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Author Topic: Drugs in the Realms  (Read 1079 times)


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Drugs in the Realms
« on: Nov 01, 13, 06:46:10 AM »
Drugs in the Realms

Even the Blood have their vices. There is a list of highly potent drugs that can be found within the Realms; some are more rare than others, some more dangerous, and some are more addictive. Some of these drugs affect the Blood more powerfully than the Landen, but the Landen are able to use any of the drugs below. The use of drugs among the Blood is considered taboo and though there is a market for sale it is reasonably small. The use of drugs is greater in Terreille than in Kaeleer.

(* Though these drugs are marked as equivalent to the real world (non game) they are not exact replicas of those drugs so please review all the notes accordingly.)

Nightmare Seed
This seed is crushed up and typically ingested by a Black Widow to induce intense visions. It is not without dangerous side effects and Black Widows can easily become lost in the Twisted Kingdom, addicted, or both. If taken by a non-Black Widow, the chances of becoming lost in the Twisted Kingdom increase tenfold. Nightmare seed can be used as an offensive drug due to the fact the recipient becomes as if intoxicated, drunk and easily confused. Sometimes the root is used for a less potent effect, and then called Nightmare Root.

Nightmare Seed is very rare to find in circulation and is often harvested straight from the source by it's users. Due to the incredible danger of the substance it is not sold as few want to be associated with this particular drug. It is used almost solely by Black Widows who have training to deal in various types of poisons and narcotics. The plant which produces Nightmare Seed and Nightmare Root is native to Askavi Terreille, but was spread through both Terreille and Kaeleer during the Great War. Few other Territories or Races truly understand the nature of the plant.

Spell Sugar
Is the Blood Rites equivalent of street crystal Meth. It creates intense highs and even greater addiction. A dose of Spell Sugar can increase the strength of one's Jewels, but at a high risk of breaking them. Being off the drug can cause the breaking of Jewels, intense seizures, and death. This substance is basically used as a gateway drug into other, more higher costing drugs.

Spell Sugar is one of the more common drugs available in both Terreille and Kaeleer. Due to the processed nature of Spell Sugar if it is created improperly it can be fatal or cause instant breaking. It is sold primarily underground and though it crops up in cities it tends to be localized to the rural areas.

White Widow
White Widow is the Blood Rites equivalent of a mixture of Cocaine and Ecstasy. It can create intensive highs that increase hearing, sensation, taste, and energy, as well as a small spike in jewel ability. In some individuals it causes hallucinations, in others a powerful, addictive clarity, and in others a euphoria more powerful than orgasm that can only be repeated through increased use of the drug. Even a mild dose has a powerful effect, and tolerance can become a factor quickly.

This drug is only found in Terreille and has not managed to make it into Kaeleer yet. It is neither common nor rare and can be found primarily in Raej; though it has a comfortable presence throughout Terreille in general.

Sensimilla is the Blood Rites equivalent of marijuana. Has a soothing effect on both tempers and pains. Can be smoked or eaten. Even though Blood metabolisms typically hurriedly process drugs, this lingers despite the quick metabolizing and works as a longer lasting painkiller for the Dark Jewels. It does require the person to consume more food to balance the effect, especially prevalent in Dark Jewels.

This drug can be found in both Terreille and Kaeleer; and it has become difficult to pin point over the years where this drug originated from. It is the most common of the drugs for the Blood, and even more so for the Landens. The Landens and Dark Jewels are the highest consumers of this drug due to is particular effect on both.

Lover's Ambrosia
Lover’s Ambrosia is a type of honey made only by bees in Shalador fed by the Jungle's wide variety of magically potent plants, herbs, mosses and fungi. They create a honey that when ingested in the smallest doses (a drop on the tongue) acts as a potent aphrodisiac and intoxicant. The rare and precious sweet amber fluid produces a steady and slow burning arousal that is not driving but is intensified by physical stimulation.

Empathic abilities are increased to the point that, on this drug, all climaxes are both intensified and simultaneous. If too much is ingested a person will become overwhelmed by the emotions, thoughts, and whims of those around them. This inundation effectively paralyzes an individual until they’ve burned through the excess drug.  However this happens rarely as it’s extravagant cost and rarity makes such use wasteful.

Lover's Ambrosia is native to Shalador, and has a small foothold in Askavi, but has not spread much further than those entwined Territories. It is incredibly rare and the cost is considered truly extravagant. It sells at a very high expense on rare black markets in other Territories but infrequently and is considered a delicacy, rather than a pure drug.

Opium aka “Dream Flower”
Opium is a popular drug to be used in special lodging created for the imbibing of the drug. Named from the flower it grows from, it is found in both realms (Raej and Hayll in Terreille, Nharkava in Kaeleer). It is usually smoked but can be injected. Opium induces feelings of numbness (removing pain or stress), a strange sense of euphoria and emotional detachment from events and other people, loss of appetite, and drowsiness. The more harmful opium effects happen to be vomiting, increased urination and sweating (which can lead to dehydration), impaired vision, loss of conscious focus and, most alarmingly, death.

Opium has fallen out of favor in recent years and is considered to be an antiquated drug. It's use remains common in the Territories where the flower is native: Raej, Hayll and Nharkava. It is also common within Dharo, where it is an underground drug and there are Opium Dens dedicated to it's use throughout the Territory.

Small quantities increase sexual appetite but overdosing leads to furious sexual activity without release or uncontrollable sexual anger. In overdose, any touch of the skin can lead to intense, painful arousal.  It is a common drug used for wedding nights and as a sexual enhancement drug so saffarmate does not have a bad reputation. Giving another, Landen or Blood, an overdose on safframate is considered an attack on their person.

This drug is considered legal within the Realm of Terreille and has common uses, such as during wedding nights. Within Kaeleer it's legality is quite murky and revolves around consent, though few have been prosecuted for using it improperly. It is one of the more common drugs and there is low stigma associated with it's use in both Terreille and Kaeleer, especially in comparison to some of the other drugs on the market.

Midnight Mushrooms
Midnight Mushrooms are also known as "Fancy Caps" or "Gift of the Forest". The greatest variety of these hallucinogenic fungi grow in Shalador. However different varieties of these mushrooms grow anywhere damp and forested. They are hallucinogens that can make it difficult to discern reality from fantasy. Black Widows can use them occasionally to enhance visions but not always. Jittery feelings and hyperactivity are common. There are a different variety of the mushrooms throughout the Realms and Territories though they all have similar, if not identical, behaviors. Primarily they are harvested by the Black Widows but excess can be sold to fund the Coven's coiffers.

(NOTE: Though this is a comprehensive list of drugs to be used in the Realms if others are needed to be developed for game purposes please submit your information to the HBC for review and approval.)

(CREDITS: Nightmare seed credited to Dani. Spell Sugar and White Widow credited to Tal with Dash explaining. Sensimilla, Lover’s Ambrosia, and Midnight Mushrooms credited to Gina. All others credited to the work of Dani & Gina. Article collated, amended and produdced by Jamie.)
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