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Author Topic: Tacea Wanted Ads  (Read 135 times)

Description: 5f 2m for Territory-level plot

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Tacea Wanted Ads
« on: Apr 13, 18, 07:23:48 PM »
   Territory Plot: Tacea's Successor Queen
The sacred brief of the Interregnum is the discovery of a Queen who can build enough consensus among the Clans of Tacea to take the throne without causing another disastrous civil war.

The competition is fierce. The Shingetsu have a Queen candidate of their own, a woman promised the throne for her complicity in the attempted coup. Ariake loyalists put forth the name of Yuki no Natsuhana, who has already served as Dragon Mother. Meanwhile, the Kagen mutter about their Red-Jeweled Queen, Toyani no Kagen, who has gone abroad but could be called back. For the first time, the minority tribes have a stake in the succession. With their homelands destroyed or buried beneath tons of volcanic ash, the Tang and Hanwa must find a Queen who will now have very direct control over their lives as they struggle to rebuild.

Characters involved with this plot will have stories with Reid (Seung Corro) Zen (Hinata no Kagen) and Vivian (Yuki no Natsuhana) by default. They will also be major plot movers and generators, and have a lot of crossover potential with the other plots listed on this page. While there are three specific concepts below, any Queen in Tacea is considered a contender for the throne until she makes it known she isn't. Nor are there any limits to who can have a strong voice in the selection of the Queen; the plot has room for Priestesses, Healers, Black Widows and Geisha to speak for or against any singular Queen.

There are several characters already claimed from this list:
    • Sakura no Shingetsu, Queen of the Shingetsu - claimed by Gavin
    • Yumi no Kagen, Queen of the Kagen - claimed by Reid
    • Queen of the Ariake - Filled by Yuki no Natsuhana (Played by Vivian)
    Specific wanted ads for these characters may go up at the player's discretion.

    The Shingetsu Dragon Queen Candidate is a young Queen of moderate Jewels (no darker than Green) between the ages of 25 and 35. For her cooperation and her assistance in unseating Ishiyo no Izayoi, she was promised the Tacean Territory throne. This Queen may, however, disapprove of how “her” throne was to be won, especially as it has decimated her possible Circles; with the turmoil within Tacea currently, she would have to fill her Court with Shingetsu loyalists, an action which would be seen very dimly by the other three Clans. She is actively attempting to build enough support to take the throne despite Izayoi resistance.

    This character should wear a moderate Descent Jewel and shouldn't be darker than the Green. Speak with Reid, Phinn, and Gavin before picking up this character.

    Atsuko no Izayoi is the Black Widow Queen daughter of Ishiyo no Izayoi, and has been ruling the Izayoi Clan Province since early 192. She has known since she was a child that she would inherit the rule of the Izayoi from her mother. She is deeply affected by her mother’s breakdown, as it has brought great dishonor to her family and utterly destroyed her Court; she is left with youths who were pushed too young to their Offering and adults who were forced to return to the Court after retiring, or else looking to the merchant and artisan classes to fill her Court. She utterly despises the Shingetsu and would rather go to war than support their Queen candidate.

    Atsuko's Jewels were rolled on Ishiyo's sheet, and are locked in at Summer Sky to Opal. Please speak to Caryn before picking up this role.

    The Successor Queen is one of the surviving Queens of Tang. Young and well-educated, she is particularly talented in mediation Craft, a skill which will serve her well as she deliberately seeks her own appointment to the Dragon Throne. Why she seeks the throne is up to the adopter. Her Jewels are of moderate strength, so they should be no darker than the Blood Opal. She is between 25 and 35 years old.

    The adoption of this character is critical to the Territory, and the adopter should be aware of the heavy impact their character will have on the plot. As such, if you're interested in playing the successor Queen, you will need to talk to and plot with Reid extensively before claiming this role. This role is one that requires consistent activity and willingness to create plot.

    A note: Once she is selected, Seung will serve as her Steward.

       Open Female Roles
    There are plenty of plot lines getting started in Tacea, so now's a great time to get in on the  ground floor. Not every plot needs a full cast of characters, though, so the concepts whose main plots are filling up are below. Though there are already players in these plots, there is always room for a few more chefs in this kitchen metaphor.

    These roles in particular are for female characters. Females hold the real power in Tacea, including roles that in other Territories would be considered exclusively male. Please note that the Steward and Master of the Guard roles in a Court are usually held by women. Men are held to high standards with regards to protecting and serving women and Tacea’s social structure is such that a woman with the right connections might win out over a man with the right skills simply because of social prejudice. Women who hold men and women to be equal are more common in the youth of the Territory, but even among them women are held to be the dominant social force.

    Several female characters have already been claimed:
      • Queen of the Tang - claimed by Z
      • Queen of Ito - claimed by DragonGirl
      • Commander of the Thousand Swords - claimed by Vivien
      Hae Jun Mhin is the only surviving Hanwa Queen. She is 27 years old and wears Rose to Opal Jewels. Her Jewels have been rolled and her age is required. She is the daughter of Seung Corro, the younger sister of Ji Yoon Moon, and the older sister of Haneul Mhin. You can find details on her family in their sheets, linked above.

