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Author Topic: Wanted: Pirate Crew of the Valiant  (Read 547 times)


Offline Rayen Sandoval

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Wanted: Pirate Crew of the Valiant
« on: Nov 05, 18, 07:30:08 AM »
Wanted for the
Crew of the Valiant

Captain Rayen Sandoval and First Mate Ekain Petite are looking for loyal pirates, rogues and disreputable sorts to round out the crew of the Pirate Ship Valiant. The ship has been hunting and haunting the waters of Dhemlan and Kaeleer for hundreds of years while under the stewardship of the Sandoval family name.

Crew Concepts Available for Adoption:
  • Anela  Sandoval, Boatswain
  • One Eyed Javi
  • Healer
  • Weather Witch
  • Cook
  • Quartermaster
  • Sailing Master (claimed by Rated Em)

The Sister, Anela Sandoval
Name: Anela Sandoval
Role/Rank: Boatswain
Jewels: Yellow to Rose
Caste: witch

The Details:
  • Character previously written by Astarte, and will need to be re-written for Adoption.
  • Anela is the younger sister of Rayen, and their history is detailed in url=]Rayen's Profile[/url].
  • Born while Rayen was incarcerated and only met her sister after the Purge.
  • Extremely close with Rayen and looks up to her, but over time has developed her own reputation and success as a pirate, but remains behind Raye’s shadow.
  • Plots available revolves around Pirates, Ekain (written by Zen), and Rayen (written by Jamie)
  • IC has alluded to Anela being connected with the Quartermaster character, for romance or lust, but could lead to drama or plots in that area.

One-eye Javi
Name: Javier Soler
Role/Rank: Crew
Jewels: TBD
Caste: Warlord

The Details:
  • Weathered sailor who has sailed with Rayen for his entire career.
  • Doesn’t consider himself to be a leader and would not be interested in taking a leadership position, though he’s been asked repeatedly to do so.
  • Even so many of the crew look up to him because of his experience and expertise.
  • His loyalty is unwavering to Captain Sandoval (or Captain Petite, when she’s incarcerated) and values the way that they run a ship and crew.
  • He insists that an old injury in his leg can predict when a storm is coming, it aches every time, and while it is a joke among the crew they do listen when he provides such premonitions.
Name: TBD
Role/Rank: Quartermaster
Jewels: TBD
Caste: TBD

The Details:
  • During one of Rayen’s stints in Dhemlanese jail she met the Quartermaster and befriend him, another cell mate.
  • When it came time to be broken out she took him with her and thus earned his loyalty.
  • Background was not initially as a pirate but took to the life fairly quickly, emulating Raye and Ekain for proper effect.
  • Currently the affection of Anela’s eye but has always fancied Rayen; and IC has been connected to Anela but undefined if it’s romance, lust or to make Raye jealous. But high potential for plot and drama in that area.
Name: TBD
Role/Rank: Healer
Jewels: TBD
Caste: Healer

The Details:
  • Navy trained and spent several years aboard Navy ships before being poached to the Valiant.
  • Mercurial by nature the money and excitement were strong motivators
  • Sassy and capable of brandishing a cutlass in battle if the opponent tries to interfere with her Healing of a crew member.
Weather Witch
Name: TBD
Role/Rank: Weather Witch
Jewels: TBD
Caste: witch

The Details:
  • Most recent recruit to the Valiant, and would be interested in playing it out IC.
  • Former Weather Witch vanished with a pointy eared stranger on a quest to save the mystical Territory of Dea al Mon, and yes the crew laughs when they recount that particular tale of resignation.
  • Background can be up to the Adopter, but she would need to be able to convince the Valiant’s officers of her loyalty, and would need to have some experience as a Weather Witch.
Name: TBD
Role/Rank: Cook
Jewels: TBD
Caste: Hearth Witch

The Details:
  • Fiery Hearth Witch who served Rayen’s uncle when he captained the Valiant and opted to avoid a comfortable Retirement
  • Enjoys the excitement of the sea life and the challenges of cooking for a ship.
  • Weapon of choice is her metal frying pan which had been brandished during more than one altercation.

Offline Rated Em

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      Rated Em

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Re: Wanted: Pirate Crew of the Valiant
« Reply #1 on: Nov 05, 18, 03:43:29 PM »
i was coming in here to lay my claim BUT jamie got it already listed (: (: !! *steeples fingers* kiel will have to make his appearance now.