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Author Topic: Currency  (Read 1641 times)


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« on: Jun 27, 12, 04:42:55 PM »

Currency: Marks
Levels: Copper, Silver, Gold
Bases: 10 Copper to 1 Silver, 10 Silver to 1 Gold

History: The levels of the marks are reflective of ancient coins that were used as money in these precious metals. Now, paper marks are considered both more practical and more useful, as they can be printed with the image of the current Territory Queen (or ruling Warlord Prince in some cases) and other images that mark them as specific to that Territory.

Specifics: Territories print their own marks and they carry the seal of the Territory. Within Terreille or within Kaeleer, there is little difficulty using marks from another Territory. If one were to travel between the Realms, however, using Terreillian marks in Kaeleer for example can cause quite a bit of difficulty. Depending on the economy, the perceived value of the marks may fluctuate, but this is a rare occurrence. For the most part, the mark is a stable form of currency.

Purchasing Power: While this differs between Territories, an average meal at a standard tavern would cost 5 copper marks.

Written by Jamie and Phedre
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