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Author Topic: Tenkou's Compedium  (Read 1021 times)

Description: Character Tracker

Offline tenkou

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Tenkou's Compedium
« on: Nov 09, 16, 01:45:47 AM »
~ Don't feel bad for one moment about doing what brings you joy. ~


Askavi, Terreille:

Auralian Ruslana: Rose to Purple Dusk, Queen / Ruler of Black Forest District
Synopsis: Jhinka raids are becoming more frequent and seeing more casualties than they have for recorded history. Their aggressive tactics are baffling the minds of camp leaders and as Province Queen Auralian is forced to try and find a way to make both crippling tithes and preserve lives of those in her district.

Hayll, Terreille:

Undine Licenius: Rose to Blood Opal Member of the 100 Families
Synopsis: A young Queen on her first court assignment away from home. Serving in Faro under a less than orthodox Province Queen she is nearing the completion of her first year as queen of the villages Este and Quinto. As the Rebellion continues to grow on the other corner of Faro while politics in Draega may soon force her return to the capitol and her family's estate.
Open Threads: ~Coming Soon~
Closed Threads:Small Hands Are Ok..., Takes the Day Off, Lady Brains In Search of New Dreams, A Time For Lions, Puppy Love, Best Frienemies Forever, Making the Rubber Chicken Circuit

Pruul, Terreille:

Cadence Fellows: Broken Purple Dusk to Broken Green; Healer Adoptive Mother to Mineborn
Synopsis: Is a healer still a healer when her jewels are shattered? It is a question Cadence tries to answer each day after two decades spent in the Salt Mines of Pruul; imprisoned for the crime of killing her infant son. A mother now to Omid; the Mineborn Prince she has a position outside the darkness of the mines; but no real purpose save protecting her adopted son and answering that simple yet complex question. Who is she?

Inara al-Geiba: Summer-Sky to Opal, Black Widow/Priestess
Synopsis: The last of the adult members of the Geiba tribe Inara barely avoided the slaughter of her people. Taking shelter and hiding her name and birth behind her grandmother's position with the Situla tribe Inara longs for revenge and struggles with the inability to seek it against Saiph, the false mother, and the mineborn whom she blames for the slaughter of her family.
Closed Threads: Water's Iron Grip, In her Wake

Chaka ibn-Barakat: Tiger's Eye to Purple Dusk, witch, Second in Command of the Order of Sicarii
Synopsis: Born before the purge to a common prostitute Chaka's life from the beginning was harsh. Her early adulthood forged during the Askavi occupation of Onn and sudden purge of the realms. Her identity reformed through ritual and sacrifice to the Order of Tohm only to see their lack of resolve failing Pruul and her people. Now, under her leadership, the might of the Sicarii will excise the disease and corruption festering within Pruul's soul.

Chaillot, Terreille:

Josephine Delacroix: Yellow to Summer-sky witch : Smuggler Ship Quarter Master
Synopsis: When you want to run from your past the idea of being a sailor comes to mind for any native-born Chaillotian. Several years now that running has been a reality as she sought the seas as a way to escape the misery and abuses of her past. Found wherever the tide takes her Josephine has shed her identity as a dutiful daughter and responsible older sister to assume something new: Herself; capable and independent; yet so very alone. 

Madeline Rousseau: Tiger's Eye to Purple Dusk Queen: Co-Queen of Chaillot
Synopsis:The co-leader of Chaillot's Rebellion she is fighting for the restoration of tradition. A pragmatic woman facing an untenable situation against high odds. Her consort, a verbally cruel male, is a constant mixture of resources and pain leaving Madeline more often fighting her battles alone. 

Dhemlan, Kaeleer:

Clarissa Calderon: White to Yellow Healer; High Healer of Sitges District
Synopsis: She was five years old when she lost her brothers. Both gone in the same night; one dead and the other banished for the crime of desiring the same woman. Raised in a household filled with grief and ambition Clarissa worked her way to the top of her mother's court as High Healer; a position that she has yet to become fully comfortable with. Her settled world tipped even further asunder with the sudden reappearance of her elder brother back into all of their lives.
Open Threads:
Closed Threads: Mommy Dearest, A Dinner Here is Never Second Best

Rihland, Kaeleer:

Caprician D'Avignon: Tiger's Eye to Purple Dusk Hearth Witch: Rebellion Quarter Master
PLOT TRACKER: She joined the Rebellion for a sense of purpose and distancing from her former life. A chance to start anew and make a difference in the land she loved. Ideals, however, are soon lost to hunger and hardship. For the past several decades she has served the Rebellion; utilizing her craft in ways she would never have thought to help preserve the lives and health of her people. With the recent slaughter of the Eyrien peoples within Askavi, now Rihland, Caprician finds herself in the strange position of wanting to be the aggressor in this new political climate. 
Closed Threads: Sometimes Innocents Pay the Price

Dea-al-Mon, Kaeleer:

Verdant Ólerydor Green to Red Queen: Brood Member
PLOT TRACKER: The supposed happiest day of her life turned to tragedy as the mysterious disease known simply as the Blight struck the promising dark jeweled queen. Her life preserved only by the compassion of her husband. Staked out and left to die in the forest she loved Verdant instead found herself accepted and brought into a new family; one that both cherishes her unique gifts and demands obedience to the collective whole.
Closed Threads: With Father Pine Reaching High

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Re: Tenkou's Compedium
« Reply #1 on: Mar 02, 17, 03:24:05 AM »

Undine Licenius : Hayll Tierelle

A dinner here is never second best: Dhemlan, Kaeleer

~ Stay Tuned ~

Plot Trackers :
Undine Licenius
Cadence Fellows