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Author Topic: Craft Use on Landens  (Read 998 times)


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Craft Use on Landens
« on: Sep 18, 13, 12:39:24 PM »
Craft use on Landens

Landens are the “baseline” members of all of the Realm’s races that do not have the capacity to use Craft, even the basic Craft that the non-Jeweled Blood are able to employ. The Landen mind is not capable of handling the touch of the Darkness or the power of the abyss.

A psychic touch on a Landen mind is enough to burn out their mental capacity and leave them drooling husks at best. While a Landen’s physical body may be altered via Craft, their mind may not. As such, Landens may be healed, shielded, injured or glamoured, but any contact of a Blood mind directly to a Landen's mind for any reason will result in the Landen's death. This means not only that a member of the Blood cannot communicate with Landens on a psychic level, they also cannot suss out a Landen's secrets by breaking into their minds as is possible with the Blood.

Only a witch or a male skilled with compulsion craft (typically those with the Black Widow caste) can safely nudge the mind of a Landen without directly touching it, and even this must be done with care. However, the Landen mind can only take so much and as a result too much pushing can lead to their death. Landens are not however immune from the effects of illusion, as long as the illusion is one placed on the physical world and not brought about by attempting to alter the Landen’s way of perceiving it.
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