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Author Topic: Witch and Her Court  (Read 1566 times)


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Witch and Her Court
« on: Jan 23, 12, 08:57:38 PM »
Witch and Her Court

Witch was born in Raej 23 years before the Purge, making her a young woman when she destroyed World. Little is actually known about Witch, but it is know her family was not native Raejian but a mix of bloodlines with no indicators of long lived heritage. The family quickly emigrated to Kaeleer when they realized their daughter was a Priestess Queen. This was done to escape the Great War that had enveloped Terreille.

Senja slips out of history again until she shows up in Dharo after her Birthright and receives the Red. This is proven history as the records have been found but before those rumors of a double casted Red Queen circulated in Kaeleer and later to Terreille. Senja vanishes again as does Quinn Patel, her assumed mentor and half breed Dharoian and Dhemlan.

Nothing is heard or seen from Senja, Quinn or her mother and father during this time. It is assumed by historians some sort of extreme hardship occurred as her mother and father are never heard from again. When Senja did resurface again, it was twelve years after her Birthright, holding the Black Jewel as well as her Black Widow caste, and as Queen of Ebon Askavi.

Historians have been unable to determine how the Queen gained entrance to the Keep and Queenship over it and those who asked were met with frosty glares. Witch herself was proclaimed but remained extremely enigmatic. Only two people beyond during her reign admit to ever meeting her and it was in a mix of shadows and dangerous threats. There are none who survived the Purge that knew Senja Ankelo as a woman or as a Queen.

Those who sent emissaries to the Keep and the Queen never met with the Queen herself. The men and women who served the Queen are better known and came from a variety of places around the Realms:
  • Queen of Ebon Askavi: Senja Ankelo – Red to Black Black Widow Priestess Queen. Her bloodlines are unknown but are known as short lived and a traveler. She had no distinct accent and was only born in Raej and Birthright made in Dharo. Little else is known about the most reviled Witch in history.
  • Master of the Guard: Lazar Gauk – Green to Gray Warlord. He was a disillusioned Eyrien who left the Great War and joined up with Witch’s cause before she was proclaimed Queen of Ebon Askavi. He was a deadly warrior and tactician and his defection was a blow to the Eyrien war machine.
  • Steward: Quinn Patel – Green to Red Prince. Half breed from Dharo, known for his trading empire that was built using his advantage of many life times. He abandoned it to mentor Senja (assumed) and was the face of her Court. Quinn was not a man to toy with as he was wildly intelligent and often could trap emissaries with promises and oaths before they realized the implications.
  • Escort: Eloi Poirier – Sapphire to Gray Warlord Prince. Very little is known about him and his Birthright record has never been substantiated as coming from Challiot. Though he was fair of complexion he had no accent from the island Territory and rumors abounded that he was Dea al Mon in disguise. His ability to rise quickly to anger was well known and he demonstrated to many visitors his predilection for knife play. Eloi was believed to be the most dangerous member of the Court until Witch released her deadly storm.
  • Court Seer: Moina Eoghania – Red to Ebon Gray Black Widow. Moina was well known in Scelt before vanishing to join Witch’s Court, as she was one of the few Widows to stand against the persecution of her Caste. When her younger sister was murdered in hatred of her caste, Moina took her vengeance on the group of Blood who killed her sister and disappeared. It is not surprising when she was determined to be part Witch’s Court and Black Widows around the Realms assume that she was the younger witch’s mentor in Black Widow Craft and helped craft the Black Witchstorm that rewrote the world.

None who served Witch were ever seen again after the Purge. It is assumed these men and women sacrificed themselves to right the wrongs they saw in the Blood world. As no one has seen or heard from anyone with Ebon Askavi since the Purge, it is assumed the Keep is vacant and without residents.

OOC: This is the history of witch, if you want someone from your Territory in her Court for your lore please contact HBC and we can discuss making an update.

Written by Dani
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