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Author Topic: A Midnight Dreaming Rose  (Read 7280 times)

Description: Active Characters and Threads

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A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« on: Dec 01, 16, 08:38:05 PM »
Haloriel's Dreaming Darlings
(Presented in forename alphabetization)

Aelarian Weber:
Uncut Rose to Uncut Purple Dusk Priestess
Mixed-Blooded Eyrien
Librarian Archivist for Ebon Varos
Currently in Rihland-Kaeleer

Playby: Aaliyah Haughton
Writing Sample: While the laws had primarily been a tool for subjugation, now it was equal, and Aelarian liked this very well. Her late husband, however, had not, and made his rage very vocal. Sometimes, she wished that he had left her, rather than forcing her to suffer the embarrassment of being wed to a fool that could not think. It displayed that perhaps in even the best of a bloodline and a family, some people just were foolish, regardless of how well that Mother Night had blessed them.

"Do you not miss your husband, my lady?"

Aelarian blinked, soft hazel brown and gold eyes focusing on the other librarian, whom unlike her, had brilliant blue eyes and soft blond hair. Aelarian found it beautiful, like the sun in the sky. It made her miss her father. She did not inherit his blue eyes, but rather, the brown of the man's Rihlander grandmother. This too was acceptable.

What a query, indeed. Did she miss Prince Torar and his incessant complaining about finally having equality among the peoples of Rihland? Not remotely. But what they could have been, that, she wept for. Though such a personal statement she would not let free.

"I miss what could have been. But no. I do not miss the man I was forced to marry to save my family."

Long was the pause that followed.

"I miss other things, but that too will pass."

Active Thread(s): A Boy Named Sue - Aelarian and Killian; Linnea

Books Worth Fathomless Words, Unspoken - Aelarian and Odinar.
Completed Thread(s): Drapa, For Twelve Ounces Of Silver - Aelarian and Johannes
Apprehensive Silence in Darkness - Aelarian, Solo Piece.
Primary Musical Theme: All Men Lie (Spotify Link)

Alazne Orellana:
Cut Summer Sky to Cut Blood Opal Healer
Mixed Blood Dhemlanese
Currently in Goth
Little Terreille, Kaeleer
Itinerant Character - Can Travel to Dhemlan, Kaeleer

Play By: Cardi B (Belcalis Almanzar)
Writing Sample: The tips she got to keep entirely, and tonight had been really good. Alazne had noticed the drop in the tips after the Hell Lords' had been obliterated, and the first thing that had pissed her off had been the serious drop in tips. She'd gone from having 100 Marks' in her pocket to 20s, which depending on how much they were fleeced for in a month occasionally wasn't enough to keep the heat on. Lately, however, the money had been trickling back, which confirmed a thought and increased a concern. She tapped her foot to the muted bass, this particular bar was finally closed for the night and the rest of the staff were busy cleaning, but even if she was honest there probably wasn't enough Craft in the whole world to do anything about those floors.

Still trying to make money, Lazne worked at as many bars as she could stand while Healing on the side. Sure, maybe those priorities were in the reverse, but the number of tips that she could get often exceeded what she could make as a Healer without any fancy Court connections. Even while learning all about her Caste from people that were fully Dhemlanese, Court connections were such a very distant kind of idea to Lazne. She understood Protocol mostly in the sense of 'who was going to get angry first and how to steer clear of which of the Blood could hurt you more.

Active Thread(s): Pleasant Is Your Name - Alazne and Isidoro
Dile a tu nuevo querer, truly - Alazne and Geralt
Completed Thread(s): None Yet!
Primary Musical Theme: Dile Que Por Mí No Tema - Celia Cruz(Spotify)

Algernon Breckenridge:
Uncut Opal to Uncut Sapphire Prince
Glacian and Hayllian
Master of the Guard for Little Terreille
Currently in Little Terreille, Kaeleer

Playby: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Writing Sample: Breck was pleasantly drunk, and the bar looked all the better for it. A pretty blonde bitch sat on his knee, and he was perfectly fine to have her there while sipping from a glass of brandy, served neat. He grinned while she whispered in his ear all the lascivious things she'd do to his cock if he paid her well enough. He was not drunk enough, however, to disregard the fact that she was overcharging by half. There would never come a day in passing that Prince Algernon could disregard such a thing. She was pretty indeed, yet not that beautiful. With a pleasant smile barely granted, he moved the woman off of his knee.

"A kind offer, but no." He leaned forth to kiss the woman's lips to blunt the refusal while placing a few gold coins in her brassiere with a bit of a pinch of her nipple. "I think it seems that is all I can afford, madam." The merriment, of course, lay in heavy-lidded eyes that were more Hayllian than Glacian, while his golden skin often drew enough gazes. Breck could thank his father for that, being apparently good looking enough to pass on some of it to his unwanted son. A grin turned up the full lips.

Active Thread(s): Sapphires In Her Eyes - Breck and Kasidhe

The Art of Making Excuses - Breck and Hayden

I'll Put My Armour On, Show You How Strong I Am - Breck, Amerys, Kallias, Fairuz.

Completed Thread(s): The Me That You Know - Breck and Hayden
Make Our Nature Rise Above Itself - Little Terreille Territory Court and Rockland Province Court.
Allies and Allemandes - Marisol, Breck, Fairuz, and Amerys.
Punch Drunk and Saved by Bells - Roland and Breck.
Wrap It Up In Soiled Twine - Jonothan and Breck.
Your Star is so Sharp it Leaves me Jagged Holes - Territory Court and Courtland Province Court.
Curious Finds - Hayden, Lysander, Kelda, Breck.
Heedful Caucus, Equivalent Notions - Amerys and Breck.
One Wrong Move -  Draven, Hayden, Roland, Emily, Amerys.
A Little Light Reading - Hayden and Breck.
Primary Musical Theme: Money (Instrumental; Spotify Link)

Amadeus Tristan Holguin:
Uncut Rose to Uncut Blood Opal Warlord Prince
Sceltic and Dhemlanese
Falkirk Clan

Will Bond to Yseult Falkirk
Play By: Sterling Sulieman
Writing Sample: Though he did not play loudly, the soft tones of the instrument filled the room as if he could offer the tenderness of the notes to whatever beauty had occupied his place of business yesterday. From the moment he had stopped in the room to ensure that nothing had been left behind, leaving it had been an exercise ending in an increase of true irritation and very little patience. The elegant Kohl allowed the gold and green of his eyes to stand out with a particular sharpness, which had matched nicely with his shirt and vest. The coat sat casually upon a chair, while he found himself lulled by the peacefulness of the strumming.

Of course, at least two men had been looking for Amadeus that morning, as he had one specific useful item of political importance that was needed in a mere hour.

His personal presence.

While he did not often see the Queen of Logrona, his original restoration deal for the Gilded Swan had taken place because he once served as a sous chef at the Queen's Residence some years ago in exchange for monetary assistance in reviving the place. Though she had attempted to entice him to remain, the only thing Amadeus had interest in was running his own place. As such, relieved at a few moments of no one calling his name for one issue or another, irritable wasn't a suitable description at Prince Holguin's reaction to the knock at the double doors.

"What is it." A sudden discordant note made the quick murder of the beauty in the strummed piece. Amadeus set down the elegant guitar before scrubbing a hand over his curly head of hair.

Active Thread(s): Most Precious a Treasure, Bartered for Maror

Completed Thread(s): None Yet.
Primary Musical Theme: Fair and Tender Ladies(Spotify)
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
♪ Writer's Tracker | A Midnight Dreaming Rose ♪

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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #1 on: Jul 02, 17, 10:32:23 PM »
Aslaug Constanza Narvaez:
Cut Opal to Cut Red Healer
Glacian and Dhemlanese
Researching Professor
Location Varies Consistently

Playby: Logan Browning
Writing Sample: Midnight hair hung in thick, relentless curls this particular day, as her cousin, Prince Aage, had asked she wear it in such a fashion. They were having guests from another neighbouring family that were curious, apparently, about her presence. While decades ago, it would have, without hesitation riled her temper or caused the occasionally hotheaded Healer to seek solitude or a fencing training ground for near punishing routines, these days she simply nodded her head - so long as the interest was polite.

