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Author Topic: remplis ton cœur d'un vin rebelle  (Read 720 times)

Description: writer tracker for z

Offline z

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remplis ton cœur d'un vin rebelle
« on: Jan 14, 18, 01:57:32 PM »
· · · z · · ·
shitty cyborg
they/them pronouns
· · ·
discord: skrulls#8309
· · ·
a medical disaster

· · · Terreille · · ·
Pascale Montminy
Tiger Eye to Summer Sky witch
Sharzad al-Tarazed
Purple Dusk to Green Queen
Elham al-Sabbah
Rose to Opal witch-warlord
Min Liu
Summer Sky to Blood Opal Queen
· · · Kaeleer · · ·
Little Terreille
Sri Miller
Landen Female
* In Progress

· · · Terreille · · ·
· Chaillot ·

· · · Pascale Montminy · · ·
Liberty. Reason. Justice. Civility. Edification. Perfection. Mail.
Tiger Eye to Summer Sky witch
· · ·
Mail Courier
· · ·
Profile · Tracker
Pascale is impulsive, indecisive, impatient, and dedicated to her job. She delights in riding the Winds, and loves that she is a (rather important, in her mind) cog in the machine that circulates information around Terreille.

· Pruul ·

· · · Sharzad al-Tarazed · · ·
Librarians are subversive. You think they're just sitting there at the desk, all quiet and everything. They're plotting the revolution. I wouldn’t mess with them.
Purple Dusk to Green Queen
· · ·
Proprietor and Head Librarian of Onn Public Library
· · ·
Profile · Tracker
Born disabled to a nomadic people, Zadi’s parents took her to Onn to raise her in relative safety. Since she could not travel, they fed her curiosity with stories and books. Her collection grew and grew, until a wealthy benefactor gave her startup money for a real library. Now Zadi spends her days behind the service desk in her library, trying to show people how to love reading as much as she does.

· · · Elham al-Sabbah · · ·
I was a fighter and I was so brave, but I lowered my sword when you held me and swore you'd stay.
Rose to Opal witch-warlord
· · ·
Correct term of address:
Lord Elham
· · ·
Fighting Instructor
· · ·
Profile · Tracker
Her Clan has been rocked by loss and shaken by changes. Elham is desperate to keep her family and Clan safe, together, and happy, but this looks more impossible every day.

· Tacea ·

· · · Min Liu · · ·
What greater sorrow than being forced to leave behind my native earth?
Summer Sky to Blood Opal Queen
· · ·
Ruling Queen of the Tang
· · ·
Profile · Tracker
The twin islands of Zhong have been devastated by the eruption of Mt. Mago. Min is fighting to keep the surviving 10% of her people safe and alive, despite incredible odds.

· · · Kaeleer · · ·
· Little Terreille ·

· · · Sri Miller · · ·
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Landen Female
· · ·
Spy Assistant Cook
· · ·
Profile · Tracker
Sri is observant, detail-oriented, and nonverbal. After years of trying and failing to fit in with her family, she's found a place at Ackley Academy in Rockland Province– officially as the school's assistant cook, unofficially as a spy. It turns out that being underestimated is a powerful skill.

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