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Author Topic: About Ebon Askavi  (Read 2134 times)


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About Ebon Askavi
« on: Jul 15, 10, 09:53:23 PM »
Ebon Askavi

Ebon Askavi, also known as the Black Mountain and the Keep, is the only Territory that exists in all three Realms. It is the sanctuary of Witch and the home of Lorn. It is also the home of an extensive library containing the history and lore of the Blood, as well as an assortment of texts on Craft. Ebon Askavi is located in the Black Valley within the Realm of Askavi, it is important to note that the Keep does not serve the ruler of Askavi. *

Ebon Askavi is unapproachable and those who seek entrance are almost always turned away.

Ebon Askavi at Blood Rites

The Keep and it's inhabitants are all NPC characters controlled by the Admin team. It is highly unlikely that characters on Blood Rites will be granted access to the Keep. You may petition, In Character, for entrance and the Admin team will weigh the case and respond with the NPC characters who serve the Keep.

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