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Author Topic: Blood Ceremonies  (Read 1761 times)


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Blood Ceremonies
« on: Oct 09, 12, 04:59:04 PM »

Blood Ceremonies

Birthright Ceremony
Blood children participate in the Birthright ceremony at the age of 8. The ceremony is conducted at a Dark Altar by a Priestess, or multiple Priestesses if the circumstance calls for it, with a circle around the Altar; this is a relatively short ceremony, and does not last overnight like the Offering. The child’s family is present for this momentous occasion and it is also the point where a mother will declare paternity of the child (granting or denying rights to a father accordingly). Immediate family stands within the Circle of the Altar for the Ceremony while friends and extended family must wait outside the Circle. Following the conclusion of the Birthright Ceremony a child can be gifted with a Jewel rank between White and Red; this becomes known as the Birthright Jewel.

Virgin Night
Blood girls are at their most vulnerable prior to their Virgin Night ceremony. This Ceremony is meant to aid a Blood girl through her Virgin Night without becoming broken by the spear. An experienced and trusted male friend or acquaintance of the girl’s is often chosen to oversee this Ceremony. There is a benefit in having a man who is darker Jeweled than the girl to provide an extra layer of protection; this helps to prevent the girl from breaking through her inner web by weaving his strength through hers.

Offering Ceremony
The Offering Ceremony takes place between dusk and dawn, when the Darkness is at its fullest power. Though the Ceremony can be performed as a solo affair most opt to include the participation of a Priestess to oversee their journey. The Offering participant cuts their palm with a ceremonial knife, they then add their own blood to a goblet of ceremonial wine, and drink to initiate the Ceremony. During their journey they will descend to their Birthright and then further from that point; they can descend up to 3 ranks darker than their own Birthright during the evening. By dawn the Blood will have received an Offering Jewel to mark the completion of their journey.

Marriage Ceremony
The Marriage Ceremony is one that is led by a Priestess but not necessarily at a Dark Altar. Most Ceremonies take place during the hours around dusk as the couple enters their marriage with the blessing of the Darkness. Wedding and Ceremony customs vary between Territories and Cultures but they are always joyous events and are celebrated within the shadows of nightfall to be blessed by the Darkness.

Winsol is a celebration that occurs every winter during the longest night of the year. During Winsol the Blood celebrate the Darkness, Mother Night, and dance for the honour and glory of Witch. It is a momentous and joyous occasion to be shared with family and friends alike. There is dancing, drinking, singing, and gift exchanges even among the poorest of communities. If a Priestess is available they often lead in the revelry or abstain in the presence of a Queen to oversee the festivities.

Written by Jamie
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