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Author Topic: Dark Gates; Travel Between the Realms  (Read 1083 times)


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Dark Gates; Travel Between the Realms
« on: Dec 08, 13, 05:24:13 AM »
The Dark Gates between Raej & Little Terreille

Terreille and Kaeleer were once connected by a series of Dark Gates between a handful of Territories in either Realm. Over time those Gates fell into disrepair, were forgotten or abandoned, and eventually the only usable Gate was between the Territories of Raej in Terreille and Little Terreille in Kaeleer. Limiting access to the Realm through a single point helped monitor immigration, exports and ensure that the correct taxes were levied. There remains very little knowledge of the existence of other Gates.

General Knowledge and Facts about Travel Between the Gates
  • More people travel from Terreille to Kaeleer.
  • Export of goods are slightly in favor of Kaeleer.
  • The Gates only open for Transport of People once every month and remain open for three days for traveling purposes.
  • The Gates are more often used to transport goods between the Realms. This gives both Raej and Little Terreille a chance to get fat off the profit of exotic goods from another Realm.
    • No people are allowed to cross during this time under threat of armed response. A leftover of the Great War and Askavi sneaking soldiers through the Gate.
    • Taxes and Tithes are owed to Raej or Little Terreille when importing goods and is hefty, causing the price for out of realm goods to be high in the other Realms, and often a rare commodity.
  • Merchants are endorsed by the Territory Court of either Raej or Little Terreille. They are prestigious positions and are considered people of the utmost trust.
    • These positions are not limited to Blood though they are primarily endorsed as Blood.
    • Merchants are closely watched when in their non-native realm by both Courts.
    • Merchants are registered with the non-native Territory (Raej or Little Terreille) when traveling between Realms.
    • Each Court discourages the merchants from finding spouses in another Realm, though it is not forbidden.
  • Smuggling between the Realms is near impossible due to the restrictions and requirements around merchant transactions.
  • Bribes are not unheard of within the system; but to have a successful bribe one must pay a small fortune to multiple people, and those who offer too low a price are often turned into the authorities.

Travel from Terreille (Raej) to Kaeleer (Little Terreille)

On the Raej Side:

Emigration Fee: This is for services rendered by the Priestess opening the Dark Gate and a tax that Raej collects. The rank, caste, Jewels all play into the amount paid by a Blood member. The Landen’s fees are the smallest.

On the Little Terreille Side:

Upon entry they would be immediately identified by the Priestess. They would pay a charge for entry into Kaeleer and register for the Service Fair.

Service Fair:
(From the thread Service Fairs & Immigrant Camp)
The Service Fair is an Event that takes place once a month, at the end of the month, in the Territory of Little Terreille. It allows for immigrants from Terreille to sign contracts with Kaeleerian Courts to fulfill their immigration requirements for entering Kaeleer. All Blood and Landen entering Kaeleer from Terreille must sign a contract (length depends on Jewel and Caste) with a Kaeleerian Court. The Fair is also open to Kaeleerian citizens looking for Court jobs and they too can participate in the Fair.

Travel from Kaeleer (Little Terreille) to Terreille (Raej)

On the Little Terreille Side:

Emigration Fee: This is for services rendered by the Priestess opening the Dark Gate and a tax that Raej collects. The rank, caste, Jewels all play into the amount paid by a Blood member. The Landen’s fees are the smallest.

Travel Documents: Anyone leaving Kaeleer requires travel documentations approved by the Court of Little Terreille. Dark Jewels require approval from a member of the Triangle of Little Terreille, while Light Jewels, Jeweless Blood and Landens require approval from a member of the First or Second Circle.

On the Raej Side:

Court Service or Fee: A person coming to Raej who wishes to settle in Terreille and is not a merchant must either sign a contract with the Court of Raej, or a Province Queen, or pay a large sum to circumvent the requirement for a contract.
  • The sum to avoid service to a Court can oftentimes be double or triple what Little Terreille charges to leave, making the endeavor to leave Kaeleer and immediately proceed to another Territory extremely difficult.
  • Special dispensation can be waived by the Ruler of Raej.
  • Raej does not have a Service Fair like Little Terreille; you serve Raej or you pay a fee.

(This article was a joint effort written by Dani & Jamie)

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