occultation
silent comes the herald of twilight
Silent Spring Rain
Silk and Iron
Silk is Terrific!
silk or scabbard, we're all weapons
Silly stupid stubborn males and the Queens who rule them
silver strands and daggers
Silver Tears
Silver Wings
Silver, thirty pieces
Simple as shaving soap
Sin and Salvation
Since you've been gone (attn: open)
Sing as their bones go marching in
singing songs to the secrets behind my eye
Sink into the Soil
Sink With This Ship Or Burn It Down
sinners play as saints
Sir, are you sitting down?
Siren's Song
sister knows best
sister, stay awhile and listen
Sisters are...something
Sisters of the coven
Six feet down I'll call your name
Sixes and Sevens
Sixes and Sevens, II
Skin to starving bone
skipped my coffee for this
Slated for a Downfall
Slavery of the Soul
Sleep Now in the Fire
Sleep Tight Little Atlas
Sleep, Thou Crimson Petal
slipping under is just the beginning of thirst
slow down slow down
Small Deaths are the Saddest
Small District, big day
Small hands are ok...
Small Ripples and Dangerous Rapids
Small Stirrings
small, simple, safe price
Smile In The Age Of Worry
Smile So Bright as the Sun Goes Down
Smoke before the Conflagration
Smoke in My Eyes
Smuggler's Dilemma
Smuggler's Reach
Snake In The Grass
Snakes in the Grass
Snakes Nest in the Mouth
Sneaking and Surprises
sneaking gets you nowhere but ahead
So Close to Giving In
So Damn Beautiful
So heavy I fell through the earth
So heavy in your arms
so i heard you like forbidden fruit
so if you love someone, you should let them know
So Many Fragile Things
so many paths lead to tomorrow
So Much for Subtlety
So Rings a Spark of Fear
So scared of breaking it you won't let it bend
So Take Up Your Pencil Here
so the die is struck
So the light fades out at you
so we may identify what we've ruined
So you want to go on an adventure...
So You Want To Play at Being King?
So you want to survive Dark Haven think you're untouchable?
Sober counsel
soft winter rains to guide you home
softly falls the burdens of the strong
softly haunting for answers
Softly in the Shadows
Solace & Solstice
Solace in a Sister's Smile
Sold my soul for a pocketful of coins
Some Paperwork" for you to "Fill In""
Some are born to sweet delight. Some are born to Endless Night.
Some devil
Some Dissembling Required
Some folks might be a little smarter than I am
Some Gifts are more difficult to accept
Some good old fashioned ribbing at your expense
Some good, old fashioned, Sabbah trickery
some purple satin laces
Some Things are Beyond You
some things are just a part of us
some things burn in the heart
Some Things Lost And Some Things Found
some won't be held under the spell
Somebody That I Used to Know
Someday we'll face the music
someone help me, please, i can still feel everything
Someone must answer for this
Someone should take you under his wing
Someone to go with the furniture
Someone Who Cares
Something about old dogs and new tricks...
something beautiful, a contradiction
Something beautiful, something free
Something Between Us
Something I Can Never Have
Something in the Water
something incredible is waiting to be known (attn Tris)
Something like a soul
something lost and never seen
Something lost, something found
something not worth dying over
something scary / something right / something in your eyes tonight
Something takes a part of me
Something that wasn't there before
something tries to hide its own heartbeat
something wanting in your nature
Something we couldn't stop
something's just about to break
Sometimes Darkness Can Show You the Light
sometimes i wake up in a different bedroom
Sometimes innocents pay the price
Sometimes the clothes do not make the man
Sometimes we indulge in senseless panic
Sometimes You Can't Win
Sometimes you're better off alone
Somewhere Between Desperate and Divine
somewhere between sorrow and bliss
Songs and Whispers
Soothing balms of sweetness
Sorrow and Sonder
sorry for your loss
sorry that took so long
Sors Salutis et Virtutis Michi Nunc Contraria
sort it out
Sorting Tears and Hiding Trouble
Sow The Seeds Of Discord, Reap The Risks And Rewards
Sowing Season
space where i can breathe
Spanish Doll, Needed to Love You
Spare a mark?
Spare the Rod
Sparring Partners
Speak the Truth where Shadows Lie
Speak to me in Riddles
Speaking the same language
Special Little Deliveries
Speed the Collapse
spelled barriers, locked doors
Spellwork & Lies
Spider silk and Steel Wool
Spiders in the Wind
Spiders On The Surface
Spiders Upon the Mind
Spidersilk and Blood
Spidersilk On The Sand
Spiderwebs of glass
Spin the Dreams of Spiders
spine of the world, twisted and tied
Spinning Out The Web
splendor on the grass
Splinter in the Mind
Split In Two Something Else
Splitting the Queen
spot the geisha as he balances
spring is all over you
Spring is Blooming Inside Us
Spring Showers and Surprises
Spring's Sleepy Eyes
Springtime comes and blossoms grow
Squirrel It All Away
stabbing westward
Stacking the Deck
Stage Fright
Stalking the Wild White Stag (attn. Ciaran)
Stallion Heart: The Ascension of Kale Heartly
Stand by me
Stand Up and Admit
Stand Up Quick, Fire in the House
Standard Day of Work {Open}
Stare at the Sun
Stars for a Crown, Stars for a Queen
Stars Hide Your Fires
Stars So Bright
Starting Off The Evening {Attn: Merletta}
Starting Over
Stay a while with me
Stay Awhile and Listen
Stay close little brother
Steady, unchanging
stepping forward out into the day
Stepping In Too Deep [Xaviera, Open]
Stepping into Her World
Stepping on Dragon's Tails
Steps to Building a Whole Man
stick around, kid, you might learn something
stick stop blue you're only shifting
Sticks and Shattered Stones
Sticky Fingers and Good Deeds
Still the stars find their way
stirrings of discontent
Stolen thunder, hear my cry
Stone hearts
Stopping By to Say...
