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Author Topic: Wren's Wanteds and Adoptables  (Read 630 times)


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Wren's Wanteds and Adoptables
« on: Nov 27, 17, 07:20:59 PM »
Wren’s Wanteds/Adoptables

Name: Cyrus Hyugge
Wanted for: Aaryne Haugen
Location: Rihland/Glacia

Caste: Prince
Jewels: Summer Sky to Purple Dusk
Age: 41 (b. 153 AP)

Pertinent information: Cyrus is Aaryne's beloved husband. They have two daughters, conceived via surrogate, but Cyrus is the only one named as their father because for the past ten years they have been residing in Rihland as refugees in Avorla and Rihland has very strict views regarding homosexuality. It has been very hard on them these past ten years for them to pretend to all but their closest confidants and their children that they are less than what they are to each other, and it is probably going to just as rough for Cyrus for Aaryne to be off on this long and dangerous mission.

His Jewels have been rolled on Aaryne's sheet - but feel free to change them if you like, as long as he stays light-Jeweled. His Caste is set as Prince, but that too may change if you like. There's a lot of flexibility with this character - my only REAL requirement with him (other than being light-Jeweled for continuity purposes) is that he must be well and truly in love and loyal to Aaryne. My intention is for them to have a love story.

Potential plots: AN EPIC LOVE STORY OBVIOUSLY. <3 But no really, while Aaryne is currently in Glacia and Cyrus is in Rihland, Aaryne will send letters for Cyrus and his children whenever he sends his reports in to Signe. They will be reunited when Signe comes to Glacia. In the meantime, Cyrus has been serving in Signe's Court. What position, and whether he is bonded to her or in what capacity he serves is up to the player that adopts him and anything they work out with Signe's player, halyonix. There's plenty of opportunity for interaction with Signe's Court and forces where they are in Avorla, in preparation for the march into Glacia ^.^

Name: Harrison and Naomi Graywarren **Naomi reserved for Caryn until 5/11/19**
Wanted for: Samson Graywarren & Beckett Orval
Location: Dharo

Caste: any
Jewels: any
Age: 18, b. 176 AP (they're twins)

Pertinent information: Harrison and Naomi are Samson's oldest children and likely the only ones with really clear memory of what he was like before his wife died. I would love for both of these characters to be adopted - as it will really fill out the funny little pocket plot me and Myst are doing. Their temperaments, castes, Jewels, and even their names are completely up to whomever wants to adopt them. They can be involved in pretty much any other plot throughout Dharo, as they are right on the cusp of adulthood and likely have their own plans and ambitions for the future.

Potential plots: Welcome to a very magical, very gay Sound of Music. Beckett has been hired on as a tutor to try and wrangle the out-of-control Graywarren brood as Samson struggles to re-learn how to be a father to his estranged children while also dealing with a recent injury and the breaking of his Descent. He and Beckett will fall in love and together with the children become a family again. Naomi and Harrison will naturally have plenty of RP with each other, their awkward dad, and Beckett - as well as any other staff members of the Graywarren household if anyone decides to make someone, or foster their own plots with the other characters of Dharo.


Name: Hamish 
Wanted for: Samson Graywarren
Location: Dharo

Caste: any
Jewels: any
Age: 40-50

Pertinent information: Hamish is the long-suffering and much loved butler and head of staff at the Graywarren estate. He has known Samson for most of their lives and they are close friends despite (or maybe because of) their professional relationship. Hamish is the sole reason the house wasn't burned down at some point in these past seven years or so since Sarah died and Samson decided to run away from his grief and his responsibility. He cares a great deal for the Graywarrens, and thinks it's about time Samson came home (though he does wish it would have been under different circumstances).

Potential plots: Hamish will get to play a key roll in this fun little household plot and have plenty of play with Samson, Beckett, and the children. He could also get involved with any of the other characters or have his own motivations and goals outside of the Graywarren household. Maybe he's a Cymrean loyalist, or a domestic spy for a Court or maybe he's just tired of all the chaos and wants to retire XD

Name: Nick and Ned Brewery
Wanted for: Nina Brewery
Location: Little Terreille

Caste: Warlord & Warlord
Jewels: White to Tiger Eye & Blood Opal to Sapphire
Age: 22, b.172 AP (they're triplets O.O)

Pertinent information: Castes and Jewels are welcome to be changed. The Jewels HAVE been rolled on Nina's sheet - so you're welcome to keep them as well. These concepts are ENTIRELY OPEN. The only real thing that is required regarding them is that the three are very close and get along well (regular sibling scuffling aside). I love playing siblings in game and would like to see where the brothers are, what they're doing, and what sort of plots they can get into. They'll always have some sort of plot or someone to play with in Nina.

Potential plots: Literally anything. They could get involved with the courts, or be criminals! Or have their own circus! I've left it very vague and open in Nina's history and would just very much like to see them in play. ^.^

Name: Evan Bailey
Wanted for: Iyan Bailey
Location: Little Terreille

Caste: Warlord Prince - this is required
Jewels: Summer Sky to Opal
Age: 26, b.168 AP (fraternal twin to Iyan)

Pertinent information:  Evan is currently serving as a member of the Rockland Province Court and is heart-bound to Odelle Ackley (played by Erica). His Jewels have been rolled on Iyan's sheet but you are free to change them.

Potential plots: Evan can get involved with any of the plots happening in Rockland and surrounding Odelle Ackley and her court. There is a LOT of flexibility with this character with the exception that he MUST be a Warlord Prince and adhere to the events illustrated in Iyan's history that involve the brothers. I'm a sucker for siblings and would love to see him in play - particularly considering the man his brother is sleeping with is also informing on his Queen to the Courts of Dharo...


Name: Asher Bailey
Wanted for: Iyan Bailey
Location: Little Terreille

Caste: Warlord Prince - this is required
Jewels: Tiger Eye to Rose
Age: 28, b.166 AP

Pertinent information: Asher is either currently serving, or up until recently was serving, in a District Court. This can be in any Province you like. His Jewels were rolled on Iyan's sheet but feel free to change them.

Potential plots: Literally anything. If you keep him in Rockland, there are two active District Courts he could potentially be serving/have served in - or if he went elsewhere and is returning to Rockland he could join Evan at the Province Seat or even serve in a smaller Court if you like!

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Re: Wren's Wanteds and Adoptables
« Reply #1 on: Oct 07, 18, 02:21:44 PM »
Wanted Ad Clean up

Is this Wanted Ad still open? Please update accordingly and reply to the thread if it should remain open. Otherwise we will archive it as part of the Wanted Ad Clean up process.

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone

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Re: Wren's Wanteds and Adoptables
« Reply #2 on: Apr 06, 19, 10:10:03 AM »
This has been updated with current wanteds and adoptables for some new characters and plots in Rihland/Glacia, Dharo, and Little Terreille!

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Re: Wren's Wanteds and Adoptables
« Reply #3 on: Apr 11, 19, 07:57:09 PM »
Updated to add Hamish the Beloved Butler under wanteds for Dharo/Samson