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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Author Topic: Scelt's Tracker  (Read 4176 times)

Description: Updated Feb 4.

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Scelt's Tracker
« on: Feb 04, 13, 06:50:21 PM »

Plot Leader: Jamie
Ruling Character: Loreniel Killan, Opal to Sapphire Black Widow Queen

Plot Summary
Scelt's primary focus, following the Purge, had been to ease relations with the Landens and rebuild what they had lost. The Killan Queens remained in power following that traumatic witch storm and have worked hard for all these years for the benefit of Scelt. Their dynasty had been challenged any number of times in the several hundred years they had comfortably ruled Scelt before the Purge and following it but never had it been in jeopardy until thirty years ago when Daveil Killan was replaced as Queen by the younger, and darker, Eirne Sheane.

By the time Daveil's grand-daughter came of age to rule the Territory Eirne Sheane was firmly rooted in place and unwilling to relinquish control despite the Territory choosing to support Loreniel Killan instead. Loreniel's five years of ruling in Scelt have been less than ideal as she has faced a cell of defectors who have made Scelt a very uncomfortable place to live in; they've raided Landen villages (and less frequently Blood villages) for their goods, wares and resources, and have caused innumerable amounts of destruction against both land and property.

Fear has been mounting that Loreniel is not strong enough to combat her defectors, to protect the Landens accordingly, and to manage the Territory and rumors have been mounting that she is nothing more than a pawn for her grandmother, or the puppet for Scelt's Shield, Gray Jeweled Brogan Devlin.

Power has slowly been shifting in favor of Eirne Sheane as Loreniel’s inaction against the other Queen and in protection of her Territory is seen as a flaw in her ability to rule. Several events have led to the further undermining her power and credibility as Queen.

Honora Devlin, a Queen in Loreniel’s Court, was kidnapped and recovered by the Sheane family. Loreniel Killan had a confrontation with her grandmother, who accused her of being unable to rule the Territory, and the feud blew up publically in her Court with Loreniel banishing her grandmother. Loreniel Killan had her grandmother replaced as the Ruler of the Kilvary Province, instead Aidan Devlin now rules. Eamonn Sheane, Master of the Guard to Eirne Sheane, was caught kidnapping Loreniel Killan and is now being held by the Killan Court as a prisoner.

The Black Widows of Scelt continue to face persecution across the Territory and have become increasingly frustrated that their circumstances have not improved.

Plot Timeline & Threads:

180 Years Post Purge
Loreniel Killan receives a Sapphire for her Offering and is chosen as the Queen of Scelt; deposing Eirne Sheane in the process. Eirne Sheane returned to her home Province of Denford to become it’s Queen.

185 Years Post Purge

In "Ruthless in the Face of Beauty" Eirne Sheane arranges to have Honora Devlin, a Queen in Loreniel's Court, kidnapped. In the process Ciaran Doyle, a member of Loreniel's Court, was broken and left for dead. Eamonn Sheane, Eirne's Master of the Guard, finds and recovers Honora Devlin and she is eventually returned safely to the Killans.

In "Killan versus Killan" Loreniel's grand-mother appears at Loreniel's Court and accuses the Queen of mismanaging her people and the Territory; following the scrap Loreniel banishes her grand-mother from the Court.

In "Whispers in Darkness" Loreniel and Kean compare reports that they've received from a Landen and Blood village where many inhabitants are experiencing the same set of nightmares. Upon investigation they discover the burial ground of a Black Widow holocaust.

In "Can't Mend this Torn State" Loreniel Killan comes face to face with Eamonn Sheane as both Courts rush to aid a town set to fire by bandits. This is the start to Eamonn's obsession with the Queen and the catalyst for their connection of Queen and Prince.

186 Years Post Purge

Late Winter Winter
In "It's Not Enough - It Never Is" Aidan approaches Loreniel concerning her fight with her grand-mother. They discuss the implications of that fight and the rumors it would spawn and at the end Loreniel asks Aidan to become the ruler of Kilvary.

In "The Beast You Made of Me" Eamonn's struggles with paranoia surrounding a thought that Loreniel has ensnared him with a Widow's web drives the Prince to kidnap Scelt's Queen to force her to remove the webs. Loreniel discovers that those webs are real but were placed on his mind by the Sheane's Black Widow and have been slowly deteriorating his chalice. After earning his trust she works to fix the problem but has to knock him out and drag him back to Court as a prisoner.

In "Captured Predator" Loreniel drags Eamonn back to the Killan Estates and is confronted by an angry and hurt Brogan who has been searching frantically for his Queen.

187 Years Post Purge


The violence against Black Widows escalates to the literal burning point in ”Twisted Webs of Tangled Flames” when a young Black Widow is burned to death and the Queen, Loreniel Kent, dispenses justice. But the justice is not satisfying for all parties involved and the Black Widows become enraged by the continued assaults and injustice in the Territory.

Early Winter
Scelt’s struggles with dwindling food stores due to a poor harvest and continuous raids became a deeply troubling topic in the Territory. The Queen dispatched an envoy to Dharo to seek assistance from the neighboring Territory. While in Dharo a member of the envoy, the Warlord Prince Aidan Devlin, was murdered leaving many unanswered questions and creating rough tensions between the Territory.

188 Years Post Purge

Late Winter
In ”War Returns to Scelt”, Eirne Sheane facilitates the execution of Eamonnn Sheane’s mother and sends a memory crystal to taunt the Prince with his mother’s death. As a result Loreniel Killan is pushed to the killing edge and with the aid of Eamonn set off to see to the destruction of the Sheane Court.

In "Darkest Before the Dawn" a faction of Sheane extremists perform executions on many within Daveil Killan's Court in retribution for the Reckoning (otherwise known as the Sheane Massacre). The Queen then opts to outlaw the entire Sheane Clan.

Writers in Scelt are invited to add their threads into the tracker to align them to major plot points (but I will no longer be doing this on anyone’s behalf). To add your thread into the timeline please reply to this thread with the updated information necessary.

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