Storm's End
Storms and Stone
Storms make trees take deeper roots
Storytime With Felix
Strange and Dangerous Winds
Strange Bedfellows
Strange Bedfellows Make Strange Counsel
Stranger Tides
Stranger Toys in the Attic
Strangers in the night..
strategy session
Streaking colors blurred to one, always moving blinding sun
Stress eating steak as self expression
strike first or not at all
Strike me, Sway me
Strong fences, good neighbors
Strongly to suffer and support
Stubborn Stains
stuck in my ways, I am changing
study of revenge, immortal hate
Stumbling Along the Road to Truth
Subterfuge of Peaceful Bells, Tolling
Subtle Shading
Success Is Not An Option
Such a motivator, gotta get your way
Such Decisions Behoove You
such recovery
Suck the Marrow From the Bones
Sudden Vacancy [ATTN: Renvar. All court members can react]
Suddenly the Air Smells Much Greener Now
Suffer the Little Children
Sufferings of Mortality
Sugar, Ice and all things Nice
Sugar, Spice, and Sisterly Brawls
Suitor Rencounter
Summer breeze, makes you feel fine....
Summer Sky to Sapphire
Summer Storms
Summer's Smile with Winter's Skin
Summertime summoning
Summoned before the Black
Summoned Before the Queen
Sun, Sand, and Open Sky
Sun-touched and Endless Blue
Surprises on both sides
Surrendering to a Siren's Song
Swallowing Deceit
Swallowing pride...
Swan Song
Sweet Suburban Tune
Sweet Tea Before Bloodshed
Sweet Turning Sour and Untouchable
Swim in the Wake of Imposters
Swimming through the ashes of another life
Switching sides
Sword in Sheath, Hat in Hand
Sworn In Darkness
Symphony impossible to play
Take A Chance (No Thanks)
Take a Drink of the Past and Awaken
take a little trip with me
take a look, it's in a book
take her away before she takes her away
Take it One Step Further
take me away to the shining light
take me out to the black
Take me so far away
take my advice, just let me be
Take my hand and let me hide
take my hand and we'll march to the front line
Take our tears and put them on ice
Take the Fall
take the red for what it's worth
take these hands and hold me close
take up your arms, sons and daughters
Take what you need to take, what's yours is mine
take what you need while there's time
Take Your Time, Consume All Of It
takes the day off
Taking a Hit
Taking Account of Her Measure
Taking Care
Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard
Taking the demons for a walk
Taking the wheel
Taking your lumps.
Tale of a Moonlight Garden
Talking Shop
Talking To Myself
tally up the damaged goods
Tame the Ghosts Inside my Head
Taste my fear beneath your tongue
Taste of Your Poison Paradise
Taxing Those Unchained Wings
Tea for Two, Funerals for All
Tea Leaves and Frenemies?
Tea Room Encounters
Tea Time & Knives
Teach me how to be me
Teach me the courage of stars
Teach Me Wrong
Teachable Moments
Teacher's Pet
tear me down
Tear this bitter fruit to mess
Tears in the Sand
Tease and Take
Tell Me
Tell Me How You Really Feel
Tell me my place in the world
Tell Me Some Good News
Tell me stories to believe in
Tell me what you're running from
Tell me why (tell me sweet little lies)
tell me your secrets and ask me your questions
tell me, what am i contributing?
Tempest-tossed island, seasons all the same..
Ten Simple Rules for Dating my Brother
Tend it and let it grow
Tender chain-breaker on a bender
Tender Vocational Calling
Tender, Lovely Chain-breaker
Tenderness, Torment and Truth
Tending the Opals
Tendrils of Despair
Tendrils of Threads and Appointments Made
Tenebrosi Black, Myos Red
Tense Meetings
Terms and Conditions
Tha Scottish Play: Last Call
thank you for being a friend
thank you for the venom
Thanks for the Memories
that devious dance between you and me
That I'm sheltered by your heart
That time-honored tradition of learning as you go
That which grows within
That Which Is Truly Important
That which submits, rules.
That's how I remember it
That's no moon... it's a space station!
That's Not What I Meant to Say
that's the way they all come through
That's what little girls are made of
The .beginning. of the end
The Abyss Is All Around Us
The Academic Merit of Explosions: A Thesis
The advantages of floating in the middle of the sea
The Aftermath of an Affair with an Assassin
The Albatross Takes Flight
the answers to the questions you never heard
The Answers We Find Are Never What We Have In Mind
The Apple Falls Far from the Tree
The Arrival of the Red Queen
The Art of an Extended Metaphor
The art of making excuses
The art of pruning: to move forward you must let go
The Art of Revenge
the awful songs we do not hear
The bad end unhappily; the good end unluckily
The Bad Old Days
The balance between hope and despair is always...
The Ballad of the Red Death
The Ballroom as her Battlefield [attn. Xaviera/Gizella/Open]
The Barn
The bean counter
The Beast you Made of Me
The Beast You've Made of Me
The Beast, Beauty, and her Bandages [NC-17]
The Beggar King
The Beginning of Something Really Excellent
The Best of Bad Ideas
The Best of Intentions
The best part of waking up
The Bird of Dawning
The Birth of a Future Queen
The Birth of Secrets Told
The Bitter Song of Light
The Blessing of Winged Ones
The Blessings of the Spiders
The Bloody Aftermath  (War Returns to Scelt)
The boldest measures are the safest
the boy is back in town
The Boy With A Cinderblock Garden
The Breadth of our Souls
The Breaking of Mirielle Voclain
The Brigand's Brand
The Burden of Certainty
The Burning Moth
the cake is (not) a lie
The Call of Blood
The Calm Before the Storm
The candles blew and then disappeared.
The Cat With Golden Claws
the changing of the guard
The chapter has ended, swept away by the whirlwind
The Chef has Arrived [Tag: Bach ]
The Clockwork Solution
The cold never bothered me anyway
The Complications of Debriefing an Assassin
The Constellation of Us
The Cost of Disappointment
The cost of one soul
The Cost of Slaughter
The Court of Bitter Homecomings
The Court of Bleeding Wounds
The Court of Dark Hungers
The Court of Extreme Parenting
The Court of Fragile Alliances
The Court of Hidden Knives
The Court of Life Sentences
The Court of Mended Hearts
The Court of Rewarded Loyalty
The Court of Twisted Visions
The Court with Two Broken Hearts
The cracks are where the light gets in.
