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Author Topic: Inter Realm Travel  (Read 6118 times)


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Inter Realm Travel
« on: Jul 16, 10, 11:41:14 PM »
Inter Realm Travel

At present only one of the Dark Gates is open to travel, the others have been closed and dorment for thousands of years. This Dark Gate has allowed for limited travel between the Terreille Territory of Raej and the Kaeleer Territory of Little Terreille.

Entering Terreille:

Travel from Kaeleer to Terreille is limited. There are no regulations once in Terreille, however to leave Kaeleer a person must petition (IC) and receive access to the Dark Gate.

Entering Kaeleer:

* All people entering Kaeleer from Terreille must participate in the Service Fair.
** Light Jeweled females and Light Jeweled males must serve one year in any level Court.
** Those wearing an Offering of Opal to Sapphire must serve two years in a District, Providence or Territory Court.
** Those wearing an Offering of Red or Gray must serve two years in a Court of a Territory Queen.
** Those wearing an Offering of Ebon Gray or Black must serve five years in a Court of a Territory Queen.
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