      Hae Jun has been trained her entire life to take up the mantle of Queen of the Hanwa once her mother passed into the Darkness. Though she is not a member of the Great Clans herself, she had older siblings who are Ariake, and thus is more connected to the Ariake than it would seem at first brush. Though her homeland is lost, she is determined to hold onto Hanwa culture; she refuses to reach out to Seung Corro for help, feeling that he has betrayed her mother’s memory by taking on a role not meant for males.

      The Foreign Minister is the newly-instated Head of the Diplomatic Corps. Until Hinata stepped down from the throne of Tacea in 185, she served as the Mistress of the Guard for the Territory. As such, she should be between 50 and 60 years old. (THIS IS AN EXCELLENT TIME TO USE LUCY LIU, WHO IS SOMEHOW 49 YEARS OLD.) She is not a Kagen, and was not Hinata's first Mistress of the Guard; she joined the Court in 175AP.

      The Foreign Minister is the woman in charge of arranging Tacea's fledgling diplomatic corps. As such she works closely with Seung and has reason to correspond with the Stewards and Territory Courts of other Territories as she sets up embassies and legations. She can also work closely with the Shingetsu, who have the most seafaring vessels. Her support is a must for any would-be Territory Queen.

      The Head of the Hourglass is indubitably Hinata no Kagen's oldest and arguably most-trusted companion. They were childhood friends with a history of being on-again, off-again lovers throughout their lives. She is a Black Widow and was appointed as Hinata's Steward (somewhat controversial due to her young age at the time) immediately when she was made Queen of the Kagen in 140 AP. She would’ve served the entirety of Hinata’s tenure both as clan Queen and Dragon Mother as Steward, though she kept her hand in with her Hourglass sisters as well.

      She should be around 70 years old. She's either an aristo Kagen or a merchant/artisan of another clan; aristos from different clans didn't socialize during the war. As an advisor to Hinata no Kagen and the woman in charge of the Hourglass Coven, she is an important ally for any prospective Queen to win over.

         Open Male Roles
      There are plenty of plot lines getting started in Tacea, so now's a great time to get in on the  ground floor. Not every plot needs a full cast of characters, though, so the concepts whose main plots are filling up are below. Though there are already players in these plots, there is always room for a few more chefs in this kitchen metaphor.

      These roles in particular are for male characters. Many Tacean males are not literate, and can only read/write in the males’ cipher. Exceptions are geisha and males specifically trained for Court roles. It should be noted that male Stewards are incredibly uncommon for this reason. Stewards in Tacea are traditionally female. If you make a male Steward, you need to be able to explain how your character is literate. Male children are often abandoned at temples by families who cannot afford to feed them and who require a female heir. Men in social spheres are expected to be subservient to females at all times, and to do otherwise is considered deviant. Homosexual men are also considered deviant and would be encouraged to conceal their preferences, so remember that as well. (Bisexual men are subject to less censure, but it is still discouraged from an IC standpoint.)

      Please note: Queer characters are super welcomed on an OOC level, but ICly the Territory culture does not treat them very kindly. :'(

      Several male characters have already been claimed:
        • Consort to the Queen of Ito - claimed by Phedre
        • Leader of the Thousand Swords - claimed by Sol
        • 2X Father of the Okiya Combo - claimed by Rated Em and Zen
        • Consort to Hinata no Kagen - claimed by Caryn
        • Geisha Assassin!!!! - claimed by Phedre
        The Kagen Dagger is one of Hinata no Kagen's four surviving Daggers. Younger by far than the next eldest Dagger, he only joined the Seven Daggers in a tournament in 177AP, after one of the original Daggers who served Hinata died. Unbeknownst to Hinata, the Kagen Dagger is in fact her first cousin, the abandoned bastard child of an uncle. Rather than being bitter for the life which was stolen from him, the Dagger is instead fanatically loyal to, and obsessed with, the Kagen Queens. When it came time for Hinata to step down, he was the lone voice insisting that she deserved to continue ruling Tacea, and that she ought to choose a Kagen Queen to follow her.

        Though he pretends at having come around to Hinata's point of view, the Kagen Dagger is in fact quietly building consensus for the beginning of a Kagen Dynasty to last a thousand years.

        The Firebrand is a young merchant-class man who, emboldened by the recent steps made towards male equality (in the form of the Thousand Swords, which he may be a member of, and the appointment of Seung Corro as the Regent), will become quite the rabble-rouser. Though not aristo, he has considerable economic capital--perhaps his family is one of the ones who have already begun trading outside of Tacea, getting their foot in the door, so to say--and may have even traveled to the mainland and back since the barriers were opened in 190, an experience which expanded his worldview.

        He is literate in Common, but most often chooses to write in the men's cipher, an act which ensures that any seditious or antisocial content he produces will not be identifiable by the women around him.

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        Re: Tacea Wanted Ads
        « Reply #1 on: Apr 19, 18, 01:45:39 PM »
        Firebrand, if you please.

        Offline Reid

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        Re: Tacea Wanted Ads
        « Reply #2 on: Apr 19, 18, 01:51:07 PM »
        All yours!