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Author Topic: Submitting Articles  (Read 2718 times)


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Submitting Articles
« on: Jan 23, 12, 08:24:27 PM »
The Process
The Keep of Ebon Askavi is a place where we can maintain documents on our IC and OOC endeavors. This section of the forum is for use by everyone but will be edited and monitored by a "Storyteller" account that the HBC has control of. The Keep is open to Article submissions by members of this community who have something they believe belongs there. Please use this thread as reference when submitting new content.

World Articles are meant to be IC referenced articlse that would be housed at the Keep of Ebon Askavi and are pertinent to the storylines and arcson our board.

All submissions need to be made in email to and are subject to review just like a character sheet submission would be. You may format the submissions in any manner you see fit but please make sure that they are readable and formatted in a way that makes the information usable.

Once approved all submissions will receive a flat submission rate of 25 points (edits or additions will receive 10 points). On top of that flat rate there will be a grade scale applied by the HBC to any submissions we feel go above and beyond what we expected.  The following points scale will then be applied:

Plot Importance: 1 - 30
World Building: 1 - 25
Discretionary: 1 - 20

Please note that receiving a low score on the additional scales does not necessarily mean that the work was bad. These scales are a way to reward the people who spent obviously a great amount of time on their work and deserve more than the flat 25 points.

Articles may also be commissioned by the Territory Leaders or HBC based on the scale above (and the base/flat submission rate).
This is a Plot Council controlled account. Please address all questions and PMs to a Staff account or