Relaxing into her movements, she did not notice the interruption at first, until a puzzled clearing of a throat resounded through the small library intended for family. The beautifully engraved heels ceased movement as Aslaug turned about just as a gravelly baritone voice filled the space. Diagrams, the precision of her movements, the pleasure of time to herself, and a dance to remember slipped away in exchange for familial company.

"That is not Piste ... but forgive me if I say I liked watching it almost as well." With silver touched, dark blonde hair and a mostly clean-shaven face, it was no longer an oddity seeing those that were younger than her appear older. Most of the time. She'd long accustomed to the idea and the manner of it. He was a fair man, her cousin, despite some of his harsher ideas regarding the Glacian Dark Religion - which as only half Glacian, Aslaug knew well enough not to make comment upon. After all, the fate of Light Jewelled Blood did not affect her, as had been pointed out upon her first visit here, years ago.

Softly she greeted the appearing Prince with a gentle clasp of hands. "Cousin."

Active Thread(s): Touch and Riposte - Matias and Aslaug.
Taking Care - Aslaug and Torben.
Primary Musical Theme: This Is for the Lover in You (Spotify Link)

Bruriah Garmi:
Cut Blood Opal to Cut Sapphire
Ruler of Salla District, in Ivalo Province
Fire and Ice

Playby: Thando Hopa
Writing Sample: She'd been born with a looser version of the tightly coiled hair her father possessed, which had been a gift from a grandfather still living in Goth whom she occasionally spoke to. Only the colour was different, a pale blonde that was practically white that she cherished despite being teased for it. A heavy lump of sadness, however, had yet to ease; she'd been Bonded to the man with soft, pale brown hands that was as fond of his mint tea with honey and silk vests as she was her own very precise tastes in fashion. Softly, in a whisper, she sang softly, it was late, and Bruriah did not wish to disturb any of the sleeping.

"Papa? Can you hear me ...? May the light, of this flickering candle, illuminate the night the way your spirit, illuminates my soul..."

Her stormy blue eyes filled with tears as she watched the icy rain strike and slide down the window. "Papa, can you hear me? Can you see me? Papa, can you find me in the night? Are you near me? Papa, can you help me not be frightened?" She sighed and brushed the hint of tears from her eyes before they fell, not wishing to disturb the delicate kohl and silver around her eyes, making them look like stars at night for their odd colour.

Active Thread: Hope, waiting for you in the dark - Bruriah and Mikaela
Ice Upon the Summit - Bruriah and Kain
An Escape Artist's Reverie - Bruriah and Carmine
Completed Thread: None Yet.
Primary Musical Theme: Hurts Like Hell, Acoustic Live (Spotify Link)

Caelissine Agrippina:
Uncut Tiger Eye to Uncut Summer Sky Priestess
Hayllian - Hundred Families
Currently in Hayll

Playby: Kristin Kreuk
Writing Sample:
"If I agree, will you ... stay with me while I try to sleep?"
She did her best and managed to hold eye contact with the question, releasing a soft breath as simultaneously, though the softness of the chair had begun to force the issue intensely. Black fine lashes fluttered; their eyes continued to meet until Lucian spoke.

Active Thread(s): A Starlight in the Gloom - Caelissine and Talfryn

The Importance of Communion - Caelissine and Xenophon

Freedoms Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose - Caelissine and Gideon

Rarest rose, ever dared to bloom - Caelissine, Cassica, Jupiter

Echoes of the Past, Whispers of the Future - Caelissine and Kesare.

Completed Thread(s): Tale of a Moonlight Garden - Jupiter and Caelissine.
Ode to a Concealed Spectre - Gnaeus and Caelissine.
I Told My Wrath, My Wrath Did Grow (nsfw) - Jupiter and Caelissine.
First, the Sweetest Connection (nsfw) - Caelissine, Solo Piece.
Primary Musical Theme: Dancing in the Rain (from Tudors; Spotify Link)
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
♪ Writer's Tracker | A Midnight Dreaming Rose ♪

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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #2 on: Nov 04, 17, 04:56:53 PM »
Charisma Rilindisil-Larethis:
Uncut Purple Dusk to Cut Sapphire Queen
Dea al Mon - Travelling Emotional Healer
The Passionate Stammerer

Currently, Iris Hall

Playby: Marilyn Monroe
Writing Sample:
"To s-strive toward an ideal is wise. It offers a beginning in addition to a conclusion, Lady Innocent," she replied in light, tender timbre commingled with raspy contralto voice.
Active Thread(s): Escorting The Petals Of Flowers - Valor, Charisma, Thorn (briefly Flair)
Caresses of a Wellspring - Charisma and Surreal
Veiling of the Sun - Charisma and Virtuosa
Inquiry, With Pleasant Protocol - Charisma and Hearsay
Enchanted Dreams of a Starlit Moon - Charisma and Tarn

Completed Thread(s): Precious Divinity of Love - Charisma and Tarn (bonding thread).
Until the Hasting Day has Run - Charisma, Wraith, Thorn, Innocent, Valor, Flair, and Baelfire.
Remember Me, But Forget My Fate - Charisma and Wraith.
Visions of the Wolf In Lambskin(nsfw) - Charisma, Valor, Thorn.
Heart in Hand For All Eyes - Innocent, Charisma, Flair.
Machinations Of The Widows(nsfw) - Blade, Thorn, Charisma, Gale.
Sleep, Thou Crimson Petal - Charisma and Ruse.
Fractured Souls - Innocent and Charisma.
Night, Rise Unto Lanced Hearts (nsfw) - Charisma, Solo Piece.
Primary Musical Theme: She Walks In Beauty Like The Night (Spotify Link)

Daire Falkirk:
Cut Tiger Eye to Uncut Purple Dusk Prince
Dhemlanese and Sceltic
Elegant Naval Gentleman
Currently in Dhelman Kaeleer
Bonded to Yseult Falkirk

Playby: David Gandy
Writing Sample:
"You should laugh a little more, I believe. Not all life is meant to bring us low, but be lessons. Think of the corruption that rolls through our lovely Dhemlan. Eventually, it will have to come to a fine point. Decide what you wish to be and where in the middle of it, and go forth."

Waiting for obvious permission, Daire laid a chaste kiss to both of Roisin's hands. Aware of her lack, he lingered over the right hand in particular while holding her gaze. She gasped softly, at the very subtle tenderness that was individual to her alone, than surface gesture.

Active Thread: Most Precious a Treasure, Bartered for Maror - Falkirk Clan and Queen of Logrona
Completed Thread(s): Thousand Steps O'er the Sea - Falkirk Clan.
To Wear A Heart So White - Falkirk Clan.
Primary Musical Theme: By The Sleepy Lagoon (Spotify Link)
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
♪ Writer's Tracker | A Midnight Dreaming Rose ♪

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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #3 on: Nov 04, 17, 04:59:07 PM »
Elisabeth Carlisle:
Uncut Rose to Cut Purple Dusk Black Widow
Dharoan Nobility
Travelling Socialite
Information Gatherer for The Unchained
Currently in Goth, Little Terreille

Playby: Michelle Dockery
Writing Sample: Softness of the sound of hair being neatened halted; Lady Elisabeth lifted her daughter and placed the girl in her own bed, the motion stirring the young one slightly. In a rare display of outward emotion, the Black Widow kissed her daughter's cheek. In the moments that it took for Elisabeth to cross the room and stand to walk out to stand upon the balcony for a small taste of peacefulness and quiet. However, that quiet did not last. Suddenly followed once a whirlpool of air with a sense of very, very dark but familiar sense of jewel strength that eventually allowed the smallest of smiles to curl the Lady Carlisle's mouth.

