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Author Topic: Welcome to the 2019 Winter of Writers!  (Read 269 times)


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Welcome to the 2019 Winter of Writers!
« on: Oct 24, 19, 09:53:02 AM »

Our annual Winter of Writers event is back for its NINTH consecutive year! To celebrate the holiday season and our beloved group of writers and friends, Blood Rites HBC will once again be running some of our most popular events from winters past!

As with past Winter of Writers seasons, we'll host several overarching events that will take place between November and January, but each individual month will also have its own events.

Come join us as we celebrate our writers! The Winter of Writers celebrations will kick off on Friday, November 1st!

Winter-Long Events:
Monthly Events:

Things to keep in mind:
  • The size of the event has been scaled back slightly this year to make it more manageable for the available staff. Of note, the number of Silent Auctions have been reduced, the Best-In-Territory superlative awards have been cut, and we're skipping the Real Life Jewels event this year. Rest assured this isn't a permanent change, just something to make it a little easier on us this year.
  • Just like last year, some items in the Silent Auction will be marked "Low Reserve". These are meant for those writers on the low end of the points balance sheet who can't compete with long-term vets with huge banks. Before the auction starts, HBC will post a list showing which players are eligible to bid on Low Reserve items. Bids on these items that don't come from people on the Low Reserve list will be invalid.
  • Reactivated characters are officially eligible to purchase items from the Thanksgiving Shop only if they have met the post/time requirements since being reactivated.
  • In order to allow players to show extended character growth, a fourth Craft Strength may be purchased for a class of characters we're calling Vested. These are characters who have consistently posted a minimum of five IC posts per year for at least the last four years.
  • Remember that purchasing the "Additional Caste" item in the Thanksgiving Shop is now the only method by which a caste can be added to a character after the character's app is approved. Writers are no longer able to petition to add a caste to an approved character without the shop item for additional castes.
  • Wanted Ad Bounties will be capped at 700 points each and payable only to new characters.
  • This isn't a change, but we'd like to draw your attention back to a post that Starling made a couple of years ago, which lists some pointers on the auctions and other events: Winter of Writers Guide

Questions should be directed to HBC at

Happy writing!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Welcome to the 2019 Winter of Writers!
« Reply #1 on: Oct 24, 19, 10:18:31 AM »
it's the most wonderful time of the year!!
i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night // writer tracker