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Author Topic: A Day in the Life of a Landen Farmer  (Read 1020 times)

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A Day in the Life of a Landen Farmer
« on: Jan 23, 12, 08:52:40 PM »
A Day in the Life of a Landen Farmer

•    The most basic of tools are still in practice, including but not limited to the hayfork, the sickle, the scythe and the hand plow, especially by those of poorer and more isolated areas.

•    Landen farmers are heavily reliant on livestock for their labor.

•    They often use heavy plows that must be drawn by horse or oxen, though if the Landen are unable to afford the livestock or their livestock are struck with a sickness, they must then pull these heavy plows themselves.

•    Clocks and gears are being utilized to create manually operated "machines." Clocks are wound and chime, some of the more detailed work even have a bell that can serve as an alarm attached.

•    They have begun to develop "machines" that are powered either by the man himself or his livestock, though these are still being developed to help increase productivity. These are very expensive and very rarely purchased.

•    Common livestock in Landen villages are chickens, sheep, goats, oxen, cows and horses.

•    Cooking over an open fire is very common, and many fireplaces have a hook that is used specifically for pots. There are also grates that can be placed over the fire to grill food. These are all fairly common and quite affordable.

•    Ovens and stoves are used by a majority of Landen. They have a compartment for the flame, and in the winter often act as a heater for a home.

•    Salt is used widely to preserve fresh meats.

•    Landen villages near the Blood cities have benefitted by the discovery of running water, or at the very least a water pump, though the more isolated farms still draw their water from a well.

•    Working all day, they have developed quite intricate lamps, lanterns and fires to help light their homes when they go home at night.

•    There is only a hint of the discovery of electricity, the mysterious power in the sky when the storms arise. There is no short sighted concept of how to harness that power, though there are some brave souls who are seeking to understand that power, believing that if they could harness it, they would be on more equal terms with the Blood.

•    Many homes use homeopathic healing remedies, usually a mixture of herbs  -  often foul tasting -  to help battle basic illnesses caused from exhaustion or exposure.

•    Landen Healers must study extensively to learn the profession and are often quite respected in society.

•    Landen Healers believe heavily in purging and bleeding. They study on live bodies through surgery, though these surgeries are highly dangerous and often looked down upon.

•    Blood Healers are very expensive and often un-trusted, though a wealthy Landen may choose to go see one if their illness is great.

•    A most recent and influential discovery of the blood is that of chemistry.

•    Using this mysterious science, a brave few have begun experimenting - resulting in small explosives in addition to the discovery of gases as a weapon. These studies are widely becoming prohibited by the Blood.

•    Small explosives and gas bombs are highly dangerous and often unpredictable and unreliable.

•    The more peaceful of Landen are beginning to study the chemicals in hopes of finding vaccines.

•    Hunting is often done with bows and arrows or simple traps.

•    Fishing with poles as well as nets are quite common, and fish are often found on the dinner menus.

•    Weapons are forged quite commonly and many Landen practice with blades and bows growing up.

Written by Blue
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