The Current in my Veins
The curtains flew and then he appeared
The curves of your lips rewrite history
the cycle turns year round and round
The dance begins
The Dangers of a Double Life
The Dangers of Life are Infinite
The Dark of Subtler Temptation
The darkness provides
The Daughter Of The Spider
the dawning
the day you were born, you were born free
the dead have their demands
The Death of Indaara Ericksson
The Delicate Matter of Educating an Assassin
The desert breeds wisdom
the devil beneath my feet
The Devil Takes Hold
the devil will want us back
The Devil Will Want You Back
The devil you know
The devil's workshop
the distance between who we are and where we've been
the door locked from the outside
The Dragon and the Wolf
the dreadfully delightful existence of semi-spectral things
The Dream is Over ... or has it just begun
The Dream Not Meant To Be
The Dream We Seem To Share
The Dreamer Has Woken, The Spirit Has Spoken
The Dreaming Desert
The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity
The Dress Shop
the earth laughs in flowers
The echo, wide as the equator
The End Came Long Ago
The End of an Era
The End of Kindness
The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend
the face of the future, the blood in my veins
The familiar sting
The family that plots together, stays together
the farther I fall I'm beside you
The Fate You've Carved on Me
The Fear of Falling Apart
The Festival of OOn: The Lowering Storm
The fever of the bone
The final freedom. The reaper's caress.
the finest thing that I've done
The Fire and the Flames
The Fire Burns, but You Will Rise
The fire in your eyes (matches my own)
The Fire Next Time
The first beat of the flat line
The first day of the rest of your life
The First Escort's Son
The first night of the rest of your life
The First of Octember
The First Step
The first step of many
The First Step on a New Path is the Hardest
the Found and the Lost
the future does not fit in the containers of the past
The Gala of Queens
The Gala of Queens: Velocity
the game plan
The Games We Play
the garden of your thoughts
The Gathering Storm
the ghosts that linger in our hearts
The Gift of the Heart
The Gift of the Spider
The Gift, the Geas, and the Sacrifice
The Given Gift
the glass-hearted girls
The Good Fight
the grand facade, so soon will burn
the great equalizer is rushing my way
The Great Gifts of The Rains
the guarded path
The Guild Bulletin Returns
The Hand that Feeds
The Hands That Pray For Rain
The Hard Sell
The Hardest Gift
The Harpy's Song
The Healer is In, 5 cents please.
The Healer's Cottage [ATTN: ISIS]
The Healer's Test
The Healer's Touch
The healing touch
The heart knows what it wants
The heart of darkness
The heart will not betray you
the highway man went riding, riding
The Hint of a Spark
The Hooligans of Killan Keep [Now OPEN to Court]
the horror of our love
The Hungry Search Begins
The Hunter's Moon is Shining.
The Ice Priestess's Lair
The image I'm trying to project to you
The Importance of Communion
The Impression That I Get
The impulse of an evening can last a lifetime
The Innocence of One
The insanity of waiting
The Itinerant Prince
The Jewel of the Vaal [PLOT]
The key in the lock, the lock on the door
The Kidnapping of a Queen
The Kidnapping of Mani Omani
the killer in the crowd
The Ladies of Chaillot
The Lady in Red
The Land of Mistakes
The Landen Indoctrination
The Lark sings in the morning
the last dregs of autumn
the last laugh
The last one after all
The Law is Me, And it is to be Obeyed
The Ledger: Balancing Accounts
the liar in your bed
The Life of the Party: The crushing despair of hope.
The Light And The Glass
the light of day is a lie
The Light of Death
The Lion and the Wolf
the lioness in winter
The Living Years
The Long and Winding Road
The long awaited reunion
the long slide from kingdom to kingdom
The long way down
The Longest Fall
The Longest Night
The Lord of Onn
The Lost Things Between Us
The man that you fear
The man the day breaks
The man the night shapes
The Mane Proposal
The Marrying Kind
the martyr's homecoming
The Mask in the Market
the me that you know
The Mess We're In Now
The Messenger
the mind will not rest from the horrors it has seen
The Mind With No Remainder
The Mirror Has Two Faces
The modern man's hustle.
The moment you enter, the room just comes alive
The Monster Within Us
The Monsters are Real (attn: Toby)
the monsters that hide in the mirror
The moon's an arrant thief
The Mother's Elder
The Mother's Gift
The Mountaineer
The Mule Run
The Nature of the Beast
The Necessary Evil to Serve the Greater Good
The New Normal
The Next Time After Last
The next two years of your life
The Nightingale and the Morning Star
The Nightmares are Real
The Nightmares of Tormenting an Assassin
the nightmares we live in and wish to wake from
The Oath Of Falcons
The ocean on his shoulders
the ocean, blue
The odd couple.
The Old Man and the Mountain
The Oldest Trick in the Book
The One That Got Away
The One Where She Gets Drunk
The only real failure is the failure to try
The Only Thing That's Certain is Your Indecision
the only thing we know is we'll never amount to anything
The Opposite of Love
The Order of the Laws
The Other Side
The outlines of our hands
The Past Bleeds Black in the Future
The past cannot be cured
The past catches up to us all
The Past Leaves a Tough Future
The past year has shown me such wonders
The Past's A Distant Land
The path not given
The Peaceful Times Have Made Us Blind
The Peacock Fiasco
The piano is not firewood yet
the place spring goes to die and be reborn anew
The Places We Have Been
The play's the thing, to catch the conscience of the king
The Pleasant Sound of Clinking Coin
The Poison Orchid: Surf and Turf
The Poor Man's Prize
the pressure is building at the base of my spine
the pressure's high, just to stay alive
the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy
the prettiest parlour that ever did you spy
The Prettiest Summons
The Prettiset Summons: Tides of Change
The Price
The Price and Condition of Man's Survival.
