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Author Topic: A Day in the Life of a Blood Worker  (Read 1491 times)

Description: (Blood Technologies)

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A Day in the Life of a Blood Worker
« on: Jan 23, 12, 08:43:54 PM »
A Day in the Life of a Blood Worker

•   Cold boxes. Uses craft to power them. Spells can be learned by any and used by Jeweled or Jeweless. Renewed once a month on average.

•   Plumbing. Uses a mixture craft and hydraulics. Can be learned by any Jeweled Blood and the non-craft portion easily created by Landens who understand plumbing.

•   Stove: Smokeless and instantly hot, usually a solid metal surface that is enhanced to prevent the surface itself from starting on fire. Jeweless blood can use but Jeweled Blood create them. These are common but rarely in the price range of the super poor.

•   Craft alarms. Can be built with or without a clock, these clocks, or sun dials, are activated by setting an alarm via Craft command. These are built by Jeweled Blood but can be used by Jeweled and Jeweless Blood.

•   Shop lifting prevention spells: craft items to prevent items from being stolen. Alerts the owner OR destroys the item if stolen

•   Artificial light. These are witchlights spelled to be permanent with a mental command to turn on or off. Made with crystals. Created by Jeweless and Jeweled Blood. Used by any Blood. There are rare versions which are created to be manipulated by Landens with a mechanism to activate the Craft within the spelled crystal.

•   Music spheres / crystals and webs. Crafted by Jeweled Blood. Is not a common application of craft, must learn and practice the spells. Some are useable by Landens, all by Blood.

•   Mail system. Jeweled blood Couriers ride the winds alone with their mail to deliver it to other main hubs of Territories. From there, traditional distribution on foot and carriage is used with some Jeweled Blood riding the winds inter-Territory.

•   Craft enhanced printing press. Speeds and automates the printing process. Jeweled Blood create and are not used by all.

•   Coaches: Used the winds to travel on the winds. Use landing crystals to drop on and off the webs in Coaches. Single users of the winds do not have to use landing crystals.

That which is not Craft enhanced is assumed to be mundane and on the level of Landen technologies.   

[OOC: Please send any additional ideas to the HBC. We will review and add to the list as appropriate.]

Written by Dani
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