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Author Topic: Raej  (Read 5677 times)


Offline Dani

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« on: Jul 07, 12, 02:12:59 PM »

Plot Leader: Dani
Ruling Character: Odji Khaldun, Summer Sky to Blood Opal Priest Warlord Prince

Plot Summary
Raej is the powderkeg of Terreille that started the true Landen movement.  With a town called Hylia razed and the Landens revolting, Raej's economy came to a grinding halt, and the rioting even flooded over the Territory Court and killed the Queen of Raej.  That was 10 years ago. Now a Priest Warlord Prince rules Raej, his intent focused on rebuilding his people, protecting Raej and his people from the dangerous Landen.

Odji Khaldun does not seen the Landen as a force to be protected. He knows with the numbers seen, there will be more dead Blood before that war will be won and he cannot risk the end of the Blood. Raej is on a precipice of danger: Landen barely at an accord with the Blood, a ruler who sees Landen as a threat and not an equals, a Territory burning under the desert sun in danger of burning itself alive should civil war erupt.

Finally Odji is starting to turn the tables on the Landens. He has framed a group of Landens only to find the Landens themselves unable to capture them. Now an innocent will die for his incapability to tell the truth and truly the fires of hatred will be aflame once again. The Blood shall not be defeated and surely not by the Landens.

Plot Timeline & Threads:

176 Years Post Purge

Late Winter

Odji takes over the Territory for himself in place of a Queen.
180 Years Post Purge


Still Raej is uneasy and Odji works to form his Court. 
  • Dare to Rise Up From the Ash - Shani, the women who would become Odji's First Escort, brings to light a very dangerous secret, and a man dies. 
182 Years Post Purge


Still Raej is uneasy and Odji works to form his alliances.
  • Tears in the Sand - The High Priestess is dying and Menefer is a malluable Priestess whom Odji wants to see succeed the elderly Higher Priestess. Will she accept?
186 Years Post Purge

Late Winter

The Territory is at rest and Odji recruits more to his cause. Black Widow still cause him grief.
Festival time is here and Odji kicks it off with a unique ceremony.
A group of Landens kill a Blood family, women and children included. Odji has a hand in this event.
  • Playing the Villain - Odji orders his Court Seer and Steward to set up an execution of a Blood Family. This plays into his plans to save Raej.
  • The Devil Takes Hold - The Ruler of Raej confronts the Landen Consul Kafir about the deaths of the Blood family.
187 Years Post Purge

Late Winter

Tensions are high while the murders of the Blood family go unfound.
The Territory is still dealing with the fallout from the Landen murder of a Blood Family.
A murderer is found and Raej screams for justice.
  • Paying the Price with Innocence - Kafir brings to the Territory Court the man who confessed to the murders of the Blood Family. The boy turns out to be more than expected.

To add your thread into the timeline (or to correct it) please reply to this thread with the updated information necessary. If you make note of timeline references in your thread I will do my best to add them correctly here.
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Re: Raej
« Reply #1 on: Jul 07, 12, 02:22:45 PM »
For Spring:,2218.0/topicseen.html Information and Reformation -- The New Coven Leader meets with the Coven's spy at Court.

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Re: Raej
« Reply #2 on: Jul 07, 12, 03:01:01 PM »
Um. Late winter or spring?
Code: [Select]
[url=,2054.0.html]Dancing With Danger[/url] - Two Snakes have a heated and potentially hazardous encounter with Nkosi of the Red Queen's Court.

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