The Price of a Green-Jeweled Witch in Hayll
The Price of a life
the price of admission to eden
The Price of doing right
the price of forgiveness
The Price of Innocence
The Price Of My Defiance
The Price of Poison, Part 1
The Price of Poison, Part 2
The Price of Taunting an Assassin
The Price We Pay
the pride of house corro
The priestess of Immortal Black
the primadonna life, the rise and fall
The problem with trouble is that it always starts out as fun.
The Promise of Freedom.
the promises you keep
The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Queen.
The Queen's Burden
The Queen's Internment
The Raggedy Edge
The Reckless and the Brave
The Red Envelope
The Refracted Lives We Lead
The Refuge That You Built To Flee
The Remedy
The Res Publica
The restless faith of life, renewed
The Return of a Queen
The Return of Legerdemain
the revelation's elating, bracing, and frightening all at once
The rhythm of this trembling heart
The richness of blood
The Rise of a King and the Fall of a Queen
The Rise of Power
The Rising Waters of War
The River Eddy Whirls
the rivers flow, the poppies grow
The Road And The Damned
The Road Less Traveled
The Road to Change is Blind
The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions
The Roar of Silence
The Roar of the Future, The Smell of the Past
The Rook and The Widow
the root of all evil
The Ropes Have Been Unbound
The Ruiner's Got a Lot to Prove
the rumors about us are...
The Rumors of Scelt
the running free
The Salon of the Arts [OPEN]
The Saltwater Room
The Sands Shifting Beneath My Feet
the Schemes of Pawns and Queens
The Scottish Play: Box 10, The Laird's Lair
The Scottish Play: Box 13, Ladies Night
The Scottish Play: Inquisition
The Scottish Play: Meet the Actors
The Scottish Play: On with Show
The Scottish Play: The Boys in the Barn
The Scottish Play: Under Preassure
The Scottish Play: Unexpected Developements
The Scottish Play:Aftermath
The Search Continues
The Search For Our Hearts
The Second Climb
The Secret of a Happy Marriage
The secrets sisters keep
The Secrets That You Hold Close
The secrets that you keep
the secrets within the flight of birds
The Seekers' Reception
the sentiment is starting to seduce
the shape of love is the only shape that fits my heart
the shaping of a helpless joy
the shortest homecoming in the world
The Sigil of Galoneth
The Sigil of Galoneth: Into the Sanctum
The silence so loud
the sins of our shattered hearts will be a raft to carry us through the storm
The Sky Clears
The Slipping Masque
the sound of falling leaves
The Space Between
The Space Between The Tears We Cry
the spaces between us
The sparrows' cries
The Spider And The Queen
The Spider and the Scorpion
The Spider's Caress
The spider, summoned
the spoils of war
The Spy Master's Choice (Attn: Rheava)
The Stage Is Set For Tragic Verse
The Stark Face of Askavi
the sting beneath my skin
The Sting of the Lash
The Stinging Sands
The storm isn't anywhere close to calm
The Strength of a Thousand Jewels
the subtle grace of gravity
The Subtleties of Subterfuge
The suck for your solution
The Suffering of Winsol
The Summer of Ninety-Two
The sun is but a morning star
the sun is but a morning star...
The sun is gonna burn them feathers
The sun is often out
the sun splinters city skies
the supreme irony of life
The Swaying Sorrow of Spirit and Sin
The Taking of Ysabel Odalys
The Tale of the Disappearing Jack
The Taming of the Shrew
The Tarnished and The Light
The taste of blood, the claim of love
The Tempest
the terminal show
The test is crisis and observation
The things I do for love
The Things Left Unsaid
The things to which fate binds you
The Things We Cannot Un-know
The Things We Do For Love
The tides of time may shift and flow, but I will always find my way to you.
The ties that bind
The Time Has Come to Talk of Many Things
The Tortoise  and the March Hare
The Triangle Ritual
The trick of it is, don't be afraid anymore.
The Trickster's Dice
The True Born and the True Death
The True Intention
The True Lives We Live
The Truth changes nothing between us
the truth hurts, but a lie's worse
The Truth of who we are
The truth will set you free. But first? It'll piss you off.
The Unknown Future
the unquiet grave
The Unquiet Mind
The Unstoppable Force; Stopped
the usual song and dance routine
The veil of my dreams, deceived all I have seen
the veins run red and blue
The victors write history, but today we remember the dead
The View Always Changes As You Grow Up
The virtues of punctuality
The Virtuous Whore
The Walk of the Recently Dead
The Walls Come Crumbling Down
The Walrus and the Carpenter
The War That Came In a Box
The Warlord Prince and the Healer
the wasted years, the wasted youth; the pretty lies, the ugly truth
The Way We Came Together
The weak ones are there to justify the strong
The Web Of Sisterhood
The Web That Binds Us
The Weight
the weight of the ocean against our bones
The Weight of the World
the weighty click of her heart against my spine
The Wheel Breaks the Butterfly
The wheel is come full circle
The Widow's Cottage
The Will Carved in Rock
The Willow, she weeps today
The Wind Beneath My Wings
The Wind Sings Revenge
The wind under the door
The Winding Road
The Winds Always Turn
The Wolf Throne
The Wolf You Feed
The Woman Who Won
The World in an Hour Glass
the world is a vampire
the world is too big, to end on a whim
The World Looks Better When You're Falling
the world was all before them
the world was too much with them
The World Will Never Take My Heart
the world's glory
The worms will live in every host
The worse you do, the better it gets
the worst is yet to come
The Worst Job In Pruul
The Worst of Plans
The Wrath of a Righteous Queen
The Wrong Side of Truth
The Year of the Black Rainbow
Theatrical Woes [ATTN: SAVENNA, OPEN]
Theory of Relativity
There Are No Footprints In the Pasts Behind Them
There are questions that I can't ask
There Came a Sound in Heaven
there i find you marked in constellation
There is a hole in my heart (attn: Kizzy)
There is Fire in the Water
there will come soft rains
There's a Ghost on the Rise
There's a ghost on the shore tonight
There's a Lurker Making Rounds
There's a Road That Takes Me Home
There's a Scream Inside
There's a storm we're starting now.
There's a stranger in *my* bed!
