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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Author Topic: Leann  (Read 2929 times)


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« on: Oct 23, 19, 11:59:31 AM »

Realm: Kaeleer
Territory: Little Terreille
Role: Courtland Province Court Healer
Summary: Brielle is an Aristo born Healer bred and trained specifically to take over the Court Healer position long held by her grandmother. Now that her Grandmother has retired, Brielle finds dealing with the pushback from Healers within her Province because of her age and the apparent nepotism and trying to figure out where she stands with her Queen’s questionable politics and actions.

In Progress Threads
We All Get A Little Wrecked Sometimes
The Ties That Bind

Completed Threads

Realm: Kaeleer
Territory: Dhemlan (High Seas)
Role: Weather Witch of The Fianna
Summary: Isla is a Black Widow born into the Black Widow hating Sheane Clan of Scelt. Her mother, knowing the hardships she’d face, smuggled her out of the Territory and into Dhemlan where she trained as a Weather Witch. Devin O’Shea, notorious pirate from her home territory, found himself in need of a Weather Witch and decided that Isla was perfect for the job.

In Progress Threads
Got a Date with Destiny

Completed Threads

Realm: Kaeleer
Territory: Rihland (By way of Glacia)
Role: Underground Stringer, Glacian Refugee
Summary: A Light Jewel born in unforgiving Glacia, Kirsi-Marja rebelled as long as she could within her own Territory: forging documents for other Light Jewels in need. After nearly a decade, Kirsi-Marja found herself fleeing for her life into Askavi just in time to experience the regime change that turned the Territory into Rihland. Kirsi-Marja continues her work with the Underground from outside Glacia.

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Another Name to Hide
A Part of Your Life it Can't Take Away
False Starts and New Beginnings
Girls Like You

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Cherry Bombs and Spider Bites
The Curves of Your Lips Rewrite History
I'm Still Learning; I Must be Warmer Now
Baiting the Trap

Realm: Kaeleer
Territory: Rihland
Role: Healer in Scythia

In Progress Threads
Nobody Said it Was Easy
Wellness Check

Completed Threads

Realm: Kaeleer
Territory: Dea al Mon
Role: Officially: Third Circle of Esgarth Province 
         Unofficially: First Circle of Virtuosa’s Court


In Progress Threads
The Face of the Future, the Blood in my Veins
There's a Lurker Making Rounds

Completed Threads
It's Just a Delivery Quest
Your Spirit Never Dies (?)

Realm: Kaeleer
Territory: Dea al Mon
Role: Court Seer of Devinos Province

In Progress Threads
Home is Whenever I'm with you
It can Creep up Inside You

Completed Threads
Secret Between Sisters
The Sigil of Galoneth
Won't Say Sorry
Should've Known Better Than to Cheat a Friend

Realm: Terreille
Territory: Dena Nehele
Role: Proprietor of the Red Moon House Crosswinds

In Progress Threads
So Take up your Pencil Here
Celebrate my Little Victories
A Pool Too Deep
A Mile of Bad Road

Completed Threads
The Ocean on his Shoulders