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Author Topic: The Queen Bond  (Read 2113 times)

Description: The Men and Women who serve Queens.

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The Queen Bond
« on: Jan 06, 13, 09:12:43 AM »
Written by Selma Daigin, Student at the Dhemlan College of Excellence.
Men serve Queens. The Blood are created in such as way that it is undeniable that men serve Queens, and it is only natural to see Blood males bound to one specific Queen. Warlord Princes bond most fiercely with Queens, followed by Princes and Warlords. Blood Males can bond as well and are well-known to be as equally fierce as Warlord Princes in their service of a Queen if the time calls for it. The natural draw of men to serve Queens is seen again and again as Queens form courts and only bond with those men who belong to them in their very souls.
In extremely rare cases - of which only six have been documented - men have been known to serve more than one Queen. These men can belong to each Queen, but in this case, it is very clear which Queen the man belongs to more. This can happen more frequently after the Queen a man serves has died or when he has spent many years away from the presence of the Queen he belongs to.
Some men, however, will never find a Queen to serve. It is reasoned that either the Queen he was born to serve lived too far away or that the male was simply destined to never serve a Queen. It is not considered a negative to have never felt a call to a Queen, but society does typically consider Warlord Princes who are bound to a Queen safer than Warlord Princes who have no guiding hand.
It is worth noting that there seems to be no definitive way in which bonds actually form. Some males report being attracted to a psychic or physical scent. While the bond does not form until they meet face to face, this scent can be enough to tantalize them into investigating its source. Both parties recognize that a bond exists unless there is significant damage to the chalice or psyche of one or more parties involved.
Once it has been established between male and Queen, it is difficult – though not impossible in cases of mental illness or in a few isolated situations – for either party to physically harm the other. This does not, however, preclude damage done through emotional or verbal means, and it has been theorized that such behavior could potentially override or temporarily overwhelm a bond.
Bonds can function in many different ways, and the key seems to be that there is little consistency. It seems that many effects that can be established through psychic connections can be established through a bond; the stronger the bond between male and Queen, the stronger the effects that are experienced. Some detractors have noted that this is likely to be a permanently established psychic connection instead, but this theory has been quite hotly debated by many scholars.
Women serve Queens as well, though this is noticeably less intense than the bond of male to Queen. While a man would be hard pressed to ignore the calling of a Queen he is bonded to, women are much more capable of resisting. Queens have noted that with men, the bond is oftentimes a living thing with a mind of its own, but with women, the bond is a plant that must be nourished. That doesn’t stop the women from knowing the bond, of sisterhood and service, is between them, but it only grows if the women are close and remain friendly. This also means that women feel the kinship with potentially many Queens over the years, varying on their nature and the respect a woman feels for the Queen.
In summary, the biological imperative that bonds men to Queens can be very intense and impossible to ignore. In women, the kinship is based on respect and trust. Both the sexes can feel prompted to serve a Queen beyond intelligent choice due to the nature of Blood but only in women can it be broken. For men, serving a Queen is a lifelong commitment.
Question: How do Queen bonds work?
Answer: Board canon regarding Queen bonds differs in some ways from book canon to allow for greater flexibility in plots and unique situations that suit all characters (and players) involved. For the purposes of the site, there are few hard limits on how Queen bonds should be established and played out. This article gives an in-depth look at Queen bonds, but the high points are as follows:
  • There is no one way that Queen bonds are established, but they are a representation of two souls that are drawn to each other – usually because a male and Queen have something to offer one another.
  • A male can be attracted to a Queen’s physical or psychic scent; it can haunt them and act almost as a bond would, but the bond does not actually form until the two meet in person. Eye contact is not required.
  • Once a bond has formed, it is difficult (but not impossible) for the Queen and male to harm one another.
  • Only bonds between women and Queens can be broken – though this does not mean that the male and Queen will necessarily like one another.
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