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Author Topic: Jewels  (Read 5687 times)


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« on: Jan 23, 12, 09:01:06 PM »

Jewels are a gift given to those of Blood descent by the Darkness.

The Birthright Ceremony is conducted for Blood children at the age of 8. Blood children are gifted with their initial Jewel - a Birthright Jewel that is meant to be used as a starter Jewel to learn craft with.

At the age of twenty a child of Blood descent participates in the Offering Ceremony. This ceremony takes place over the course of a single night and with the aid of a trained Priestess at a Dark Altar. Following the Ceremony the Blood adult receive a Jewel no more than three ranks darker than their Birthright.

The ranks of the Jewels are as follow, from Light to Dark they grow progressively stronger in power:

Tiger Eye
Summer Sky
Purple Dusk
Blood Opal
Ebon Gray

* Opal and Blood Opal are the definitive lines between Dark Jeweled and Light Jeweled. Opal and below are considered Light Jewels and Blood Opal and above are considered to be the Dark Jewels.

Observations on Mixed Blood
Though it is more common than many would like to admit there are instances where Blood and Landen procreate and the offspring are often looked upon unfavorably as Mixed Blood. The following are observations and notations on how the mixing of Blood affects the child's ability to acquire Jewels.

1/2 Landen 1/2 Blood: Those who are of half Blood descent do not participate in the Birthright Ceremony but may achieve an Offering up to the power of Tiger Eye. They have no natural castes aside from witch or Warlord but following their Offering they could train into such castes of Healer or Priestess. This would not be quickly achieved and would be a struggle for a Half Blood to gain acceptance into any caste.

1/4 Landen 3/4 Blood: Those who have three-fourth's Blood descent can participate in an Offering ceremony but they only receive a Birthright up to Rose. They can be born into a natural caste but do continue to carry the stigma associated with their mixed Blood heritage.

1/8 Landen or less: Those who have less than one-eight Landen heritage can participate in all ceremonies afforded to the Blood descendants are see no ill effect of their Mixed Blood as it pertains to Jewels and Caste though it can still carry a stigma among the Blood.

It has been observed that if a Blood descendant is pushed too early, or too late, to participate in either their Birthright Ceremony or their Offering Ceremony it can have a negative effect on the results of that Ceremony.

Written by Jamie
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