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Author Topic: Pruul Monthly Newsletters  (Read 414 times)

Description: Updated to October, 2018

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Pruul Monthly Newsletters
« on: Sep 28, 18, 04:19:45 PM »
    Pruul Newsletter
    September 2018
    Pruul has been irrevocably changed by the Rains, brought for seven nights and seven days by the Mineborn. But ending The Great Drought was not without consequences. The rain has incensed the Sandworms, previously only found in the deep desert. Tensions between Clans and within them have risen. The new Territory Council is struggling to address the growing unrest.

    Territory News
    Sandworm attacks!
    • Tuono, the sandrider city, was destroyed by frenzied sandworms, which have grown in number since the Rains. Many perished and those that survived fled to Onn.
    • Unprecedented, the sandworms roamed out of the deep desert and attacked Onn, the capital city of Pruul, during the High Festival. Thousands died and some Tribes were pushed to extinction. The worms remain barricading the city.
    • At present, the hardest hit of the tribes are the Situla, Latifh, and Hague while reports from the Jinan indicated a severe loss to both their private and selling herds and while the Sandworms continue their siege of the city, the HorseLords are unable to head out into the desert to salvage the bands of horses that were released to avoid being eaten.
    A New Clan Emerges
    • Lucky al-Izar performed an ancient Clan creation ritual in the Vaya Temple, creating the al-Izar as the first new clan in almost 1,000 years. They took in the Clanless, the homeless, and the forgotten into their ranks.
    Askavi and Pruul Summit
    • Fin al-Sabbah, the Voice of the Sabbah, Lucky al-Izar, and Abaddon al-Sabbah travelled to Askavi to discuss new diplomatic relations, old debts, and the future of the two territories.
    Sabbah Civil War
    • Clan Sabbah is in a state of open Civil War as of the return of Lady Elenor, the rampage of Adavera al-Jinan and the Queen’s decision to save the woman who attacked many Sabbah. The Clan is divided with approximately one third leaning to the True Sabbah, one quarter firmly in favor of the current ruling Queen and most others watching and waiting to see what will happen with the Opal Birthright Queen Sarina ibn Kaid al-Sabbah who has recently been brought into the Clan. While the Civil War has not yet resulted in large shows of violence between the two factions, it is accepted as inevitable now that this will occur. The leadership of the True Sabbah has officially been declared as enemies of the Court, to be arrested and brought in. If that fails, killed on sight.
    Character News
    Fate al-Izar
    • Fate al-Izar controlled a sandworm during the attack, saving her family. The news has spread throughout Onn and many think she can save them all.
    Elenor al-Sabbah
    • Lady Elenor and her Court are once more in residence in Onn after racing in. On that night, an attack by one Adavera al-Jinan against the True Sabbah resulted in the death of some twenty bystanders and has left Lady Elenor and Lady Adavera in a coma under the supervision of the Sabbah Court Seer, Shadya al-Sabbah. Two weeks after that day they will awaken.
    • Lady Sarina al-Sabbah, the new Opal Birthright Queen betrothed into the Sabbah has been commanded to appear before the Clan Queen at a pre-arranged date after Lady Sabbah recovers from her ordeal.
    • Six-year-old Queen Salma al-Sabbah is now a Ward of the Sabbah Court after receiving a Rose Jewel at her Birthright. The question of her paternity is still up in the air as her Birthright Ceremony was interrupted by the rampage of Adavera al-Jinan.
    • Lady Elenor has secured contracts to import brackish water from the Territory Courts of Dena Nehele and Askavi, as well as individual estates and families in Hayll. This water is being shipped to the southern and northern salt mines to assist in the automation process. It will create a reserve of potable water, a portion of which will be donated to each of the other Great Clans and the Territory Government as a sign of good faith from Clan Sabbah.
    Matin al-Sabbah
    • After the death of Steward Prince Shaharokh al-Sabbah in the summer under suspicious circumstances, Prince Matin al-Sabbah has stepped up as de facto leader of the Court until the return and healing of his Queen. It is suspected that he killed the Steward and his Bond Brother but an inquiry has not yet been conducted.
    • The betrothal between Prince Matin al-Sabbah and Lady Sarina ibn Kaid al-Sabbah has been formalized and will be required to end in marriage within one year of Lady Sarina's Offering to the Darkness.
    • A formal inquest in crimes committed against the Geiba Orphans is undergoing. Trials will commence as soon as Lady Elenor al-Sabbah is recovered. The investigation is being led by Prince Matin al-Sabbah with the assistance of Prince Barin al-Sabbah.
    Shadya al-Sabbah
    • Lady Shadya al-Sabbah, Court Seer of the Clan Court lost her sister, Lady Amira al-Sabbah, Court Priestess, during the Sandworm Attack. Amira is also survived by her uncle, Lord Fin al-Sabbah, Voice of the Clan.
    Naya al-Sabbah
    • The ice cream shop run by Lady Nayarreh al-Sabbah is currently open to business with reduced hours as the proprietor adjusts to a broken Offering Jewel and her wife’s injuries.
    Mehdi al-Sabbah
    • Mehdi al-Sabbah is heading up the rooftop garden venture initiated by Clan Sabbah, and is inviting members from all other Clans to visit them and learn how to do the same if they so wish. Additionally, he is leading a support group for those who have lost loved ones in the Attack of Onn in the evenings. All are invited to attend.
    Adel al-Sabbah
    • Lady Adileh al-Sabbah performed their Offering to the Darkness and came away with a Sapphire Jewel. While in public they are still acting as a leading member of the True Sabbah faction, his Offering fulfills the conditions set by his Blood-Bonded Queen Elenor al-Sabbah and he is now the official but hidden High Priest of Clan Sabbah. He continues to work as her agent within the True Sabbah.
    Shira al-Sabbah
    • A warrant for the arrests of Lady Shira al-Sabbah and Lady Zhaleh al-Sabbah has been issued. However, the rampage of Lady Adavera al-Jinan has sent more people than ever to the side of the True Sabbah and their zealot's belief that the Long-Lived are responsible for the Sand Worm activity. The leadership of this growing movement is hiding somewhere in the city but their location is unknown.
    Khosro, Barin and the Geiba
    • Barin al-Sabbah and the Geiba children donated their cache of supplies, food, and medicine to the Mineborn Council to help recovery efforts after the Attack.
    • Khosro al-Hague has established a temporary shelter at the public library for all newly orphaned children after the Attack, with the help of the older Geiba Orphans.
    • Lady Niv ibn Geiba and Lady Taisha al-Jinan have both been blessed by Mother Night with the Caste of Black Widow.
    Torin al-Jinan
    • Lord Torin al-Jinan was wounded by Lady Adavera al-Jinan during her rampage. His right hand and shoulder were badly damaged and might take years to fully recover, if ever.
    Aahad al-Situla
    • Mother Night’s Champion was bitten by a Sandworm during the Worm’s Attack on Onn.  He was tended to by Adavera al-Jinan and Jasper al-Situla, and has recovered.  It is being seen as a miracle.
    Lucky al-Izar
    • Lucky al-Izar has begun to train an al-Izar guard, organize trials for new al-Izar members, explore different ways the Clan can become self-sufficient (as they are supported by wealthy donors currently), and build out houses for their growing Clan. Additionally, he continues to work through the trauma of his past with the help of Elenor al-Sabbah and Aahad al-Situla.
    Vashti al-Izar
    • Vashti al-Izar, a Queen who has dedicated herself to the Izar clan, has proclaimed that she will be holding a meeting soon for any men of the Izar who might wish to present themselves and help her form the first court of the Clan.  Expected to present themselves for the Queen’s First circle are her three bonded males, Ennead al-Bali, Tariq al-Latifh and Celim al-Izar, formerly of the Jinan.
    Rania al-Abd
    • A friend of the Mineborn since their arrival in Little Citadel, Rania al-Abd is well known and liked, especially for her delicious cookies.  With the recent death of her adopted father, she has used the money from her inheritance to purchase her own bakery, the Desert Flour and is doing rather well.  Recently, she has taken under her care a young man Tourak al-Geiba, a Landen boy of ten years old who was being abused by his foster father, another bakery owner.
    Izil Jofari
    • Was unseen during the Sandworm attack in Onn. Recently has automated the northern mines with water pumps. Former workers have been compensated and released. Has accepted Clan Bali via Zhahrah al-Bali as shareholders of the mines.
    New Canon
    Sandworm Craft
    • Although it was long believed sandworms were impervious to Craft, it appears that a rare form of healing craft can manipulate their bodies and control their movements. It is dangerous work and many who try it will die.
    Books in Onn
    • As of two weeks before the attack on Onn, a large number of books were donated by Clan Sabbah to the public library of Onn and shipped in from Hayll.
    Layout of Onn
    • As per several threads including Sirocco Winds, it has been established that apart from general and communal areas, the city of Onn is divided into four Quarters, one for each of the Great Clans where their presence in Onn is most established and where most of their population is now sequestered after the Worm Attack. The Quarters are located thusly: Bali to the South, Tabur to the East, Jinan to the North, and Sabbah to the West. Clan Izar is currently based out of the complex previously used by Tribe Geiba near the Sabbah Quarter. The center of the city is dedicated to permanent residents, a large merchant area (for the tannery, smithing, and textile workers etc.), city and Territory government, parks, and recreation areas.
    New Food Production Method
    • As of the day after the Worm Attack on Onn, Clan Sabbah began rooftop cultivation of teff and other quick-growing staple grains, using city waste, charcoal, and Queen's Gift. This will take approximately one month to yield results and help alleviate the burden on the city.
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    Re: Pruul Monthly Newsletters
    « Reply #1 on: Oct 28, 18, 01:43:20 PM »
      Pruul Newsletter
      October 2018
      Pruul has been irrevocably changed by the Rains, brought for seven nights and seven days by the Mineborn. But ending The Great Drought was not without consequences. The rain has incensed the Sandworms, previously only found in the deep desert. Tensions between Clans and within them have risen. The new Territory Council is struggling to address the growing unrest.

