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Author Topic: Playing Games, Breaking Names  (Read 1689 times)

Description: Writer Tracker for Gavin

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Playing Games, Breaking Names
« on: Nov 22, 16, 10:24:32 AM »
{The Name-Breaker}

The Rogues' Gallery:


Drakkar Estaroth  Warlord Prince of Askavi

Kir Artrios - Elder of Tanner’s Crossing

Vondar Shostakov - Steward of Living Lake/Tenebrosi Iarvis

Tavar "Fin" al-Sabbah - Second Circle, Court of Gravesend


Francois Toussaint - Captain of the Nomad’s Dream

Daniel Claremonte -Landen Male, Artois Representative

Dena Nehele

Dragos Cutrov- First Escort to Rilandra Vlas/Myos Guild Leader

Maseo no Shingetsu - Second Circle, Territory Court/Bonded to Toyani no Kagen/Leader of the Burning Lotus

Mercianna Arcos - Owner of Arcos Imports

Nadejda Petrovic - Shaos Healer, Fourth Circle of Neamt District

Samira al-Hague - Escort to Qadira al-Hague, the Conservatory

Sorinna Roman -First Circle, Territory Court

Stela Petrescu - High Priestess of Neamt, Shaos

Zamfir Groza - Chairman of the Odobesti Collective

Dhemlan, Terreille

Modina Palomo - PR Team for Joana Palomo


Cassica Laertes -Owner of Dream’s End Tavern/Tenebrosi Iarvis

Gaetano Accorsi - Senator

Jupiter Cinerus - First Circle, Territory Court/Bonded to Sabine Vincentius

Shinsuke no Izayoi -Steward of the Rebellion


Omid al-Bali - Clan Bali/Mineborn Council

Shadya al-Sabbah - Voice of the Sabbah


Kontar Abbasi - First Escort, Asyut District/Bonded to Raet Neith

Nailah Abbasi - High Priestess of Raej


Karana Marzena - Leader of the Coven, Guardian of Shalador  [Inactive.]


Isamu no Kagen - Member of the Thousand Swords

Sakura no Shingetsu - Ruler of Clan Shingetsu

Kord Viktorov - Ambassdor from Dena Nehele

Dea al Mon

Shield Valdonath - Former Soldier. [Inactive.]

Storm Fenharel - First Escort - Devinos Province

Valor Tanithil - Master of the Guard (Black Court)/Bonded to Gale Galoneth

Wraith Estalon - Field Commander of the Brood of the True Born


Emma Morgan - Queen of Cymrea

James Driscoll - Banker/Leader of the Wardens of Dharo

Dhemlan, Kaeleer

Lorenzo Calderon - Second  Circle, Territory Court

Mari Calderon - Queen of Pirenza Province

Ricardo Dominguez - Landen Male, Head of the Capital Syndicate


Kain Eskola - Midnight Keeper- The Summit

Matias Saari -Master of the Guard, Territory Court

Little Terreille

Roland Cade - First Escort, Territory Court/Bonded to Amerys Tiernan

Kiersten Danielsen - Lady D, the Dealer

Darien Embers - The Unchained

Gustav Fyers- Second Circle, Territory Court


Amir Sankar - Defender of the Dark Religion  [Inactive.]

Chand Nayar - Friends of Rose Neela

Klaus Savela - Midnight Keeper (Patriarchs)


Odinar Elbremov- Master of the Guard, Territory Court

Wolf Riemann- Landen Male, Owner of Wolf’s Den Butcher Shop

Thyra Danielsen - Court Seer, Avorla District/Bonded to Signe Drachlan


Desmond Clery - Clan Laird, Clan Clery

Brennan Devlin - The Lace Initiative


Lorenzo Calderon
Thyra Danielsen
Cassica Laertes
Gaetano Accorsi
Mari Calderon
Valor Tanithil
Ricardo Dominguez
Roland Cade
Gustav Fyers
Kiersten Danielsen
Karana Marzena
Kain Eskola
Drakkar Estaroth
Jupiter Cinerus
Tavar al-Sabbah
Nailah Abbasi
Emma Morgan


More to come!

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Re: Playing Games, Breaking Names
« Reply #1 on: Jan 09, 17, 07:32:01 PM »
Jewel Combos
Because shinies

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    • I want all smoke.

Re: Playing Games, Breaking Names
« Reply #2 on: Feb 05, 17, 05:32:12 PM »
I get by with a little help from my friends...

Character of the Month

Thread of the Month


Raising the Black Flag- Dhemlan, Kaeleer

Digging Up Bones- Glacia, Kaeleer

The Way We Came Together- Raej, Terreille

I Live With My Justice- Dea al Mon, Kaeleer


Money Between Friends- Little Terreille, Kaeleer

A Dinner Here Is Never Second Best- Dhemlan, Kaeleer

An Ill-Timed Visit - Dhemlan, Kaeleer

The Second Climb- Askavi, Terreille

Bleed Drops of Prophecy, Bleed Drops of Change - Pruul, Terreille

Moesian White, Tulzbruja Red- Dena Nehele, Terreille

What you kept from me made our world go 'round - Dena Nehele, Terreille

Not enough room for you and me - Pruul, Terreille

Heart, Heart, Head - Dena Nehele, Terreille

in my darkest nightmare - Dena Nehele, Terreille


chasing a starlight - Dena Nehele, Terreille

bet you didn't know that I was dangerous- Dena Nehele, Terreille

these sirocco winds ahead- Pruul, Terreille

The Court of Bitter Homecomings - Askavi, Terreille

The Court of Extreme Parenting -Askavi ,Terreille

new leads - Dena Nehele, Terreille


Learning to Like the Taste of Crow - Raej, Terreille

things were going well until we started - Askavi, Terreille

we were but stones, but your light made us stars - Askavi, Terreille

don't let me get me - Dena Nehele, Terreille

a historically parallel case - Dena Nehele, Terreille

Ashes on the Western Wind- Askavi, Terreille

burning in your honor - Tacea, Terreille

Superlative Awards





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Re: Playing Games, Breaking Names
« Reply #3 on: Jun 08, 17, 09:40:23 PM »
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