There's a wolf inside this heart
There's More Than One Kind of Power
There's More Than One Side To A Story
There's No Angel In You In The End
There's No Dreams In Waves, Only Monsters
There's No Flower To Be Found Here
There's no patron saint of silent restraint
there's no sword in our lake, just a funeral wake
There's no time for lip service
There's no time to deny that I need you
There's no time to discriminate
there's only two options
there's something tragic about you
These Allegiances We Make
these are the things we lost in the fire
These Chains Between Us
These Filthy Hands
These friends, they don't love you
these last lamentations of defiance
These monsters we hold
These Opposite Sides on Which We Fall
These Roads Go On Forever
These Scars We Hide
These Sirocco Winds Ahead
these street lights are daggers to our eyes
These things which I can no longer abide
These Tides That Sweep Us Away
They Fall in Line One at a Time
They know who we are by now
They Make Hate Look So Easy
They say I'm seeking up the danger
they say it's what you make, I say it's up to fate
They Say Take It Slow
they tell you it's all in your mind
they think themselves patterns
they were all in love with dyin'
They're Raising Your Body From The Ground
They're throwing flowers in the river
thicker than blood, more than salt
Thieves In The Night
Thieves in the Sands
Thine Communion with Divinity, Accept.
things are better if i stay
Things are not what they seem to be
things left behind
Things that can't be unseen!
things that you might like don't grow inside of me
Things Unseen
Things were going well until we started.
thinking of you (where-ever you are)
this above all; to thine own self be true
This ain't no place for no hero
This Ambrosia We Seek
This brief moment of peace
this burden came to me
this chaos, it defies imagination
this day shall gentle his condition
This diamond in the rough
This End Won't Last
This Garden is Real
This Heresy Feeds Us All
This Hope I Bring You
this Innocence is wasted on the Dead and Dreaming
This is gonna hurt me more than you
This is harder on me than on you
this is how it begins
This Is My Unbecoming
This is not a victory march
This Is Not Going To Go The Way You Think
This is the death of beauty
This is the Web That You Weave
This is where I leave you
This is where your life lives
this is why bears hibernate
This is why we can't have nice things
This Isn't My Night
This Knife Finds Me
this land is your land this land is my land
this life ain't meant for me
This Life of Mine
this line affected by the innocent
this line that never will be
this Love has become an Affliction
this might be too much to swallow
This one thinks I'm a slaughterhouse
This One's Not on the Logs
This queen bee is ready to fly
this sacred line
This secret language that we're speaking
This Shattered Symphony
this silence is mine
This Suffering's My Blessing
This Thread I Weave Around You
This time there's no turning back
This too Shall Pass
This unpleasant thing we call fate
This was not in the contract
This Wolf Wears a Bolero
This Woman's Work
This World Gonna Have To Pay
This world is just illusion
Thorn in your Side
Those who play with fire
thou with dark eyelids
Though you break my body down...
Thoughts for a summer's eve
Thoughts, Curved Like Boomeranged Knives
Thousand Steps O'er the Sea
thread by thread i come apart
Thrice Lost. Thrice Found.
Through a memory they're forgetting
Through Shadowed Mirror Shards, Darkly
Through the eye of the needle
Through the Looking Glass
Through this Disappearing Land
throw all consequence aside
Throw me to the Lions
throwing stones from glass houses
Thrown Away From The Stars
thy life is a riddle, to bear rapture and sorrow
Thyme heals some wounds.
Tickling your tastebuds
Tied Up In Waiting On My Mind
Tiger and a Mouse
Tigers Sleeping in Trees
Till It Breaks Open
till our wide eyes burn blind
Tilling my own grave to keep me level
Time Doesn't Wait for Anyone
time doesnt stop when you want it too
Time is Excellent Company
Time on Our Side
Time to Bring This Fire Down
Time to Feed the Monsters
time to get it on
Time To Meet Your Master
Time to put the burden down
Time to turn the page and start
Timing is Everything
tired mechanical heart
Tired of brazen promises, death and resurrection
Tireless and Seamless
Tis easy as lying
Tis the season
Tit for Tat
To be back in her bosom
To Burn Out Forever Or Light Up A Spark
To Calm A Prince, We Insist
To cower before the carnivore
To Dance is to Court the Beast Inside
To Define Loyalties
To Fall And Rewrite The Bitter End
to feel complete here and now
to feel safe again, look over your shoulder
To Find The Truth I Don't Want Found
To Fly Without Wings
To Hurt, To Heal
To Infinity and Beyond
To Keep The Year Alive
to kneel before her peerless grace
To Know Your Place
To Live a Life of Virtue
To live in the minds left behind...
To Make a Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear
To new beginnings or inevitable endings..
To observe the scowls on skeletons
To Open Our Doors or Our Veins
To remain unchanged
To reveal a scar
To Safeguard the Nest
to safer grounds
to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart
To Seconds Lost and Starts That Won't Begin [Fall, 186 AP]
To See If I Still Feel
To Serve a Warning
To Speak of the Devil
To Start Again, as Often as it Takes
To the care of...
To the Halls of Justice, or something like that
To the victor go the spoils
To this evenness I fake
To Transplant the Living
To Wear A Heart So White
To Wear Such Pain So Bright
To Whom It May Concern
To Whom It May Concern, With My Sincerest Apology
To whom much is given, much is required
To Write With The Rain
To: My Dearest Love
today the sky is so blue it burns
today will be different, won't it?
Together, we will rise.
tomorrow there'll be more of us
Tonight Is For The Ghosts
Tonight, it feels like a good day to fly
Too cool for school
too late to cry, too broken to move on
Too Little, Too Late
Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
too many hats
Too Much Alike; Too Far Apart
Too Young To Be Wary
Top of the Morning To Ya.
