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Author Topic: Starchaser -- Tracking Halyonix  (Read 1508 times)

Description: i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

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Starchaser -- Tracking Halyonix
« on: Jan 11, 17, 05:07:45 PM »
the black gryphon


Ulric Lindgren, Steward of Glacia, Sapphire to Ebon Gray Prince
Lydia Kalas, High Priestess of Ivalo Province, Blood Opal to Red Priestess
Magdalena Sydan, "guest" of the Territory Court, Rose to Purple Dusk Healer
Jakob Volkshund, Third Circle escort in Ivalo Province, White to Rose Warlord Prince
Svala Elkshaarn, smuggler, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky witch
Riia Lindgren, Queen of Ilsalmi District, Purple Dusk to Green Queen
Iiro Valkonen, member of the Underground, Rose to Opal Prince
Patrik Aaltonen, farmer, Blood Opal to Sapphire Warlord


Azar al-Latifh, Head Aubdina, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Priestess
Dinah al-Tabur, Queen of the Tabur tribe, Summer Sky to Opal Black Widow Queen
Tariq al-Latifh, guard, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord Prince
Eskandar al-Sabbah, First Escort Jinan Clan, Rose to Purple Dusk Prince
Sirrah al-Tair, Queen of the Tair tribe, Blood Opal to Sapphire Queen
Naamah al-Tair, Court Healer of the Tair tribe, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Healer
Ebrahim Orphan, Bonded to Dinah al-Tabur, Birthright Yellow Warlord
Zareen Rasim, scout of the Min Alramad, Yellow to Rose witch

Dea al Mon:

Tempest Elessar, Master Shieldwoman in Holy Matrons, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Priestess
Vengeance Elessar, Shieldwoman in Red Cloaks, Summer Sky to Green witch
Solstice Moriwen, District Queen of Oberaula, Summer Sky to Opal Queen
Ash Caraslin, Brood protector, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord
Inheritance Moriwen, Queen, Rose to Purple Dusk Queen
Reaper Menegroth, Brood, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky witch


Adam Rhyne, First Circle escort in Denford Province, White to Rose Warlord

Dhemlan Kaeleer:

Rodrigo Barbero, Steward of Seville Province, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord
Valeska Drachlan, maid in Seville Province, White to Rose witch
Joona Rinne, Bonded to Elena Barbero, White to Tiger Eye Warlord


Gajendranath Agarwal, ruler of Manipur District, Purple Dusk to Green Prince
Chaaya Kapoor, hellephant trainer, Landen

Askavi Terreille:

Cassian Ankhara, Territory Court Healer, White to Tiger Eye Healer


Falen Halindor, enforcer, Opal to Red Warlord Prince
Signe Drachlan, District Queen of Avorla, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Queen
Yserian Aethelas, District Queen of Altai, Rose to Purple Dusk Queen
Andrei Elbremov, manager of Elbremov Farms, Opal to Red Prince
Hjalmar Lindgren, smith, Opal to Sapphire Warlord
Brynja Toft, Godar in training, Birthright Rose witch

Little Terreille:

Petre Vecks, Ward of the Court, Landen male

Dena Nehele:

Ileanna Taranescu, student at the Conservatory, White to Rose witch
Mihai Capreanu, broken, Purple Dusk Prince


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i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night // writer tracker