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Author Topic: Shields & Psychic Communication  (Read 1094 times)


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Shields & Psychic Communication
« on: Feb 06, 14, 03:54:25 PM »

Learning how to shield is one of the first things that a Blood child learns in his or her Craft lessons. On some level, it is instinctive, and even a broken witch can construct a basic shield. There are, however, many different things that may be meant when one talks about a shield.

Shields are almost always effective even in the face of an individual with darker strength than the shield was created with, because a shield must be broken before it is rendered impotent. A shield can be broken even by someone with equal or lesser strength, if they expend more of their power then went into the creation of the shield. For instance, a Sapphire witch’s full-fledged fury could be enough to crack a Red shield protecting someone. (For this reason, warriors often protect themselves with multiple shields.)

Because it is possible to block sight, sound, and touch, it can be difficult to detect Blood who desire to remain hidden. The exception is that it is impossible to hide scent or physical changes they make (i.e. footprints) without strong and nuanced illusions.


The first, and most common, type of shield is a physical shield. This construct of Craft functions to deny passage to physical objects. It is a hard barrier made of pure psychic power and cannot be bypassed unless it is broken without an extremely rare gift or extremely specialized training coupled with significantly darker Jewel strength than the shield. It is typically permeable enough to permit the passage of air so that the individual within can breathe, but is usually enough to keep out dust and powders.

This type of shield is considered basic Craft, though unless such a shield is reinforced with Jeweled strength it will only be enough to keep out dust or rain or a few arrows.

It is difficult to sense a shield that is skin-tight and located beneath the clothing, unless one comes into physical contact with it or is specifically looking for it. Most physical shields are, however, difficult to hide from a psychic inspection.


An aural shield refers to a shield that is directed at sound. It is considerably more complex than a physical shield and is less commonly used. An aural shield will ensure that no sounds pass through its boundaries, ensuring that things like footsteps, laughter, or a conversation that needs to remain secret will not be overheard.

Unless an aural shield is broken, even someone who wears darker Jewels than the creator of the shield will not be able to hear what takes place inside of the shield.


A sight shield refers to a shield that makes it impossible to see whomever is hidden by the shield. It renders the person invisible, rather than a block of space, and therefore must be tailored to individual people rather than a location like an aural or physical shield. It is much more difficult to hide many people behind a sight shield than a physical shield. For this reason, groups of warriors are typically each responsible for sight shielding themselves.

Sight shields, though they still hide exactly who is behind them from view, can be sensed by those who stand deeper in the Abyss (i.e. someone who wears darker Jewels) if they are aware of the need to look, typically using psychic probes. This awareness manifests as a curious blankness, and so large groups of hidden people are easier to detect than a particular person.


A psychic shield blocks psychic communication as well as other forms of psychic Craft, such as the psychic probes that allow investigation of an area with Jeweled power.

Psychic communication takes place on psychic threads created from strands of Jeweled power, and can be carry either thoughts or emotion. They can be broad, like a shout, or narrowed to a specific person. There are also degrees in between, for instance a psychic thread might be described as ‘distaff to spear’ (female to male) or Summer Sky to Rose (directed at all of those wearing Rose within the reach of the Summer Sky thread).

Even narrow threads, however, can be picked up on if someone of sufficient skill and training is listening in, particularly if they are spread out over a long distance; a long distance thread is difficult to narrow sufficiently, and so people communicating over long distances often rely on the strength or gender of the individual to whom they are speaking to give them privacy.

For instance, two Blacks on a spear thread are unlikely to be overheard by a Red Queen they are trying to avoid being detected by, but a Summer Sky female is going to have more trouble keeping a psychic thread private over the breadth of a village.

Written by Eleanor
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