In the passing of moments, seeing the Green Shields she'd been trapped inside shatter under the force Silver placed upon them caused the Lady Elisabeth to laugh, the tones bright, warm and sweet, which was enough the antithesis of her typical behaviour to cause one to watch for some moments. "As you can see, I did not try to be late. You, however, are later than I hoped you might be. I have but two requests. Do not kill or maim him. Someone has to watch the children that have an emotional tie, after all."

For the Duchess, it was a considerable emotional thank you.

Active Thread(s): Family Matters - Elisabeth and Hamish

Tender Chain-breaker on a bender - Duchess and Silver

Sigh, Suffering Every Moment - Elisabeth and Lionel (Leo)

Keeping In Step In The Line - Duchess and Tylmandra.
For Grace, We Consider a Duchess - Nadja and Duchess.
Completed Thread(s): Games I Had to Play - Silver and Duchess.
Treasures of a Secret Nature - Delarius and Duchess.
Are You Sure What Side You're On - The Unchained vs. Supergrey.
Primary Musical Theme: Get On My Knees (Spotify Link)
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
♪ Writer's Tracker | A Midnight Dreaming Rose ♪

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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #4 on: Nov 04, 17, 05:00:46 PM »
Estrellien Gualtierrez:
Cut Blood Opal to Cut Sapphire Priestess Queen
Full Dhemlanese
Ambitious Lady, Spoiled Queen
Twice Blessed Repentant Villain
Currently in Dhemlan Kaeleer

Playby: Lana Parrilla
Writing Sample: Estrellien smiled softly, and for once, it met her eyes, a calculating golden gaze that never seemed to rest for the plots that slid within and out of her thoughts. Soft steps took her around the Shrine at the Queen's palace in Logrona. These were the few moments she had to be alone, rather than surrounded by the simpering idiots that made themselves useful to her divine perfection. Taking a blade, she pressed it sharp and quick against the palm of her hand, to release only the veriest few drops of blood. The Warlord that stood before her gasped at the heady, combined scent of Priestess and Queen filling the air, along with the delicate strains of Blood Magic.

"Come here darling," she murmured, voice only tender for these times. It was only here that she deigned to release some of that constant anger she felt, wondering if it was a mere shred of what a Warlord Prince must have dealt with from the first draw of breath in a day to the very last.

"Bend," she growled and grinned almost lasciviously before needing to hold that part of herself back while watching the Purple Dusk male kneel before her. Though he was not hers, the flaring of the Queen's Touch brushed over the man's mouth along with the bit of her blood left there, connecting him to her and strengthening that seductive, passionate power she had.

"You are ... beautiful ..." he managed with a choked gasp.

"I know, love. I know. Tell me again, about my perfection and I'll make it so that you feel as fulfilled as you might with your own Queen if you were so blessed." It wasn't really, and the peace he felt would fade after a little while, but the bastard would come back, as they all did, and shower a thousand gifts at her feet, half of which, she'd give away to the Landen in her District.

They at least loved her truly. Because she was perfect.

Foreboding then, was the sense of her debt entering the woman's thoughts. Sometime, I will have to pay them or be stronger so that I may refuse. Soon would be the Running of the Bulls and everyone came out for that. Everyone, even the Landen children. Her coffers would fill and overflow, and of course, so too her fellow Queens. Focusing on the kneeling man before her, with a gentle tug, Estrellien pulled the man to mash his face in the well-displayed décolletage. When he began to weep, the Lady of Logrona stroked his hair, guiding the poor sap through the ritual she loved.

"There, there ..."


Active Thread(s): The Gala of Queens:Velocity - The Queen of Dhemlan and Estrellien
The Gala Of Queens - All of Dhemlan Kaeleer.
Let Me See a Wandering Star - Estrellien and Raziel
The Prettiest Summons: Tides of Change - Corazon, Lorenzo, Raziel, Estrellien.
Most Precious a Treasure, Bartered for Maror - Falkirk Clan, Gervasio, Estrellien
Undeniable Proposition Number Seven - Calista and Estrellien.

Completed Thread(s): Stand Up Quick, Fire In The House - Estrellien and Salvador
Roughened Diamonds Singing - Estrellien and Raziel, Salvador after.
Spanish Doll, Needed to Love You - Estrellien and Raziel.
Know Virtue, Know Vice - Estrellien and Salvador.
Through Shadowed Mirror Shards, Darkly - Estrellien, Solo Piece.
Primary Musical Theme: Adio Kerida (Ladino; Spotify Link)
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
♪ Writer's Tracker | A Midnight Dreaming Rose ♪

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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #5 on: Nov 04, 17, 05:02:20 PM »
Fairuz Catullus:
Cut Purple Dusk to Uncut Opal Hearth Witch
Pruulian and Hayllian
Procuring Madam
Currently in Little Terreille
Playby: Taraji P. Henson
Writing Sample:
Business was tightly packed in the belowstairs of Greyling's Muse, apparent by the fact that even she was on serving tables tonight while the stage was occupied by three different girls on one side behind permanent shielding so that they could not be touched and only viewed, and three gentlemen on the other side of the stage. They cavorted and moved to the heavy pulse of the bass, teasing and offering what could have been the half-imagined dreams of love and desire. Matters were good, tips were even better though Lady Fairuz, even as she snorted at being called 'lady' and was capable of a blush when she did not hide it with Craft, gave all of hers to the lower staff.

In passing by one of the special tables for their higher class guests, a hand snared Fairuz's arm hard almost enough to bruise. Anger spiked as she turned; one of Prince Breck's first and primary rules, that had been created by her was no hands on unless paid, and nothing beyond the bounds of correct Protocol was permitted. Respect in his establishment was paramount, and that was why Fairuz stayed around, even after the insanity of the rearranging of the Territory Court to include him, no less. It frightened her to have anything to do with it, though one would never guess with the Hearth Witch's swagger. Given that he'd handed her half the keys to paradise was also, a warm plus. It marked as a lot more than an assistant to be used and tossed aside. As a result, Fairuz was angrier than she normally might have been. This fool put his hands on her in HER OWN FUCKING PLACE. Well, half. But still. Keeping a smile for the asshole wasn't easy, but she liked to keep customers; Warlord Princes were never an easy lot to deal with.

"Get off me. I will only say it one time. You do not put hands on unless you pay."

Brown and golden eyes flashed with annoyance, but she kept a smile on her face, even as she wanted to knock this Opal Jewelled male's teeth in with a right cross, but fighting someone at her own Jewel rank was a risk. She didn't care for risks that offered no gain. Not these days when there was a choice. A lazy, amused expression suffused a face that seemed as though it had no flaws, despite the malevolence Fairuz could practically feel. Dread roiled in her abdomen, despite the fact that she loved her job, shit like this occasionally came up. The past whispering against her spine like an old flame that smelled more like sour milk when you got his pants off. Gross.

"I suppose you don't recall I've already paid for you. More than once. I'd say that still applies."

"Get the hell out," she retorted, expression both furious and shocked, as she did not remember the face in front of her, save for the eyes. Those she remembered. "Even if I knew you, which I am going to say I sure as Mother Night's tits do not, I wouldn't have you if you offered me your entire estate." Liar liar ...

"That so?"

One of the bruisers along the wall simply moved into place; the Opal Jewelled Prince turned about, finding himself seized by the back of the neck.

"This is not that kind of premises. Get rid of him."

