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Author Topic: Pruul Personal Want Ads  (Read 423 times)


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Pruul Personal Want Ads
« on: Aug 09, 18, 05:44:04 PM »
Lilyan Vida

Damean Jasten – Summer Sky to Green Prince (Rolled. Name, caste, and jewels up to player!)

Nine years ago Lilyan was owned by Lucus Pullo, one of the most evil men in all of Hayll. She bonded to two males while in his clutches and that turned out to be one of the worst moments of her life. Pullo tortured all three of the slaves, forcing Lily to use her Queen's Touch on her males and conditioning the usually pleasing sensation to be associated with pain. Eventually, Pullo killed one of Lilyan's males and the Queen could hardly function, refusing to touch or even speak to Damean after the event. The slave master sold Lilyan a short time later, separating the Queen and her bonded. It is up to the player what occurred while Lilyan was passed from new master to new master. Perhaps they were freed? Perhaps they are still a slave? Eventually, I would like the two to come back together and try to heal what Pullo broke within them.

Unknown bonded - Any caste or Jewels

Lilyan is now owned by Izil, a Prullian slaver that buys slaves and offers them their freedom in exchange for indentured work. One of those former slaves/indentured servants is going to have the unfortunate luck to bond to Lilyan Vada. The Queen is broken, her mind fractured, and she needs a male that will guide her towards a path of healing. A calm, patient, and understand man that can bring out the best in her, even while understanding what she has been through. It will be an interesting navigation between the Izil (played by Lochlan) and Lilyan, as Izil is bonded to Lilyan as well, but the two have not acknowledged the fact. So not only will he be indentured to the man who owns his Queen, but he will have to deal with another complicated bond as well. There is a lot of potential for drama and interpersonal conflict/development.

Fate al-Izar

Jakob al-Izar – Rose to Summer Sky Warlord (Rolled. Name, caste, and jewels up to player!)

Fate grew up in Onn. There was a small orphanage there that tended to those that were forgotten and unwanted. She thrived there, her infectious personality causing the other children to laugh, even when they were down. She grew to love many of her “siblings” in  the orphanage and she planned to use her Healing to cobble together a home for them when she reached her majority. Sadly, that never happened, because the orphanage was a feeder for free labor in the salt mines. Unknown to the children, the Geiba ran the orphanage and when the children were old enough, they were sent to work in the Mines, never heard of again. When Fate turned 18, her and two of her brothers, Haddy and Jakob, were consigned to such a fate. They thought they were going to receive their Offerings, but instead they were shepherded into the darkness. They survived by having each other, each watching the others back.

After they were freed, they formed a small street gang that grew to be their family. Now, with a lot of luck and some insistence from fate, they have tried to join the newly forming al-Izar Clan.