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Author Topic: The Great War  (Read 4230 times)

Description: A War that conquered most of Terreille and shook Kaeleer.

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The Great War
« on: May 01, 12, 03:21:12 PM »
The Great War

Here are the major events and years those events occurred during the Great War.

Note: BP stands for Before Purge and PP stands for Post Purge.

Approximately 1500 BP: Eyrien War Camps start preparing for war. Askavi spends the next five centuries training elite soldiers.

1002 BP: Askavi launches surprise attack on Raej. Resistance lasts only weeks before the
Territory is conquered and the Vaal Treaty signed.

1000 BP: Unknown to Kaeleer, Askavi infiltrates troops into an unnamed mountainous area. This area later became current day Askavi, Kaeleer.

991 BP: Nharkava falls under the influence of Askavi, Kaeeler.

990 BP: Askavi attempts and fails to invade both Dhemlan, Terreille and Dhemlan, Kaeleer. 

990 BP: The remaining Askavi force in Kaeleer splits, half remains to later launch another Kaeleer war (which never occurs), settling present day Askavi, and half returns to Askavi, Terreille. Nharkava is abandoned.

982 BP: Askavi begins border raids on Shalador. The terrain proves treacherous and the Shaladorians fight back. Askavi begins to build defenses against Shalador throughout the mountain ranges that border the two Territories.

982 BP: In response to raids, Shalador creates an alliance with Tacea, the Island Territory.

979 BP: Askavi launches a naval war on Chaillot.

973 BP: Having sustained heavy losses over the last nine years, Askavi ceases the border raids on Shalador and focuses instead on defending the mountain ranges between Shalador and Askavi.

971 BP: Chaillot falls to Askavi and the Treaty of Waters is signed. This also proves to Tacea and Zuulaman that Askavi has viable methods to invade water Territories.

970 BP: After Askavi's conquering of Chaillot, it is made clear that no span of ocean insures safety from Eyrien rule.  Zuulaman refuses to join in treaty with Shalador and Tacea against the winged people.  Instead, the Territory uses layers upon layers of craft to close its borders to the rest of Terreille.

965 BP: Shalador offers refuge to Eyriens seeking to escape, and fight back, against Askavi's conquering aims.

801 BP: Askavi begins their war on Pruul.

731 BP: Pruul fully falls under Askavi as the last Province is conquered. In secret, Pruul joins the alliance with Shalador and Tacea to resist Askavi. Shalador and Tacea provide aid to Pruul until the Purge strikes.

728 BP: Askavi realizes that Pruul left only skeleton Courts to be conquered (the people had become nomadic, so Provincial divisions no longer applied) and true Pruulian resistance begins.

698 BP: Askavi begins warring with Dhemlan, Terreille.

687 BP: Dhemlan falls and is annexed by Askavi. Treaty of Queens is signed in accordance with Dhemlan’s unique laws: a parliamentary system by all Province Queens.

545 BP: Askavi invades Dena Nehele. The Treaty of Dusk is signed on Winsol of the same year.

364 BP: Askavi begins warring with Hayll.

362 BP: Hayllian Widows and Warlord Princes launch an attack on Askavi. Hundreds of defenseless Eyrien women and children are killed in the failed attack. This does manage to pull some of the Eyrien forces back to Askavi, but the tactic only delays the inevitable.

357 BP: Hayll falls and is annexed by Askavi. Askavi retaliates against the attack on their defenseless by culling hundreds indiscriminately.

350 BP - Purge: Significant infighting stops Askavi from conquering more Territories. Their hold on Raej, Dena Nehele, Dhemlan and Hayll is firm though occasionally resistance occurs. Heavy Pruulian resistance remains an issue. Eyriens who were fed up with the war machine continue to emigrate from Askavi to Shalador, accounting for the large portion of Eyriens in Shalador.

0: The Purge Occurs

1 PP: Askavi stands in ruins. Savian Dakane-Ranosi, the Red Jeweled Eyrien Queen who has caused so much destruction, has a change of heart and tries to make things right.

1 PP Shalador begins its rule under the Eyrien Priestess Convert Rian Maboya.

1 PP: High Priestess named temporary ruler of Raej.

1 PP: False Territory/Province/District rule abolished in Pruul. Territory/Clan/Tribe rule instituted officially.

3 PP: The Terreille nations demand reparations from Askavi for the Great War. Fearing invasion by Terreille forces, Askavi agrees and begins payments to each Territory of Terreille. Conquered Territories receive more but all Territories in Terreille receive reparations.

Timeline developed by Gina, Phedre, Roma and Dani with input from all the Plot Council.
This is a Plot Council controlled account. Please address all questions and PMs to a Staff account or