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Author Topic: Re-Writing Characters & Inactive Adoptions  (Read 5311 times)


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Re-Writing Characters & Inactive Adoptions
« on: Feb 17, 13, 01:07:18 PM »
Re-Writing Characters & Inactive Adoptions

As Blood Rites continues to grow and age as a site there will be instances when characters will need to be re-written or adopted per the plots of their Territories. It is something that we've come across quite a bit recently and we've seen some great efforts put into the re-writing of characters and adoption of them. However there has been no standards in the process of completing these applications so the HBC has created a set of guidelines for reference.

The difference between Adopting and Re-Writing:
  • Adoptions can be done of inactive characters when the writer has given express permission for the character to be adopted as written.
  • Re-Writing a character should be done when there has been no express permission to adopt the character as it was written by the previous writer. This means that the adopting writer will need to re-create the character in their image using canon elements (IC written posts and references) to re-create the character.

Process to Adopt:
To adopt a character the writer should always have permission from the original writer.

On the Character Sheet credit should be given to the Writer under the section for Player Name. An example would be:
Player Name: Jamie
This character is the original creation of White; I've adopted her with full support of the original creator. Original Character Sheet, done by White:

The OOC Account referenced in the Character Profile will also need to be updated to reflect that it is an adopted Character.

Process to Re-Write:
To re-write a character the writer should have permission from a Wanted Ad creator, a Plot Leader, or a member of HBC.

In Character elements of the character are considered canon, and any influences of the character on other character sheets would also be considered canon. These elements must be reflected and cannot be altered within the character sheet and during the re-write.

In the "Played By" section of the sheet a nod should be given the original writer for credit to the concept and original work of the character. An example would be:
Player Name: Jamie
This character was derived from the original writing and sheet as created by White. The character in it's current form is credited to Jamie.

Adoption Notes..

If a character is adopted the Jewels can only be changed if the character did not have any IC posts or canon elements that defined the Jewels in character.

Please let us know if you have any questions for this process; you can email the HBC directly ( or you can use the Suggestion Box to send your feedback.

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