Active Thread: Chillin' With A Lily - Fairuz and Ripley

Completed Thread(s): Breaking Good Coin - Fairuz and Steel
Allies and Allemandes - Marisol, Amerys, Breck, and Fairuz.
Make Our Nature Rise Above Itself - Little Terreille Territory Court and Rockland Province Courts.
Primary Musical Theme: Cater 2 U - Storch Remix (Spotify Link)
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
♪ Writer's Tracker | A Midnight Dreaming Rose ♪

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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #6 on: Nov 04, 17, 05:04:08 PM »
Flair Rilindisil:
Cut Summer Sky to Cut Purple Dusk Prince
Dea al Mon - Ebon Guard Major
Cool and Professional Father
Currently in Nieste
Bonded to Allure Alindolea

Playby: Leebo Freeman
Writing Sample:
Flair faced his son with a grim, steady expression, and the boy moved toward his father, the image of him with the exception of that untamed presence in him that marked Deft as a Warlord Prince. It made matters in the household when Torch had still been with them often amusing and deeply so. Tears shimmered in the man's gaze now. He held out his hands to his son, thanking heavens now that she had not been a Queen and his boy bonded to her. What shit would that have been?

"She is dead, Prince Deft. She went quietly."

He did not tell his son he had in fact, taken his mother's life as carefully as possible rather than see her suffer. Deft would not have understood it, yet.

Active Thread: Escorting The Petals Of Flowers - Valor, Charisma, Thorn (briefly Flair)

Omega Company: Welcome to the Last Stand

Completed Thread(s): Until the Hasting Day has Run - Charisma, Wraith, Thorn, Innocent, Valor, Flair, and Baelfire.
Springtime Comes and Blossoms Grow - Allure and Flair.
Heart in Hand For All Eyes - Innocent, Charisma, and Flair.
Primary Musical Theme: Sucker for Pain (explicit; Spotify Link)

Gervasio Asturias:
Uncut Summer Sky to Cut Green Warlord Prince
Tenured Professor of Music at Salamanca University
Retired Captain of the Dhemlanese Navy
Currently in Paloma, Dhemlan-Kaeleer
Will Bond to Corazon Chavez

Playby: Rick Mora
Writing Sample: A flash of a grin with hints of the dimples that would have been fully upon the man's face had he allowed a deeper smile teased around Gervasio's lips. He twirled the Black Widow in his arms long enough to tease and offer a mere taste of his body heat, scent, and psychic scent before returning the lady to a proper and rigidly elegant closed dance frame.

"Do you always get what you wish, Prince?"

His low laughter was warm and inviting in the way hot wax poured upon the skin slowly might be. Enough for some to toy with, but others might find themselves well burned before enjoyment could commence. "Of course not."

Active Thread: Most Precious a Treasure, Bartered for Maror - Falkirk Clan, Gervasio, Estrellien.
Life Goes On and On - Consuella and Gervasio.
Wave O' th' Sea - Naraii and Gervasio.

Completed Threads: Invitation to a Fencing Salle (nsfw) - Consuella and Gervasio.
Primary Musical Theme: Prenzlaurberg

Hjordis Nurmi:
Cut Purple Dusk to Cut Sapphire High Priestess
Territory Court of Nharkava
Glacian Gentry
Hidden Rebellion Supporter
Currently in Orissa

Playby: Jessica Stam
Writing Sample: As the supplicant relaxed, the Priestess pressed full kisses to her temples, keen in gifting touch as much as spiritual adoration. She could feel the edges of grief bowing her low, and with a skillful presence, Hjordis pulled away from the heavy marring upon the woman's inner self; the worn down and stressed Healer began to cry softly in relief at the flood of energies healing those many deep rending, the aches at losing too many to death. "The Mother gives, Darkness ever merciful, though she takes as well. As her children, we mourn, then accept her choices. Remember this."

Active Thread: A Kind Heart in a Land of Gold - Hjordis and Kiara
Completed Thread(s): O Fortuna, Velut Luna, Statu Variabilis - Haakon and Hjordis.
Bend, Toward Skies Most Grey - Haakon, Josefina, and Hjordis.
Familial Ties, We Grace Your Presence - Haakon and Hjordis.
Primary Musical Theme: Dark Red Theme (Spotify Link)

Haviva Desrosiers:
Uncut White to Uncut Rose Priestess
Courtesan Extraordinaire
A refugee from Raej, Escaping Slavers
Currently in Bidea, Dena Nehele

Playby: Raudha Athif
Writing Sample: Haviva was now, of course, waiting to see if she would hear back from the Steward of Dena Nehele, and had found a lovely park to walk in while she waited. There were flower beds everywhere, and this place was the first that made Haviva truly feel as though she were homesick. The river Vaal lay only in her memory, and the sweet spice touched sands of Raej. It was true, Dena Nehele had its own beauty, and she could not consider that and not give the Territory credit. But it was not home. Sitting down upon a bench, the Priestess considered the long walk back to the Inn that she had been staying at, and didn't wish to move from that spot at all. The woman took a deep breath, one after another wrapped in the soft silk all in red and red lace. There were so many flowers here, even ones for children to learn and play in that the scents overwhelmed Haviva. She missed her family ferociously and did not know anyone in this place.
Active Thread: Dear Fellow Traveler - Hanaki and Haviva
Habibiti, Walking Among Strangers - Haviva and Jeremiah
Habibiti, it is homesickness - Aether and Haviva
Completed Thread: None Yet.
Primary Musical Theme: Kello Kezeb(Spotify, Arabic)
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #7 on: Nov 04, 17, 05:05:24 PM »
Ismenian Basarab-Muşatin:
Birthright Cut Yellow
Half Eyrien
Half Dena Nehele Aristo
Currently in Bidea, Dena Nehele

Playby: Nyane Lebajoa
Writing Sample: They died by the dozens, lacking the expensive training that so many possessed. Blue eyes widened as her heart raced. People fell down in the middle of transactions as they tried to stupidly shield. "Stop!" Ismenian screamed, with real tears in her eyes and abject terror leaving her frozen next to a slowly cooling corpse who, by the ring on his hand had been someone's husband, someone's father by the toy in the little cart next to his place of business. "Stop fucking shielding, you stupid shit for brains!"

I guess you'll say what can make me feel this way ...

Her mother would have called her out on her foul mouth, but Ismenian didn't much care in those moments what the refined, beautiful Basarab-Muşatin heiress would have thought. Pain tore at her chest, the pain of heartache as she had to watch people, her people after a fashion, because a Queen was the heart of the land and the people, even though it seemed a lot of Dena Nehele had forgotten that very thing, and Askavi had barely begun to remember it by force and a deserved comeuppance.

Talking about my girl, oooh, oooh!

Even as she couldn't deny the carnage was deserved by so many, these people here had not deserved to die almost to a man. What shook her badly, however, were the children that had been brought with their parents to the market, because they didn't have things like protectors and instructors and so forth and blah, blah, bullshit-bullshit. Around twenty of them stood, most possessing their Birthrights and just a little younger than she was by a few years, just like she did, while staring in the kind of horror that a young mind could try and fold around and protect itself. On wobbly legs, she moved around the very few square feet and rounded up the teens and small ones.

Yeah, hey hey, yeah yeah, hey; I don't need any money, fortune, or fame ...

Trembling, she turned everyone away from the carnage of the trading area and knelt down because she wasn't able to stand up anymore, not at all. It was sheer luck today that her Jewel had been taken from her possession for the day, and shielded. "Hold hands," Ismenian said with a sniffle after it seemed like it was through the worst of the eye of the wave. She smiled with a warmth that she didn't feel, chest hollow with more death than ever before seen in her life.

I am only nineteen. This is crazy!

