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Author Topic: The Winds (& Traveling)  (Read 1045 times)


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The Winds (& Traveling)
« on: Jan 18, 14, 04:36:30 PM »

At the center of the Realms stands Ebon Askavi, the Black Mountain, which is not only the repository of knowledge and secrets for the Blood, but also the center of the Winds. The Winds are psychic pathways through the Darkness and the preferred means of distance travel for the majority of the Jeweled Blood. Tether lines run straight from Ebon Askavi to the edge of the Realm, while radial lines connect the tether lines like ever-expanding circles expanding outward from the center point. The Winds are therefore most easily envisioned as a spider web.

The Winds are stronger, and overall faster, in Kaeleer than they are in Terreille.

It is possible to travel along the strands of the Winds, changing direction where the tether and radial lines meet. There is a web for each rank of the Blood Jewels; the darker the web, the more tether and radial lines and the faster the Wind. Despite this, they do not overlap; in some locations there may be a White wind but not an Opal or Red.

It is possible to ride a Web that is your Jewel rank or lighter. Only about half the Jeweled Blood have the ability – which is an innate talent, not a learned skill – to jump between the ranks of the Winds when necessary.  You can’t ride a Web darker than your Jewel rank unless you’re traveling inside of a Coach being driven by someone strong enough to ride that Web or you’re being shielded by someone who can ride that Web.


Coaches are designed to allow people to ride the Winds more comfortably and with less effort than they could otherwise, much like being conveyed in a carriage is more comfortable than being carried. Landens are traditionally charged double – sometimes triple – the going rate for a Blood passenger. A coachman who can ride the darker Winds is able to command a greater price than otherwise. Coachmen receive special training that allows them to maintain the special shielding that allows them to bring more than one person with them on the Winds; it is more draining than travelling alone and requires skill.

Coaches must usually be hired at a landing web, unlike taxis which can usually found on any street busy enough to have foot traffic that may not want to walk far. Clear Jewels mark the landing webs and act as beacons for those who ride the Winds. According to Protocol it is polite to land at one of these webs when visiting a location, much like it is polite to use the front door rather than passing through a wall.


It is impossible to psychically communicate with someone who is riding the Winds. In addition, phenomenon called ‘witch storms’ (which can be either natural or man-made) can sometimes destabilize the Winds, making them dangerous to travel. Someone could either be knocked from the Wind in the location of the witch storm or psychically damaged from the contact.

Other problems can strike the Winds as well. Strong Blood have, in the past, cast spells that have destabilized, blocked, or even eliminated strands and sections of the Winds. The most well-known example is that of Pruul, which has only a single strand of Sapphire across the Southwestern corner of the Territory and a single strand of Summer Sky across the Northern Range.

See also: The Runs of Askavi.

Article Written by Eleanor
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