Top Shelf
Torn Truths and Broken Beleifs
tottering on down the road
Touch and Riposte
touched by silence
Trade a Spade for a Blade
Trade Envoy
trade in all serenity
Trade them in for dollar bills
trading places on the stages
Tragedy Fills Me
Training Day
Training the Next Generation
Traveling Ever Closer
Treasures of a Secret Nature
Trespassing on the roots of the family tree
Trials of Will
Trials of Will: Becoming an Aubdina
Trials, tonics, and tension
Trick Or Treat!...Or Both? Both!
trouble and a tiny meow
Trouble Stirred
Trouble Up North
trouble with a capital tea
Trouble's Half the Fun
trouble, trouble with a capital T
troubled thoughts, troubled bonds
True Healing is Fierce
True Love Stories Never Have Happy Endings
Trust In Me
Trust Is The First Step
Trust Me, I Sometimes Dress Like a Healer
trust themselves to fear no second fate
Truth or Dare
Truths are sharper in the light of day
Trying to live a balance
Tsuki mo mite, osanna in excelsis
tu me parles, tu me suis, sans un geste, sans un bruit
Tuck me in against you
Tuck the Darkness In
Tunnel Vision
Turn all the mirrors around
turn the beauty into the beast
turn the chaos of given experience
Turning Black Roses Red
Turning my cheek for the sake of the show
Turning our faces to the future
Twas The Night Before Winsol
twelve bars behind us and twelve bars to go
Twist of Fate
twisted and turning, turning
Twisted Shame
Twisted Trees & Pink Suns
Twisted Webs of Tangled Flames (Black Widows in Scelt)
Twisting Like a Flame in a Slow Dance
Two Are Better Than One
Two birds, one stone
two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead
two faces of a coin
Two for me, none for you
Two Hearts, One Court
Two Matching Scars
Two of a Kind (Attention Ahura)
two points for honesty
Two Sides of the Same Coin
Two sides, one coin; four sides, two coins
two sisters, gazing ever inward
Unafraid, even if you should be
Unbreakable bonds
Uncloud the Sky
Uncommon Allies
Undeniable Proposition Number Seven
under a red son
Under The Pressure Of Walking In Your Shoes
Under The Snow Sleeps The Roses
undercurrents; vellum and venison
underneath the cold moonlight
Underneath the Stars
Understanding a Monster
Undiscovered Comfort
Uneven Keels
Unexpected Consequences
Unexpected Consequences: When the Levee Breaks
Unheavenly Creatures
Unlaced & Dangerous
Unlaced & Dangerous: A Healer's Aftermath
Unlaced & Dangerous: Laid to Rest
Unlaced & Dangerous: Overwhelming Remorse
Unlaced & Dangerous: Revelations
Unlaced & Dangerous: Solace in the Queen's Embrace
Unlaced: Quiet Contemplation
Unlikely Research Partners
Unseen and Unknown
Unsettled Scores
unsettling stories for the swift silencing of a precocious child
Unspoken Expectations
Unstable Ground
Unstable Triangles
Unstoppable Today
Until all my sleeves are stained red
Until death do us part
Until the Hasting Day Has Run
until the ribbon breaks
Until the water's all long gone
Until Tomorrow (Maternal Instincts)
Untouchable Vision of Art
Unwelcome Company
Up Against the World and Still You Rise
up under the eaves
Upon a Quiet Corner
Upon the Backs of the Weak
use all your time to paint yourself the victim
Use and purpose
Using your heart, because mine won't start
Vade Mecum
Vase Spinning for Beginners [ Tag: Aron ]
veiling of the sun
Venomous Retribution
Verily the Traitors Wait
Very last dime, last sip of wine
vibrations of tremors that shook long ago
Viceroy or Butterfly?
Violate all the love that I'm missing
violet sister
Virtue of Song
Visions I Vandalize
Visions of Hope
Visions of the Future
Visions of the Wolf in Lambskin
Visiting hours
Visiting the Queen (Lorenial)
Viva la pasión y la fuerza
voices in the dark
Voices of the Sands
Wait Another Day
Wait for it
wait for the wild rose
Wait til the world is mine
Waiting for freedom to come
Waiting for the other shoe
Waiting In The Wings
Waiting is Worse than Knowing
Wake Up to Your Favorite Person
Waking up to a stranger (attn: Brennan)
Waking Up, Reaching Out
walk home with me [Nima]
walk inside your circle
Walk into the Light, Step into the Dark
Walk the line and pay the price
Walk The Lines, Born To Play The Part
Walk the wire for you
Walking in a Cymrean Wonderland
Walking in a Winsol Wonderland
Walking in your Shadow
walking on sunshine
Walking out of the sun
Walking the same path at different times
Wanderer, Merciful Response
Wandering Path
Wandering Spider
Wandering through the Desert
Wanted: One Province Queen
Wanting More
War Crimes!!
War Games
War Is Peace
War on the Wind
War Returns to Scelt
Warm the Heart and Cool The Sting
Warm this frozen heart
Was there supposed to be dancing? (Conn)
Washing Away The Filth
Wasted At Your Door
wasting away
Watch it Burn
watch the flames burn high into the night
watch the throne
watching fate as it flows
water is another matter
Water Tithes and Lines in Sand
water wash our wounds
water weeps from broken bodies
Water's Iron Grip
Water's Sweet but Blood is Thicker
Waterfall salt tears
Watering mouths and business deals
Ways of being Uncomfortably Social
ways of marking time
Ways To Say Goodbye
wayward sisters
We all became such fragile, broken things
we all get a little wrecked sometimes
We All Need Time To Think
we all pretend that we're civilized
We All Wear Masks
We always seem to be waiting
We Are Beggars All
We are Fuel and Fire Both
We Are Merely Players
We are our own worst enemies
We Are The Future
We are the Lucky Ones
We are the Night
We Bought The Farm
we break no faiths but our own
We can watch the world devoured in it's pain
We can't all be you
we cheated fate again
We could be dead by tomorrow
We dig the thoughtless earth
We do not remember days, we remember moments
we don't need no education (ok we kinda do)
We Dress ourselves in Jealousy
We Drive by Braille and Candlelight
We Enter the Meager Together
we exist in the same space
we explode like stardust too
we finish what we start
We Get Older and We Get Braver
we have come too far to ever turn away
We Have No Sympathy for Lost Souls
We Have To Live Before We Die
We have whiskey and ales of the best
We Hurt Each Other and We'll Do it Again
We Hurt Those We Love the Most
We know just who we are
we leave our pieces on the ground
We Live in Interesting Times
We might be hollow but we're brave
We must be made of Glass the way we Break
We Need A Resolution
we of many fortunes; we the inopportune
we offer what we have
We only live to serve
We Scrub and Still The Walls Bleed
We should never be afraid to die.
