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Author Topic: The Rut (Warlord Princes)  (Read 1439 times)


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The Rut (Warlord Princes)
« on: Feb 10, 14, 03:58:52 PM »

What is it?

A savage, almost uncontrollable need for sex on the part of a Blood male, usually a Warlord Prince. On even a good day, Warlord Princes are violently passionate and passionately violent, but the rut drives them to a savagery that borders insanity.

It is cold rage that is entwined with hot desire. Their tempers ride the killing edge for so long that almost anything could provoke them into violent destruction.

How often does it happen?

Except for Warlord Princes, Blood males rarely experience the rut. It is one of the things that make them what they are -- and one of the reasons they are considered so dangerous.

  • Warlord Princes: once or twice a year
  • Princes: maybe every 5-10 years
  • Warlords: maybe never, maybe once in a lifetime.

How long does it last?

It lasts for around three days.

What causes it?

The rut is basically caused by sexual frustration needing a release valve. Most commonly, the fierce sex drive that always simmers in a Warlord Prince intensifies to a need that eclipses sanity.

A Warlord Prince’s first rut starts in the later years of his achieving sexual maturity; between sixteen and eighteen, depending on how much temptation he has to deal with and how much self-control he’s been able to exhibit.

Can it be predicted?

Warlord Princes usually know a few weeks in advance when the tensions that bring on the rut are building to a critical point. Other castes have significantly less warning and can be taken by surprise. Most witches learn usually recognize the signs in time to prepare and make sure that everyone is away out before it starts.

Is it dangerous?

Even a man who can normally control his predatory nature becomes a danger to everyone except the woman he fixes his attention on - and sometimes, if she isn’t careful, even she isn’t safe from his temper. That is usually due to overzealous passion or jealous rage, but bad things happen fairly often during the rut, at least according to the stories. Tongues can be partially bitten off; nipples bitten off. Bones broken or shattered. Any male who tries to stop him would be killed and he would turn away from the slaughter to mount the female again, oblivious to the carnage around him until the rut finally wore off. They barely even sleep.

Basically, other males are nothing more than rivals to destroy, other women are insults that scrape the temper raw, and his chosen female has to keep up with him without inciting his rage.

A male who is a father can usually tolerate his own children’s presence when they are infants or toddlers, as long as he doesn’t have to interact directly with them. A child, even a  young one or either gender who has yet to achieve sexual maturity, is too much of a threat/temptation for him to tolerate during the rut; he doesn’t really see them, just gendered bodies.

Who does the rut usually target?

Almost always, the rut targets a woman the male desires or cares about deeply. He fixates on her at the beginning of the rut for reasons that can include, but are not limited to: because he thinks of her or catches a whiff of her scent, or sees her. Sometimes it is someone they know well; other times, a stranger on the street may be targeted.

The woman does not necessarily need to be close by, but the male will pursue her over any distance with single-minded predatory purpose, riding the killing edge and destroying anything that gets in his way.

There have been tragedies associated with young witches being the focus of the rut, particularly on the part of young Warlord Princes they know; this almost always results in their being broken. This is one reason that young witches are so vulnerable and so over-protected before their Virgin Night.

What is it like?

The rut is most often associated with violent, passionate, marathon sex. Simple release brings no relief from the sexual madness. A male’s need can easily outstrip a woman’s endurance, but a male in rut focuses all his energy on one woman.

It changes when a Warlord Prince has a strong relationship with a woman, particularly when that woman was his lover. She can usually penetrate the sexual madness and provide a little control during those three days; he often wants to please or tease her rather taking his own pleasure.

Males rarely remember anything except snatches, images and feelings.

Can it be avoided?

A strong Queen can sometimes provide the control necessary to keep it leashed, or redirect it into sanctioned violence.

If a Warlord Prince has no woman to fixate on, or are not the type to be sexually attracted to women, they become excessively volatile and may need to release that pent up frustration through other means of physicality, usually involving violence. This is a rare occurrence and outlet, particularly if the Warlord Prince does not have a strong relationship with a female (platonic or not) to ground him emotionally.

Some Warlords have the ability to channel their sexual frustrations into fueling Craft related to sex and violence, i.e. combat or seduction spells.

What are the social ramifications?

According to Blood Law, Warlord Princes aren’t held accountable for anything that happens during the rut. This can include injuring, breaking or even killing people. It is never viewed as rape, because rape carries with it a penalty of execution.

In most Territories, females are taught how to cope with a males in rut; they learn to stay passive so as to not excite their predatory natures.

Written by Eleanor.
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