"I won't tell you all it will be all right because it really isn't going to be," she whispered and hugged everyone close that wanted to be touched. No Craft, just the closeness that Blood thrived on in a crisis and kept them saner, more whole, and able to function later. "None of you know me at all. But that's totally cool. Strangers can help each other out, and should despite what the Man might tell you. I ... I know someone that can help all you guys out, okay?"

Active Thread(s): The Answers To The Questions You Never Heard - Jeremiah and Isemenian
In Ghostly, Spectral Arms - Elenor, Gabriel, Ismenian
 Tied Up In Waiting On My Mind - Bats and Ismenian

Completed Thread(s): Fire Bright, Fire Out of Sight - Ismenian and Raluca (Masque)
The Ocean On His Shoulders - All of Dena Nehele
Wondering If I Have To Do Without You - Solo Introduction
Primary Musical Theme: Who Can I Run To?(Spotify Link)

Kallias Hargrave:
Cut Rose to Uncut Opal Warlord
Half Dhemlanese, Dharoan Duke's Scion
Massage Therapist, Psychiatrist
Located in Little Terreille, Kaeleer

Playby: Andrei Andrei
Writing Sample: If things had been different, and his mother had been perhaps only half Dhemlanese, and a citizen of Dharo, he would still be there, taking up his father's title as the Duke of Rochester. But she had not been and was not, and thus was left with the money split with the Lady Elisabeth Carlisle, his short-lived sister, who he'd had an excellent tea with last week. While it was true that technically speaking any grandchildren or children he fathered or were descended from him would have an eligibility to reinstate the Dukedom of Rochester, that would require him returning to Dharo, and living there for at least five years before submitting to taking a wife chosen for him. Kallias, while he loved women, hadn't the slightest interest at this particular point in returning to his father's homeland. Time, after all, was on his side.

Instead, he'd studied enough therapy, both physical and mental for the concerns people had that could be tended without the use of Craft, but the simple approach of listening to a person, and letting them be heard. His interest in the subject had been spawned by a Landen acquaintance, and he'd gone from there with his studies of the subject. The number of Blood that suffered from depression alone that were more likely to resist the Craft of a Black Widow and harm themselves did very well as patients with him in his office, before having Mind Healing performed tended to heal 94% better than they might have without.

Active Thread(s): I'll Put My Armour On, Show You How Strong I Am - Breck, Kallias, Amerys, Fairuz.
Completed Thread(s): None Yet.
Primary Musical Theme: Dearest Kate, from Kate and Leopold(Spotify Link)

Leila al-Sabbah:
Uncut Tiger Eye to Cut Summer Sky Healer
Part Long-Lived Dhemlanese
Despairing Pruulian Widow
Currently in Pruul

Playby: Myriam Fares
Writing Sample: Hailed 'Lord Father', among truest loyal visages, it had been many years since requirement arose to convene upon the ancient Healer Warlord's locale. Born among the Kurhah, her ties to the direct Clan were distant; a great-grandfather of her paternal lineage had held the appellate 'al-Bali' and his son wed and followed a wife of the Kurhah. Blessed a single masculine offspring that would eventually wed Tamerie Vauquelin, who had been born to the Rose Descended Queen Analise Vauquelin and her Dhemlani-Terreille Prince of a lover, whose name and Jewels remained without revelation.

Regardless, the importance of these relations was minor.

Tamerie Vauquelin, a Black Widow skilled in vision webs, paid her water debt thrice over in her visions of Prince Dariush's demise and preventing it. Last born within his bloodline, it was to no surprise the passionate, darker Jeweled Widow was swiftly taken as a bride. Thus, a bloodline was rescued from destruction. A pair of children born to them, Leila, and her brother, Lord Ismail. The male remained to the Kurhah, while Leila turned and fell enthralled to a half-blooded Prince of the Sabbah. Unable to help herself, she wondered precisely to what degree he would be irritated at the lack of her return.

Active Thread: The Blessing of Inimitable Nostalgia - Leila and Abaddon

Completed Threads: The Blessing of Winged Ones - Leila and Abaddon
No Water After Midnight - Elenor and Leila.
 The Healer's Touch - Abaddon and Leila.
Thrice Lost. Thrice Found. - Sabbah Court and Clan.
Healer's Mark, Beautiful One - Elenor and Leila.
Wanderer; Merciful Response - Leila, a Solo Piece.
Quiet Breaths In Shade - Omid and Leila.
Thine Communion with Divinity, Accept - Abulurd and Leila.
Primary Musical Theme: Pavane (Spotify Link)
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #8 on: Nov 04, 17, 05:08:11 PM »
Lilja Syklee Winterton:
Cut Blood Opal to Uncut Sapphire Trained Black Widow
The Winterton Wife
Currently in Glacia
Playby: Laura Vandervoort
Writing Sample: He couldn't be bothered to so much as enter her wing of the incredible estate that had been purchased for appearances. Truly, Lilja could go weeks without even a glimpse of Aksel if she wanted and much of the time it was damned easier that way than locking horns with that fucking oaf she had married. Her upper lip curled even as while wrapping herself in a warm robe to stave off the first of the chill of leaving the tub that a faint rivulet of suppressed desire sluiced through her.

"Not a chance in any hell," she remarked, causing a maidservant to turn about.

"My Lady?"

"My creams. Are they readied? There is ... a gala this evening that I am required to attend."

"Yes, mistress."

Truly, Lilja would have rather curled up with a book with her fingers idly toying with Widow's Webs and a little light music for ambiance, yet that was not to be.

Active Thread(s): From Peaceful Darkness With a Smile - Wulfryck, Kaija, Matias and Lilja

Completed Thread(s): In This Cold Reality - Glacian Plot Thread
Peace, Pure Goddess of Fate - Lilja and Matias.
Meeting of Silken Webs, Divined - Kaija and Lilja.
Abandoned Thread(s): Untouchable Vision of Art - Lilja and Aksel.
Favours Asked and Owed - Matias and Lilja.
Primary Musical Theme: Leibesleid (Spotify)

Miraeian Larethar:
Uncut White to Uncut Rose Black Widow
Repentant Eyrien
Head of the Hourglass Coven
Currently in Askavi Terreille

Playby: Meagan Good
Writing Sample: For most responsible for the suffering were dead or just as broken as her brothers and sons were. True indeed that Askavi wept, the land was not as rich as it once was. She worried often, late into the evening that bitterness of those that had less due to everyone crying out for reparations (that were arguably unfair after a point) would cause spillage into further war. They would lose more, this time, it was a fact. In a very cautious manner, Mira lifted her consciousness out of the Twisted Kingdom wherein private, without an audience, she could see.

Brown, graceful hands plucked free the Uncut White Jewel from the centre; Lady Mira held it to her heartbeat and bowed her head. In silence she stood before very carefully vanishing the Jewel, only to dismantle the gently created Vision Web. She knew there was a chance that if Askavi moved to fight more than for defence, that her granddaughters would not live to see their own grandchildren. Smoothing the delicate white spider-silk of her gown, the lady put away her supplies in their tiny box and vanished it as well.

There was a meeting to be had with her fellow sisters, but not for her personal fears. Those as always were set aside; they had to be. She was not the only one with sadness and aches and the occasional desire for revenge.

Peace for Askavi meant more than just her personal goals; there was a time for war. To her mind with a lack of Queens, despite her uncertain feelings of the Caste, it was they that rule, no other. After all, if most beautiful and brightest of the Blood could not be loved, what did it say for the future? Miraeian feared the answer, but the most frightening truth was always akin to unwanted fingers brushing down one's spine. With a brush from her White once more, the dual doors of Miraeian's Sanctuary opened, and through them, she moved.

Active Thread(s): Webs of Duty, Webs of History  - Abaddon and Miraeian

The Court of Twisted Visions - Drakkar and Miraeian.