We survived the flames, you and I
we tread where demons play
We Used To Be Pack
We were but stones, your light made us stars
We Were Once Heroes
We Will Own the World
We'll Fight The Powers That Be
We'll Make It Alright to Come Undone
we'll modernize 'til our hell is a good life
we'll rise to the height of our halo
We'll Talk of Many Things
we're all living in the same universe
We're as Unique as our Faults
we're beast of blame by nature
We're the only good ones left
We've All Got Feelings That We Can't Explain (We're All a Little Bit the Same)
We've weathered change before
Weaving webs within webs within webs
Webs In The Sands
Webs of Duty, Webs of History
Weight of Pride, Price of Service
Weighted Words
Welcome to the Aftermath
Welcome to the Family! You're late.
Welcome to the Haven
Welcome to the house
Welcome to the Spider Web
Welcome to the Wild
Welcome with a heavy heart
Welcoming Ball
Well I have no time to justify to you
Well, that didn't go as planned
Well... better late than never, right?
Wellness Check
What A Match, I'm Half-Doomed And You're Semi-Sweet
what a pair, me and you
What a Pretty Picture
What a wicked game we play
What about us, Isn't it enough?
What all falls away
What are we to do with all this Silence?
What better on a snowy afternoon...
What brings us together to pull us apart
What can money truly buy?
What could have been (but never will be)
What do I care if there is a summer?
What do you see in the looking glass?
What Do You See On The Horizon
What Doesn't Kill Us...
What Dreams
What ever happened to solarity?
What goes around
What Good Is Do No Harm When We Lay Dying
What happened to us, what happened to me
What hurts more than sticks and stones?
what i should have known
What I want and what You Give
What I would do for you if only I could
What if I say I'm not like the others?
What ifs are deafening questions
What Is Hiding in Your Eyes?
what is lost can never be saved
What is the cost of the future to you?
What is the Price for Gold?
What is Winsol without a little guilt?
What Music They Make
What now?
What Spies Don't Know
what tales of home we don't remember
What Tangled Webs She Weaves
What the cat dragged in
What the pig dragged in
What The Queen Doesn't Know
What time cannot undo
what twist of fate
What would I do without your smart mouth?
What would you have done, if you'd known?
What you gave to me
what you kept from me made our world go 'round
What's love got to do with it?
What's mine is mine
What's more blood?
What's the use of a deal?
what's underneath the skin you live in?
What's Up Danger?
Wheels within Wheels within Wheels
Wheels, wagons, and the horses behind them
When a crack in the ice appears under your feet
when all the world is here to look
when autumn fire rides the night
When Darkness Falls and Vultures Rise
When Do We Start?
When Does The Past End?
When Doves Cry
When Dragons Bleed
when dreams become reality
when eloquence escapes me
when everything you want is gone
when fear becomes your youth
When Good Intentions Go Bad
When Hearts are High (attn: Baxter)
When I'm God Everyone Dies
When it crumbles we will stand tall
When it Rains, it pours
When Light Meets Dark
When Our Thoughts Mean Nothing
When Spiders Share Secrets
When Tempers Fly
When Temptation Comes with Wings Unfurled
when the autumn moon is bright
When the Darkness closes a door, search for the window
When the Dead Rise
When the dough doesn't rise, you can still make great crackers.
When the Illusion Shatters
when the night has come
When the night is young
When the Sky Falls
when the wind stands fair
When things come together
when we Dance it looks just like Fire
When we grew up
when you came in, the air went out
when you finally find it
When you least expect it...
When You Need Advice, Go to the Expert
when you try your best but don't succeed
When You Wish Upon a Star
when your heart is tired
when your mind is shattered and torn apart
When Your Prayers Are Answered But The Answer Is No
When your wings are broken, please take mine
Where Angels Fear to Tread
Where are we going to bury the bodies?
Where Are You? {Attn: Aed}
Where Did All the Gardens Go?
Where do our good deeds lie?
Where do we belong when we are no longer wanted?
where do your loyalties lie?
Where interests meet
Where my faithful heart resides
Where Salt & Water Meet
Where Something Used to Be
Where souls disappear
Where the Gray Owl Sings
Where The Green Dies
Where the Heart Is
Where the Hellaphants play
Where the Lilies Blow
Where the sky meets the sea, it calls me
Where the Things That Could Have Been are Repressed
where you invest your love, you invest your life
Which Is: To Be Master
Which night has no care for
While Nightmares Unfold
While the Husband is Away
while the whole world dies
while you die from kicked in teeth
while you were sleeping
Whims of the muse
Whiskey Nights {Eben, Open}
Whisper it like it's a secret
Whisper on the Blade
Whisper Whisper, Sinner Sinner
Whispered Folklore
Whispers in Darkness
whispers in the dark
Whispers on the Wind
Whistling women
white and cruel you have left us
Who are you to wave your finger
Who can say where the road goes
Who is the lamb and who is the knife
Who is the Real Hero?
Who is the spider, who is the fly?
Who is the third who walks always beside you?
Who knew a letter could weigh so much?
Who Made You?
Who sleeps in the sea and dreams his dark thoughts?
Who will mourn me when I'm gone?
Who will serve?
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf
whose eyes am I behind
Whose Tears Were These Which Ran The Ink?
Why Are You Here Too?
Why Kill what can be Broken?
Why Say Goodbye?
Why weep, Briseis?
Why would I dislike you?
Wide awake and aching
Widen Thy Stance
Widow's Brew & Heather
Widow's Pilgrimage
Widowed Dichotomy
Wifely Duties, Womanly Schemes
Wild stallions and tamed mares
Will come when it will come
Will Heaven Step In
Will Is To Grace
Will The Real Seeker Please Stand Up?
