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Author Topic: Raffle - Birthright Green  (Read 438 times)


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Raffle - Birthright Green
« on: Oct 24, 17, 05:51:50 PM »

HBC has agreed to raffle off a Green Birthright Jewel during this year's Winsol celebration. Instead of raffling with points, we are looking to raise additional money  for registered Charities.

For every $1 that you donate to any of the registered Charities you will receive 1 raffle "ticket". We will have a live pulling of the results where you can watch a screen share of my computer while I roll a random number and match it to the raffle entries (the time zone will unfortunately be favorable to GMT, as fair warning).

To whom can you donate?

You may donate to any of the registered charities in this thread: THREAD!

How can you provide proof of your donation?

Make a donation in any full dollar amount for the raffle to any charity that has been registered and approved. Take a screen shot of your donation, specifically the confirmation page that says you did in fact donate and shows the amount of your donation. In Paint (or other photo program) mark out all the personal info you don't want anyone to see. Send the image (or confirmation email) to the Staff (

* If you want to split your donation up among the 3 different Birthrights, you need to outline how your total donation should be broken down. (EG. You donated $10 and want to put $4 towards Red, $3 towards Sapphire and $3 towards Green - you would say this in the email.) By default we'll divide your donation by 3 and add it equally across the Birthrights if you don't specify otherwise.

The Timeline

Raffle entries will be accepted between now and January 7th at 11:59pm GMT. We will pull the Raffle winner live - date to be announced.

* You do not need to be present at the drawing to win the Raffle. We will post who the winner is following that event.

Final notes: This Jewel is still subject to a full review as if they had been rolled a random BR Green.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Raffle - Birthright Green
« Reply #1 on: Jan 09, 18, 01:46:53 PM »
Congratulations to
for winning the

Email:   Discord: Dash#6159