Completed Thread(s): None Yet.

Abandoned Thread(s): Bright Steps, Midnight Shadows - Miraeian and Endevar.
Full Looking Glass of Rage - Miraeian and Renvar.

Primary Musical Theme: Lights On (Spotify Link)

Masako Yamashima:
Cut Summer Sky to Uncut Opal Queen
Tacean Village Ruler
Secret Tang Ancestry
Tacean Mainlander
Currently in Nosegawa Village, Koumori, Tacea

Playby: Lyrica Okano
Writing Sample: The sound of distant Kumi-daiko rose fast and passionate. Boom-boom-boom-boom, the rhythm was clear and steady. A flash of happiness suddenly lit up the presence of a warm Purple Dusk in two tones. One was lighter and another deeper and filled with sweeter secrets. Part of her wanted to stop there, to match her brother despite the louder drumming spurring her on. It was almost too tender, like the appearance of fresh green shoots of rice plants in the summer. Masako eased past both Purple Dusk, offering respect to their resplendence.

Sounds of the drumming grew more intense and paired with the sound of the biwa. The shamisen joined it and she could have sworn she felt the brush of the grass under her hands despite not having left the temple. Suddenly, a delighted feeling filled her as a Jewel which seemed made of fire called out in rich rainbow hues. It was an Opal, while the deeper whisper of the Blood Opal was Darker and dropped to a seductiveness Masako was uncertain of. Green grass became a Green Jewel. Each one was powerfully bright and deep. They became firebirds flying rapidly around her in circles mimicking the sound of the expressive koto. A choice needed to be made.

The drums ceased sharply. A deeply hued Opal Jewel rested in both her hands and Darkness became Light of the Dawn.

Active Thread(s):

Completed Thread(s): Subterfuge of Peaceful Bells, Tolling - Prince Masami (Eiji) and Masako

Primary Musical Theme(s): Can You Keep A Secret - Utada Hikaru(Spotify)/Night Song - Lei Qiang(Spotify)
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #9 on: Nov 04, 17, 05:10:24 PM »
Naia Celestine Garcia:
Jewelless Blood Female
Half Dhemlanese, Half Sceltic Beauty
Wandering Artist, Musical Delight
Currently in Tuathal, Scelt-Kaeleer

Playby: Janelle Monáe
Writing Sample: 'Bravi, Bravi, Bravi, Lady Celes ...' whispered the watching Warlord Prince that given her distraction, she did not notice. Given her small amount of Craft available to be made use of, one that did want to observe the Songbird, as she was often called by fans both back home in Dhemlan, as well as in her newer audience here in Scelt that she had only come just used to in the last several months, some of which had been acquainted with her late father's family of Lighter Jewelled musicians. Celes tried to not disturb her peers with her practices but was almost always discovered by one early viewer or another. Yet, this time, she was not aware of being observed, not by the more dangerous observer.

"Where in the world have you been hiding, really you were ... perfect?" The Assistant Stage Manager had run across the music room being used and had simply stepped in without thought to clean up and restock supplies. She'd had not a moment to meet the new addition to the troupe, and simply stood stock still and staring after that singular sung note that hung in the air and gave a genuine, warm frisson down her arms in such a delightful way. "Clearly, it was quite the dreaming day for me, or holiday when you were hired, Miss! It'll be a thrill to have you on board with the other performers. Have you introduced yourself to the others?"

The Lady Celes bowed her head, a blush stealing over warm brown skin as she laughed with the same bright, stunning tones as she had when dancing through the scales before beginning her actual warmup. Though she did not look so very born of Scelt like after her father save for the touch of deep brown in her golden eyes and the wild curls unless she used Craft to loosen them, taken so much more after her Dhemlanese mother, the hint of a Sceltic lilt lay in her voice paired with the pretty rounded vowels learned in her vocal studies and speech lessons in the Theatre Classes in particular. She had occupied the music room in the Anvil for some hours now, using the bit of Basic Craft that she had to quiet her tones, but clearly, it had not been enough. Her embarrassment rose all the more as a result.

"Please forgive me, I did not intend to be heard or bother anyone. I am the new performer, yes, and could you imagine, seeing the beauty of this room and its acoustics, that I had to try it out." Though the fullness of her name was Naia Celestine Garcia, the 'Lady' only a grant due to her being born to the Blood with the least power possible, she was still careful in places like this one, not to draw attention too much to the fact simply because being a flame that attracted unknowns was more than troublesome.

Active Thread(s): Jug of Punch - Desmond and Naia
Completed Thread(s): None Yet.
Abandoned Thread(s): Glass Full of Players, Without A Sound - Faldimar and Celes
Playing with Laughing Wonder - Alissa and Celes
Pressure, Pushing Down On Me - Epona, Dubhghall, and Celes.
Primary Musical Theme: Angel of Music; from Phantom of the Opera, Original Cast.

Roisin Laoghaire:
Uncut White to Uncut Tiger Eye Black Widow Healer
Sceltic and Dhemlanese
Wounded Gracious Lady
Currently in Dhemlan

Playby: Caitriona Balfe
Writing Sample: Perfectly golden Sceltic Whisky was lifted and drank from a supply that was over two centuries old, thanks to her grandfather's effort. The spirit burned through her and she revelled in it, privately. Sun-caressed cheeks with the hint of gold that lay in her pale skin brightened with a pink tinge along the crest of her cheekbones. With lean, manicured fingertips and nails worn long and painted within a pretty golden hue more for the sake of memory rather than need, she folded the letter. After staring for long moments, Roisin sealed it with Craft touched wax which held a sliver of her psychic scent. In this way, it would be known that the letter was no jest, nor trap.  The box of bottled whisky at her feet was lifted to the table with a spell and the letter laid on top.


Roisin's attention was dirk sharp when she turned to look toward the male speaker.

Active Thread: Most Precious a Treasure, Bartered for Maror - Falkirk Clan, Gervasio, Estrellien.
Once Your Beauty Is Mine - Roisin, Yseult, Tassach.

Completed Thread(s): Lost and Flawed Diamonds - Roisin and Tassach, briefly Yseult.
Thousand Steps O'er the Sea - Falkirk Clan.
To Wear A Heart So White - Falkirk Clan.
Primary Musical Theme: Diamond Letter (Spotify Link)

Romerio Asturias:
Cut Rose to Cut Opal Warlord Prince
First Escort of Pirenza Province
Middle Aged Dhemlanese Lieutenant
Clever Opportunistic Gentleman
Currently in Dhemlan-Kaeleer
Bonded to Mari Calderon

Playby: Martin Sensmeier
Writing Sample: For much of life, Romerio both openly and private sneered at the idea of a Queen's Bond, in part due to jealousy and his lack of being so favoured, united additionally with sharpened temper of an Opal Jeweled Warlord Prince. The curves possessed by the Queen exceeded his expectations even upon crude assessment. Taking care to avoid making a scene, his fingers slid over the surface of her elegant gown in appreciation of her maid as well as the designer. Romerio did not ask to touch and simply did; hardened, calloused yet manicured fingers gripped the woman's hip firmly as he drew her nearly roughly against his tall, muscled frame. That fulfillment from her touch only set off other needs and did little for the moment to truly calm his annoyance at having had to seek her through a crowd.

Good. A fine ass.

The Warlord Prince eyed down the curve of Mari Calderon's backside without the slightest apology.

"Unexpected," he replied toward Mari Calderon's welcome, "That you would bind me the moment I drew within your presence, Lady. I have roamed free of fetters for over two millennia. In light of recent developments," he remarked low against her ear, practically looming over her smaller frame because he could and doing so kept the Lieutenant Commander from attempting to toss her over his shoulder and depart this waste of his time, "We may wish to alter the terms of your requirement for First Escort. Prince Romerio Asturias, at your pleasure."

