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Title: Personal Text - How to Use It
Post by: Dani on Jan 14, 11, 03:53:30 PM
Good day all!

There is an option in SMF for personal text, perhaps some have seen it, perhaps not. Here is a walkthrough on how to update it.

Note: Please keep your character's profiles personal text to suit them, witty but not obscene. If not appropriate the Staff will either remove the text or ask you to change it depending upon how inappropriate. Besides that, have fun with it! ^^

Example of how it will look when you are done:


1. Go to Profile. Link is in the upper navigation bar as 'Profile.'

2. Go to 'Modify Profile' (hover over it) and choose 'Forum Profile'

3. Change the Personal Text field.

4. At the bottom of the page click update and you are ready!

5. ENJOY. ^^