Wind My Red Around Your Roots
Wine; Red as Blood, White as Bone
Wing and a prayer
Winsol 190: Politics and Pitfalls
Winsol Forgiveness
Winsol Gallery Exhibit [OPEN]
Winsol gifts
Winsol is a time for family
Winsol is a time for forgiveness
Winsol season approaches
Winsol Warnings
Winter and Green
Winter barley, low to the ground
Winter Born
Winter Songs
Winter Winds
winter's loving touch
Winter's Webs and Summer's Shadows
Wipe off all these lies for me, my love
Wisdom in accord
Wise Beyond Years
wise men wonder while strong men die
Wish that we could lose this crowd
wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
Wishing for Rain in the Desert
Wishing Wells
Wisps Of Gossamer Cut Like Razorblades
witch hunts and war wounds
With a Bandaged Fist
With a Bang or a Whimper
With A Rebel Yell
with a vague ass title and a cheap illusion
With age comes wisdom.
With All Due Respect
With all my heart
With an Intellect and a Savoir Faire
With Brash and Bold Bravado
With Father Pine Reaching High
with hideous ruin and combustion down
With loaded arms I come, pouring for you
With No Details, Whatsoever
With Nothing But The Wind
With One Foot In Two Worlds
With Passing Glances
With Stones, We Build Compassion
with those who favor
with torn and bleeding hearts we smile
With Words We Build, and Words We Break
With your permission
Within My Garden Falls a Bird
Within Normal Limits For Awkward
Within the gardens (open)
Withnail and I
without change something sleeps inside us
Without the mask where will you hide?
Without the threat of death there's no reason to live at all
Without The Warmth Of A Good Heart
Wolfish Festivities
Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep
wolves sleep amidst the trees
Woman to woman.
Won't anything be better than before
Won't Say Sorry
wonder if they knew what they would grow to become
Wondering If I Have To Do Without You
wooden heart
Word from the Front
Words are Knives that often Leave Scars
Words Are Not Enough
words as dangerous as stone
Words Can Never Hurt Me... HAH
words I did not wish to hear
Words in the Water
words to be shared as one becomes two
words with friends
Words, I swallow words
Words, Wars and Symphonies
Work hard, play harder
Working Girl
Working Off The Debt
Works in Progress
Works of the flesh
worn out faces, worn out places
Worshiping the Darkness
Worst Case Scenario
Would be a Great Adventure
Would you Bite the Hand that Feeds
Would you rather
Wounds, Wars, and Wishes
Woven By A Single Thread
Woven Chaos
Woven Strategies
Woven Together Against Our Wills
wrap it up in soiled twine
Wrecked on the same shore
Wrest and wrecked
Wretches and Kings
Written in the Stars
Yearning to be Young Again
Years of rice and salt
Yellow is the color of piss
you and all your vibrant youth
you and your big fat mouth
You are a timebomb ticking away
You are More to Me than a Broken Doll
you are the dark ocean bottom
You are the salt smeared in my wounds
You are the way that I know
You aren't the mirror I need
You call that a ship??
you came to rain a flood
You Can Catch the Wind
you can fool the world, but not your sister
you can have it all, but life keeps moving
you can lose all you have
You Can Never Have Too Many Buttons
you can play it safe...
You can start over, you can run free
You Can Take the Man out of the Mines
you can't bleed what's already bled
You Can't Go Home
you can't hide from me
You can't keep a good Sheane down
You can't make old friends
You Can't Play on Broken Strings
You can't put a price on love. (Raej Slave Markets)
you can't say no, no you can't say no
You can't win here, I can't be beat
You carry my blood within your veins
You carry my fears as the heavens set fire
You did not break me.
you die like angels sing
You don't find roses growing on stalks of clover
You give yourself to strangers
you go where you don't belong
You hear the door slam
you hold me without touch
You Hold Your Truth So Purely
you know i'm no good
You know that I would jump, too
You know what they say about idle hands
You know who I am
You learn to like the taste
You like to think you're never wrong
you may rise to find the sun
You Must Breach The Horizon
You Must Spit Out the Seeds
You Never Said That You'd Be Gone
You said you wanted to see things.
You sat at my table and bathed it in blood
You slip out of your depth
You take but cannot be given
You walk a lonely road
You walked away from me
You want to know what Zeus said to Narcissus
You were right when you told me I was wrong
you were the coldest star in the sky
You were wrong when you told me I was right
You will continue the good works we have begun
you will learn to breathe fire
You will never remember who I was to you
You Will Not Win
you with the sad eyes, don't be discouraged
You won't believe what I found.
you would never break the chain
you'll never find your pleasure if you worry about your pain
you'll never get another glimpse
you'll never kill the light inside of me
You'll Never Take Me Away
you're a jackrabbit underneath
You're addicted to what I've become
You're all that I've got
You're Better Off This Way
You're Enjoying This, Aren't You?
You're Going to Get What You Deserve
You're in good hands
You're in my house now
You're in my veins.
You're in the Big House Now
You're just a trend. It's gonna end.
You're Looking Well
you're not a person, you're a disease
You're Only In Trouble If You Get Caught
You're raising this Queen? No, I'm raising this Queen.
You're So Normal That You Just Disappear
You're stuck with me
You're such an instigator, you wanna play the game
You're the one I had to meet
You're wise and true but anyway
You've always been the new you
you've crucified yourself (and now denial is rising)
You've done harm, others have done worse
You've Got Spirit Kid
You've got to shop around
young love, young dear
your caught in invisible scars
Your Day At Court
Your Day at Court is Here
Your eyes will close, and pain will disappear.
Your Fire, My Fate
Your First, My First
Your kiss and I will surrender
your light lingers like ylang-ylang
your little piece of the divine
Your name disintegrated from my lips
Your outstretched hand
your perfect little world is burning down
your scream is burning through my veins
Your shocking and bizarre discovery
Your Snake In The Garden
your spirit never dies
your star is so sharp it leaves me jagged holes
Your voice it chased away all the sanity in me
Your World is an Ashtray
Yours and mine
Yours is the Darkness by Which My Spirit's Drawn
yours to command
Ysabel, ma belle, sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble
[NC-17, CONSENSUAL, BDSM, Torture, Bloodplay, Whips, Humiliation, Kink].

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