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Author Topic: The Policies & Etiquette of Wanted Ads  (Read 7075 times)


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The Policies & Etiquette of Wanted Ads
« on: Jan 14, 14, 04:20:39 PM »
Wanted Ads

The purpose of this forum is to provide a place where writers can post their Wanted Ads and entice others to join their plot, adopt characters, or just to write with them.

When posting your Wanted Ad please include the Territory it is for in the Title of the Wanted Ad.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your Wanted Ads are fresh and up to date. Clean up will occur every other week, and you will need to reply to keep your Wanted Ad active and from being swept away in a Cleanup.

Please address any questions to Jamie (

Process & Policy

Wanted Ads allow writers to connect with one another over concepts or specific character needs to plots. It's about bringing plots, characters and writers together.

Overall our Wanted Ad forum is very much free for all. There are a few requirements for Wanted Ads and many recommendations on managing them; all of which will be covered in this thread.

Etiquette of Wanted Ads

  • Writers should always plot with the Wanted Ad Poster in order to ensure that they meet, and initially understand, the Wanted Ad requirements.
  • Wanted Ad Poster can ask a writer to stand down from a claim if they do not feel that the fit is suited.
  • Compromise is always key when collaborating with writers, and both parties should approach the process with flexibility that allows for compromise.

Ultimately the Wanted Ads allow writers to seek each other out to fill gaps or specific roles within their plots. Although the thing we look for most in a response to a Wanted Ad is enthusiasm we also realize that someimtes the requirements for a specific role are applicable both IC and OOC. As such it is very important for the role to be plotted out between both parties before a character is developed and presented for review. Sometimes the poster's view and the writer's view are not always equal and cannot be aligned, so it is important for both to know when to step away from the concept.

Wanted Ad Policies

Wanted Ad Poster must approve the character from the perspective of the Wanted Ad requirements only, before the character can go to Review Council. Review Council will not be responsible for ensuring that the Wanted Ad is fulfilled. It is the responsibility of the Wanted Ad Poster to flag that a character in the Keep is in response to a Wanted Ad so that Review Council knows to wait for the WAnted Ad Poster's approval.(* Required)

Set Deadlines when Writers claim a Wanted Ad. If the Claimant does not complete the Wanted Ad within that period of time the Wanted Ad Poster can cancel the claim and re-open the Wanted Ad. (* Suggested)

Wanted Ads are not one size fits all; everyone has different flavors and levels of difficulty towards their ad and we recommend capturing that when posting the ad. We'd recommend posting in the Description one of the following Ranks:

  • Easy: This Wanted Ad type should be something easy for a new writer to pick up and easy to fulfill.
  • Standard: This Wanted Ad type should be an average style Wanted Ad on our forum. Members who have been around for a time and have several characters should be able to pick up and fulfill this Wanted Ad with some plotting required.
  • Advanced: This rank should reflect Wanted Ads that require heavy plotting, or are a more complicated role to fulfill. Writers looking to fulfill these Wanted Ads should apply by PM and confirm the plot specifics before moving forward with the Wanted Ad.

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone