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Author Topic: Ebon Askavi  (Read 1336 times)


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Ebon Askavi
« on: Jan 23, 12, 08:37:22 PM »
Ebon Askavi

The Black Keep, Ebon Askavi exists in all three realms, or at least is rumored to exist in Hell. It is located in Askavi in both Terreille and Kaeleer, tucked into the largest complex of mountains. It almost seems to absorb light and is visible from a great distance. There is a large gate in from of the Black Keep as well as a barrier around the Keep that prevents any flying Eyrien from entering.

There have been no reputable or confirmable stories from men or women of being granted entrance to the Keep except during Witch’s rule. Also, the shield surrounding the Keep is undetectable and rumor has it, even a Black Jewel cannot broach the shield.

The only confirmed information about the Keep is that the interior is very lush and does not bear marks of old age. No one who visited with the Court of Witch before the Purge was admitted beyond the entry way and near sitting rooms. All the furniture and lighting was modern which has led some historians to believe someone, or something, lives yet in the Keep of Ebon Askavi. Those remaining accounts from emissaries before the Purge note that there was refreshments and finger food as if a fully staffed Ebon Askavi. This had led to many diveragnces in theories since the Purge that all the staff are dead in the Keep or that whoever is left in the Keep has decided the outside world is no longer safe.

Either way, the Keep of Ebon Askavi has been quiet since the Purge and has no outward appearances of changing.

The Rumors of Ebon Askavi
Rumors and myths that people have believed over the years (none of these are based on fact and solely formed by superstitious or greedy Blood):

1.   The Keep is staffed by the Demon Dead which is why they are never seen during the day. The second part of this story is only by dying can one enter the Keep of Ebon Askavi.

2.   Ebon Askavi is in fact empty and only the spells placed by some long forgotten Witch keep the Blood of today from reclaiming the glories within.

3.   Ebon Askavi is filled with treasures of the ages and the person who is able to breech the shield surrounding the Keep is the one who gets those treasures. The treasure varies by story but it is always told that the treasure is enough to make one fabulously rich.

4.   That Witch, Senja Ankelo, is still alive and resides in Ebon Askavi as demon dead. This myth changed to include demon dead when the Purge was 80 years past. This story  is generally told to keep the young Blood “good” or Senja Ankelo will come and drag them to Ebon Askavi. Sometimes it is told that Senja will drink their blood as well.

Historians in general are at odds about the Keep. It has existed throughout history there is no remaining evidence to show who built it or even why it was built. Legend called it the Home of Witch but until Witch, Senja Ankelo, ruled from Ebon Askavi it was assumed to be another myth. Some men and women devote their life to trying to find out anything about the mysterious Keep of Ebon Askavi but for most, the Keep is just a relic of a lost age. That Witch took it as her home and sanctuary was only a measure of her power.

All in all, the Keep is an enigma, an unsolvable mystery. No one is admitted to the Keep and no one ever leaves. Mental calls with Jewels and raised voices are ignored. The Keep of Ebon Askavi is a silent watcher to the world, a testament only of its builders strength to create a Keep to last the eons.

Written by Dani
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