Active Thread: Finest Wardrobe in Offering - Mari and Romerio.

Completed Thread(s): Can We Work It Out, Can We Be A Family - Mari, Clarissa, Romerio.
Parlour Pleasantries and Coffee Cake Confessions - Corazon, Xiomara, Mari, Romerio.
For Queenly Presence, Grant A Bow Mari and Triangle; Xiomara.
Primary Musical Theme: Wait A Minute
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #10 on: Nov 04, 17, 05:13:02 PM »
Sibylla Traianus-Aelius:
Cut Red to Uncut Black Black Widow
Hayllian w/ Tacean Splash
Former Slave
Hundred Families
Apprentice Archivist
Tenebrosi Iarvis

Currently in Dene Nehele

Playby: Fan Bing Bing
Writing Sample: Those words had stuck in her head and heart, while the part of her that was Iluricae imagined his scream as he was bereft of both Sapphire and Grey. She had been well trained on how to do it efficiently, without breaking the mind or even Healing the damage in a mistake. What she had of a heart that anyone could ever see, that said. No truer was this a test than any, Sibylla presumed. Should she tell him what was at risk? Surely Prince Draco was aware. On the way to the Landing Pad, she closed as much of her heart as she could, but while loyal to Hayll and to Lilith, Sibylla knew she could never be so cold as to not give the man who had saved her a chance. That delicate bit cracked wide open as much as Sibylla would allow herself the second she saw him. The hair was interesting, for certain, after a fashion, she thought it suited him in his guise. There was a difficulty in seeing just how breaking Excessus had a real point. Normally, Tenebrosi were not aware of each other's covers and real names or rank name. Sibylla could not help but wonder if there were something personal in the demands that Indomitus had given.

Such a waste and a loss of Jewels. Couldn't she have just scrambled his mind to her purposes instead? Surely a better outcome. But the answer had been no.

Active Thread(s): Sisters of the Coven - Arkadie and Sibylla

To Wear Such Pain So Bright - Suleiman, Sibylla, Xiaowen

There's Only Two Options - Jeremiah and Sibylla
Adaequatio Intellectus et rei - Maseo and Sibylla

 Tenebrosi Black, Myos Red - Niccolo and Sibylla
Tsuki mo mite, osanna in excelsis - Sibylla and Vondar
Knock the ice from my bones - Gabriella and Sibylla
Words to be shared as one becomes two - All Dena Nehele
To This Evenness I Fake - Draco and Sibylla
Completed Thread(s): Room of Careful Hearts - Jeremiah and Sibylla
I Get A Little Genghis Khan - Lilith/Draco & Territory Court of DN
Primary Musical Theme: From Deep In My Heart (Spotify Link)

Suleiman Costea Basarab-Muşatin:
Uncut Opal to Cut Sapphire Warlord Prince
Aristocratic Gentleman, Former Father and Husband
1/4 Long-Lived Perfectionist
Third Circle, Territory Court
Currently in Dena Nehele

Will Bond to Sofia Vasile
Playby: The One and Only, Prince Rodgers Nelson
Writing Sample: Suleiman had dressed down, tonight, so as to not outshine the Queen who's service he was now part of and had been for several months. He wasn't on any specific Escort duty for the evening, leaving him open to drag his fellow  (to some degree) Hayllian to the celebration. Lady Sibylla had fallen to his persistent, coaxing charm, finally relenting when he presented her with a floral arrangement and did no more than kiss the palm of her hand with such control, fire, and maintained rage that it had made the slightly older woman laugh. He did his best to catch Lady Riley's attention as she twirled and winked.

Most people just called her Riley, but he'd choked up when asked to do the same. Perhaps once her baby was safely born, he'd explain, came the thought. Probably not. She'd probably have to tear it out of him.

He always added the 'Lady' with the understanding that his mother would know of his 'disrespect' all the way from Faro. Suleiman hadn't addressed a woman by her given name since the death of his wife, which he'd yet to explain to anyone and still didn't have the words for the pain that roiled through him enough to make him want to drink himself stupid. He didn't though. Not even on the anniversary of his own Queen daughter's death, which was coming up very soon. The Warlord Prince shut out the thought of it, focusing entirely upon the woman he was Escorting, then. He closed his left hand to a fist, which had started to tremble.
Noemi, my Noemi. She'd been such a pretty-

We're done thinking about that. Focus on the celebration, prick.

Active Thread(s):
Moving Together Towards the Future - Jude and Suleiman
Very Last Dime, Last Sip of Wine - Jeremiah and Suleiman
To Wear Such Pain So Bright - Suleiman, Sibylla, Xiaowen

Words to be shared as one becomes two - All Dena Nehele
Silences of syzygy in occultation - Sorinna and Suleiman
Florentine stitches in silk - Precious and Suleiman
Completed Thread:  Greetings To A Mothering Queen - Drake, Rilandra, Suleiman
You're Not a Person, You're a Disease - Dene Nehele Territiory Court
Primary Musical Theme: Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers

Tamarian Yechezchel:
Rose to Blood Opal Hearth Witch
Half Eyrien, 1/4 Raejan, 1/4 Dena Nehelian
Currently in Dena Nehele

Has a child with: Gabriel Silvarin
PlayBy: Jurnee Smollett-Bell
Writing Sample: A perfectly warm, wonderful scent of lemon was the first thing that struck Tamarian. Lemon and soap. The dishes had been dried, stacked, and even put away where they were supposed to be. And! It was still so very quiet. "Hello? Is this a joke? If so, this is amazing and you can um, come out now?" There was an elegantly written note in addition to the fact that the trash had been taken out, the counters were thoroughly cleaned (she checked due to being suspicious). The Hearth Witch snorted and picked up the note, leaning against the counter only to notice that the FLOOR had also been mopped. Flawlessly.

"All right what's this cra--oh." Her brows lifted as she began to read.

"Gabriel? Are you here?" She walked toward the living room and noticed not a single book out of place. Her eyes narrowed further as she sprinted toward the bedroom, still reading. She yelled out 'AHA!' ... to exactly no one.

Active Thread(s): Luyse Arevi, the light of the sun - Gabriel and Tamarian
Completed Thread: None Yet.
Primary Musical Theme: Habibi - Sawah (Arabic)

Theoris Abbasi:
Blood Female
Raejan Courtesan
Red Moon House Proprietor
Elegant Entrepreneur
Currently in Raej

Playby: Emeraude Toubia
Writing Sample: "Better now?" murmured Theoris in a query; the soft sound of the voice was melodic and tender. While those granting falsehood in their tenderness as a Red Moon Lady were commonplace, Theoris had never chosen that route. Upon comfortable bedding, hands warmed by virtue of basic Craft slid over oil touched skin and painstakingly rubbed every muscle needing loosening. Though lacking a Healing caste that might have aided, the refined, graceful Blood Female understood the body as well as any might, more than this, she knew people, and their lack by observation and intellect. For every space touched with hands, soft lips followed.

Soon enough, the Warlord beneath her began to speak while she adjusted the silk between them.

"My offer of marriage was refused," he said quietly, and with considerable irritation, tensing beneath her hands. That was one matter that made her recall always how those with Jewels had to be very, painstakingly handled. Theoris was skilled, however, but patient. Lightly, she brushed her lips over the man's neck and laid her cheek against his hair.

"We women are complicated creatures. Do not internalize it, please. If you desire additional time this evening, my Lord, I am willing."

