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Author Topic: Tacea  (Read 64 times)

Description: meta-tracker; wip

Offline Reid

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« on: Jul 30, 20, 12:02:30 AM »
Spring 189AP_________________________
Petition [Vivian]Yuki Natsuhana is enthroned as Territory Queen of Tacea. At this point, the Clan Queens are Ishiyo no Izayoi, Yuina no Ariake, Naruko no Kagen, and Takara no Shingetsu.
Spring 190_________________________
Petition [Caryn]The spells hiding Tacea from the rest of the world come down, opening Tacea to the Territory for the first time in two centuries.
Late Winter 191_________________________
Petition [Caryn]At the end of the year in 191, the volcanoes Mt. Itoko (on Kaesong, the Hanwa island) and Mt. Mago (on Zhong, the Tang islands) erupt, wiping out most of the minority tribe populations.
Early Winter 192_________________________
Petition [Caryn]
A New Dawn, An Old Territory
Yuki Natsuhana elects to abdicate her throne to find a way to stop further volcanic eruptions. She departs for Shalador, taking Yua no Ariake, a Red Birthright Healer, with her. Ishiyo no Izayoi takes her place on the Dragon Throne. Ishiyo's Dagger tournament is held. Atsuko no Izayoi becomes Queen of the Izayoi.
Spring 193_________________________
Tired mechanical heart
Petition [Reid]
Ishiyo no Izayoi, driven mad by an artifact given to her by the Ueda conspiracy against her rule, slaughters her Court: all seven Daggers, her Triangle, and her First Circle, and then much of her daughter's Court as well. Hinata no Kagen calls Seung Corro back from Dena Nehele to help her handle the problem.
Crying wine, selling vinegarNews of Takara no Shingetsu's death in a bandit attack is carried to Ito during a council in which Seung Corro is named the Prince Regnant of Tacea for the next two years, a period of time called the Interregnum.
The wolf throne
Sakura no Shingetsu's history
Yumi no Kagen and Sakura no Shingetsu take their places as the Queens of their Clans.
Running with the wolves
Strong fences, good neighbors
The commanders of the Thousand Swords are selected: Haruka Shirogane (Interior), Feiyan He (Queensguard), and Toshihiro no Ariake (Border).
Summer 194_________________________
Two points for honestyMotoko Ueda confesses the conspiracy to Seung Corro.
Like tears in the rain.Teiko Ueda attempts to assassinate the newly-selected Queen of Tacea, Xiong Teng. Motoko Ueda saves Xiong's life.
For the eyes are never tired of seeingXiong Teng is enthroned on the Summer Solstice. Her Triangle is Seung Corro (Steward), Iwai no Izayoi (First Escort), and Mieko no Ariake (Mistress of the Guard, NPC); she has no Sword yet. Her Caste representatives are Genichiro Taishu (Black Widow), Kei no Zazen-ji (Priestess), Motoko Ueda (Healer), and Yuriko no Kagen (witch).
Fall 194_________________________
Poison in the water
Blood on the horizon
After discovering an attack on the Shingetsu mountain pass of Sangaku, Haruka brings a warning to Sakura no Shingetsu. Isamu no Kagen brings the report on the attack to the Territory Court.
Vibrations of tremors that shook long agoSakura issues a challenge to Atsuko no Izayoi. They agree to fight in an honor duel to end the Shingetsu-Izayoi aggression before the Dragon Queen has to get involved.
A historically parallel case
Searching for a precedent
Cathedral where you cannot breathe
Feathers paint the asphalt white
Xiong Teng reaches out to the Territory Court of Dena Nehele, and sends them an ambassador in the form of Hanaki Hisakawa. Sumie Yoshida follows shortly after. Kord and Lyudmila Viktorov arrive in Tacea as Dena Nehele's new ambassadors.
Winter 194_________________________
Burning in your honorThe honor duel between Shingetsu and Izayoi occurs. Xiong Teng forbids Atsuko no Izayoi's participation, and Masami of Amamiya duels Sakura no Shingetsu. In the aftermath of Sakura's victory, Sakura and Atsuko are engaged to members of the other's Clan, and Atsuko is dethroned as Clan Queen of the Izayoi. She will be succeeded by Masako Yamashina.
Come in from the wildThe work of excavating Zhong proceeds apace. The island will be habitable in about three years with consistent care, which it is not yet safe to provide.
To feel safe again, look over your shoulder
I hardly feel anything at all
Matchmaker Matchmaker
The future bridegrooms go to their new Courts. Yumi no Kagen reaches out to Sakura no Shingetsu to begin the process of securing a Shingetsu husband.
The upheaval you've been dreadingA volcano to the far east of Tacea on a caldera island called Kusure erupts, sinking the island and swamping parts of Ariake territory.
Rotting on the vine
Gather beneath my banner
Frost forms in the hollow of your hand
Sorinna Roman carries news to Tacea of the Guild Master's Price on Taceans. Xiong Teng declares she will withdraw all Taceans from Dena Nehele, including the Conservatory, which is critical to Dena Nehele's development. Kord and Lyudmila Viktorov convince Xiong to stay her hand, and she calls a discussion conference to handle the problem. The night before the conference is due to begin, Yumi no Kagen is attacked and nearly murdered, which necessitates the closure of the Ito flower district. The closure is delayed by the presence of the Dena Nehelean delegation.
And now the dream must endAtsuko no Izayoi starts the conflict between Shingetsu and Izayoi by calling in the debt of Sakura no Shingetsu's sword, Masami of Amamiya.
Spring in my heart, winter in my mindXiong Teng permits Ishiyo no Izayoi to return to Tacea.
Ragged clouds, low in the dustXiong Teng lays down the terms with which she will continue to treat with Dena Nehele. Sorinna Roman accepts them, and is introduced to Hanaki Hisakawa's successor as ambassador to Dena Nehele, an assassin named Naoto Shirogane.
Spring 195_________________________
Dust falls on my open eyesAfter the rites, Haneul Mhin tells Yuki Natsuhana of Xiong Teng's desire to reallocate land from the Ariake to the Hanwa.
A most auspicious time of yearIshiyo no Izayoi returns to Tacea from abroad.
Summer 195_________________________
Links to important threads and happenings...The first year of Xiong Teng's rule is celebrated. Her Triangle has been shuffled: Tae Yeon Yang is now Consort, Iwai no Izayoi is now Steward, and Seung Corro has moved down to Second Circle Escort.