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Author Topic: Nym's Want Ads  (Read 408 times)

Description: Dena Nehele & Dea al Mon

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Nym's Want Ads
« on: Jul 09, 18, 05:25:21 PM »
Kyrielle Lecuyer - 24 - Healer - Blood Opal to Sapphire

Face Claim: Amanda Schull ( suggested )
Difficulty: Easy (very flexible)

Important Info:

Kyrielle is Alina's older sister, and for the past ten years she's been in Dark Haven in Chaillot where they both grew up. Alina (then going by her given name Alouette) was never told what finally pushed Kyrielle into the dark jeweled Blood's asylum, but she's always assumed it had to do with her sister losing control when trying to save someone she wasn't supposed to. It seems the sort of daring and heroic feat that her out-going sister would have done, yet the truth of the story is up to whoever decides to take the young healer. I would prefer if the caste and jewels stayed the same, or at least dark enough to have been put into Dark Haven, but a lot of Alina's sister is up to whoever makes her. I can see her spirited personality going many different directions depending on what happened to her during that time; either helping her to stay resilient or maybe even breaking down under the weight of it all. Currently with Chaillot closed she cannot be made for in play in that Territory, but I'm open to any possibilities that may have somehow gotten her out of it. Otherwise this will continue to stay up and be edited to fit Chaillot's plot whenever it gets opened again.

Random Concept Ideas

I have a few character concepts that I wouldn't mind seeing taken if anyone wants to create a character, or use a character already in play, to fit into Alina's plots.

The First is the one I would love to see the most. The idea is that Alina's seen the same person multiple times in the various possible futures she's woven throughout the past several years, but never has actually met them. She knows snippets about what they might be like because of it though, and probably things that she really shouldn't because of being able to string clues together. I think it could be interesting if they're someone involved with one of the Guilds in Dena Nehele, but the concept itself isn't necessarily for a fully antagonistic relationship so much as one that might challenge her in some way. I'd prefer if this particular concept actually ended up being friendly or even romantic over time, even if it doesn't start that way, rather than it being someone who'd want her dead for example.

The Second is someone who might know Alina from her past. This would have to be someone from Chaillot that she knew as a child, or that knew her family and could recognize her. I'm open to this one being more antagonistic, but it could also be someone she cared a lot from her past like an old friend. There isn't really a lot of specifics for this concept, but it's an option if anyone is looking to make someone in DN, or if someone has a Chaillot character that is moving to DN and might fit. - Taken by Halyonix

The Third is someone in the Hourglass Coven, or around the area that she could have befriended over the past six years at some point. Alina is fairly withdrawn, but she probably did make a couple of friends that she was able to open up a little more to. Again this is a very open concept and more for if anyone has a character already in play that would fit, or is itching to make a new character for DN and is looking for connections.

Aconite - 23 - Warlord Prince - Opal to Green

Face Claim:  Open
Difficulty: Medium (flexible with some headcanons)

Important Info:

Aconite (name able to change) was born into a roaming family of Dea al Mon who traveled various parts of the Territory. However, he was about five years old (can be older) when his family was either attacked by the Brood, or was mostly away hunting them. The result was the death of many family members, leaving him and few others still alive to make their way into the small village where Dyad lived. When what remained of the survivors was ushered into her family's home the two children found each other, and it was an instant Bond between Queen and Warlord Prince. The two have been nearly inseparable since then, or they would have been if it weren't for Aconite falling ill with the Waste. After nearly a year of trying to hide the symptoms from all but his Queen, the young male was finally found out and taken to a Sanctum, or so the story goes.

I've been given permission to say that Queen Solstice, who Dyad is training under, actually gave Aconite a knife and the choice to end his own life rather than go to the Sanctum. This is something his player can incorporate if they wish. Whether he chose it himself though, or was taken by the Brood on his way to the Sanctum, Aconite never made it there. Instead, the Warlord Prince turned. I sort of imagine that some sort of wolf spirit might have been bonded to him, but I'm not picky at all and am very open to whatever his player thinks fits him best. The main thing is that his Bond has stayed strong, though warped as is common with the Brood, and even Dyad can feel the change in it and knows it's a matter of time before he tries finding her again.

I have every intention for Dyad to eventually become Brood herself, whether that's because she decides to join Aconite, is taken against her will, or flees because of getting the Waste later is up to plotting. She does have conflicted feelings about him and they both knew it was highly likely that he would have become either her First Escort or Consort if things had been different. I definitely imagine that they have a love bond as much as the more traditional one between a male and his Queen, though the interpretation of that is open, especially in the wake of Aconite becoming Brood and Dyad eventually joining him.

Jewels, face, and many other details are open for plotting and personal preference to whoever takes him! I do like the idea of him having darker jewels because I think it might fit their dynamic a bit better, but I'm open to it being re-rolled to anything.

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Re: Nym's Want Ads
« Reply #1 on: Jul 09, 18, 08:18:56 PM »
I feel like Jean-Baptiste Prejean, with his family's affluence in Chaillot, would be a viable candidate for your second idea. Erica and I have plans to move our characters out of Chaillot eventually.
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Re: Nym's Want Ads
« Reply #2 on: Jul 09, 18, 09:31:33 PM »
I'd be up for him and his family having known hers! Her family wasn't super wealthy or influential, but they might have gotten to know his if Alina's mother served his family as a Healer some of the time? I noticed he also likes kids on his bio, and both sisters would have been children still throughout any time the two families knew each other.