Active Thread: Call on me, will be there - Corvo, Rehema, and Theoris
Tender, Lovely Chain-breaker - Theoris and Qunedar
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Francois and Theoris.
Tender Vocational Calling - Theoris and Asala.
Completed Thread (s): Genteel Whispers Through Darkness - Nailah and Theoris.
Primary Musical Theme: When (Spotify Link)
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #11 on: Nov 04, 17, 05:15:02 PM »
Thorn Zalishevin:
Uncut Opal to Cut Red Black Widow
Dea al Mon Noblewoman
Retired Red Cloak Sergeant
Court Seer for the Black Court
Engaged to Valor Tanithil
Currently in Nieste, Dea al Mon

Playby: Scarlett Johansson
Writing Sample: The Black Widow shook her head to clear it, rousing from her reverie and drawing in a breath, slowly, steadily. She was very tired of tarrying for his sake, but far more, her own reluctances. Enough to the point that the news of the shift in her status did not bring her the joy and soothe the restlessness in her it previously had. Rather, she primarily felt trepidation and unease. 

Now you’ve been bad, and it goes on and on, and on …

Thorn tapped her fingers to the point that she risked breaking a finely filed nail, and wouldn’t that have been a damned shame.  The headaches and jitters that she tended to get when very much lacking a steady source of physical touch were nearly draining, and while she knew she could have gone to a variety of men or even women to ease the trouble, she froze at the idea.

Active Thread(s): Escorting The Petals Of Flowers - Valor, Charisma, Thorn (briefly Flair)

I've Got All I Need - Innocent and Thorn [Open Thread in Eddersea, 192 Winsol]

Completed Thread(s):  Collecting Memory - Thorn and Valor [Near Black Castle, 193 Spring's End] (Partially NSFW from Post #15)
Until the Hasting Day has Run - Charisma, Wraith, Thorn, Innocent, Valor, Flair, and Baelfire.
Let The Wind Carry You Home - Solace and Thorn.
I Live With My Greedy Need (nsfw) - Blade and Thorn.
Pride, Stepped Around Wisely - Cypress and Thorn.
Visions of the Wolf In Lambskin (nsfw) - Charisma, Valor, and Thorn.
Machinations Of The Widows (nsfw) - Blade, Charisma, Thorn, and Gale.
I'll Build Heaven and Call It Home - Blade and Thorn.
We Need A Resolution(nsfw)  - Valor and Thorn.
For Widows, Bend Thine Heads - Solace and Thorn.
Primary Musical Theme: Give A Little More (Spotify Link)

Xiomara Calderon:
Uncut Opal to Uncut Green Hearth Witch
Court Advisor for Pirenza Province
Dhemlanese Fashionista
Gracious Darling
Bonded to Corazon Chavez
Currently in Sitges, Dhemlan-Kaeleer

Playby: Zoe Saldaña
Writing Sample: I will never permit my feelings to lead. I am the mistress.

"I may have loved you, Luis, but you failed us all, bending to your whims and jealousy, rather than Protocol," she whispered near to the stone façade where none could hear her.

"I tire richly of hearing your name in my ears, but such is a consequence."

Her knee began to throb viciously; a golden gaze noted the rough storm clouds above. With the tap of her stylish cane, she began to move back toward the indoors, for once not aware of the elegance in surround.

Active Thread(s): A Confusing Conundrum, Expanded - Lorenzo and Xiomara

The Gala of Queens - All Characters in Dhemlan Kaeleer Welcome.
Completed Thread(s): Just About Rare Love - Agustin (Nic), Corazon, Lorenzo, Xiomara.
Parlour Pleasantries and Coffee Cake Confessions - Corazon, Mari, Romerio, Xiomara.
A Dinner Here Is Never Second Best - Lorenzo, Mari, Clarissa, Corazon, Xiomara.
Mommy Dearest ... - Clarissa, Mari, Lorenzo, Xiomara.
Do You Ever Close Your Eyes (nsfw) - Lorenzo and Xiomara.
For Queenly Presence, Grant a Bow - Mari and Triangle, Xiomara.
Primary Musical Theme: Lips (Spotify Link)

Xiulan Taishu:
Uncut Tiger Eye to Cut Summer Sky
Black Widow
Trauma Therapist
Hourglass Coven
Tang Commoner From Tacea
Currently in Dena Nehele

Playby: Gemma Chan
Writing Sample: Xiulan lit a candle flame carefully, lips pursing while did so. The small remembrance altar had a chrysanthemum flower in a pot, a wakizashi that belonged to Hideyoshi's mother, also deceased some years ago from age paired with illness. It was technically a combination between a butsudan and a kamidana. One was an altar, the other a shrine. He had been very attached to it, the sword, while other siblings received pieces from the rest of Hideyoshi's mother's collection. Bowls to signify food rested on a tray below the candle, though they were empty. These were only filled on festival days, not truly having the funds to spare on an archaic tradition that might or might not have anything to do with the Night Mother, and was just wistfulness and the missing of family. Now, they were leaving and it didn't matter as much. Someone else would tend it in his family.

Active Thread(s): Flying Daggers of the Mind - Sebastian and Xiulan
Completed Thread(s): None Yet.
Primary Musical Theme: Misty Blue - Dorothy Moore(Spotify Link)

Zaehrah al Bali:
Uncut Summer Sky to Cut Opal Queen
Ruling Queen of Clan Bali
Bonded to Omid al-Bali
Currently in Pruul

Playby: Denise Vasi
Writing Sample: It was damnably hot, more so than usual; Zaehrah wanted nothing more than to get through the remains of the present judgements so that she could rest. It had been five years since she had risen to Queen of the Bali, and this was one of the few moments that the Voice of the Clan had not been in attendance, having been called away on more pressing business than mere disputes. As a result, the Court had been convened in Onn rather than the deep desert as might have been expected. It meant a small rerouteing of business for the Clan, but nothing immensely difficult, given the benefit of trade while present in the city.

So, as it normally would have been, these were left to her to make a call upon, seeing that the individuals had been unable to arrive at a resolution themselves. In her reclining chair under the considerable shade, several continuous spells that never would have been available in the deep desert but were here helped to cut the heat in the room, marginally improving the comfort. Most judgements were simple matters of trade, and minor disputes settled with coin or contracts of service.

Though it made her nervous being responsible for the well-being of the whole of Clan Bali and those tribes among their numbers, Lady Zaehrah thrived off of being useful. She enjoyed dispensing proper justice and being as fair as one possibly could to those that relied upon her slow-growing wisdom. Craft painted nails in a soft summer sky blue tapped upon the edge of the chair as her last order of business prior to a meeting with her Steward presented themselves before the assembled court.

The Queen gestured a hand. "Please, speak freely of your difficulty."

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Completed Thread(s): These Sirocco Winds Ahead - All Characters in Pruul Welcome.
Can You Swallow Salt - Izil and Zaehrah.
Tea Time and Knives - Elenor and Zaehrah
Leading Treasures to Precious Water - Azar and Zaehrah.
With Stones, We Build Compassion - Omid and Zaehrah.
Ocean In The Sand - Omid and Zaehrah.
Sun-touched and Endless Blue - Kesare, Zaehrah, Khadijah and Fin.
Shrift of Memory - Ennead and Zaehrah.
Absolution - Abulurd and Zaehrah.
Primary Musical Theme: Look Into My Eyes
"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
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Re: A Midnight Dreaming Rose
« Reply #12 on: Dec 15, 19, 05:28:39 AM »
~**Tracker Updated as of December 21st 2019**~
Complete Character Folio and Thread List Updated, New Characters, Characters Listed With All Threads, Current Face Claims w/ Images.

Current Graphics Claims - Expiration Month January 21:

Awkwafina (Nora Lum) - Tacea
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Jason Momoa
Jidenna Theodore Mobisson (Jidenna) - DN
Noa Kirel - for Chaillot
Nyadak (Duckie) Thot - for Hayll
Tatiana Gabrielle Hobson
- Dharo

Gemma Chan* - held by Rated Em as of 1/1
Kentaro Sakaguchi*

*= In Review

"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
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