      It has been months since the Sandworms surrounded Onn. Supplies are holding, if just barely, and the Territory Council has convened to decide how to combat the growing problem.
      Territory News
      Sandworm attacks! [Continued]
      • The blockade of Onn by the sandworms continues. Those with wings have begun to carry both supplies and people in and out of Onn, ensuring that there is some movement in the territory still, as well as continued supplies.
      Rooftop Agriculture [Continued]
      • The Sabbah rooftop gardens have begun their second growing with the first harvest being distributed already. The Tabur-grown crops are coming along slower but speeding up. So far there have been no attacks on the gardens but protests can be heard on the streets below in the Sabbah Quarter some days and threatening graffiti appear on a regular basis on the buildings being used.
      Character News
      Michael Dyslin
      • He has been promoted to Master of the Guard. He's taken his Queen's command to prepare for his Trials in one years' time to heart,  and seems to be striving to set a much needed example of protocol for the court (mostly Elenor, who are we kidding), even while learning everything he can from Danyal and Matin, Adel and Shadya among others. Meanwhile, he continues to work with the strange Hayllian he and Elenor returned to Pruul with, helping him slowly along the path of healing his chalice.
      Shadya al-Sabbah
      • She has been promoted to Voice of the Sabbah.
      Lucky al-Izar
      • He is looking at ways to make the new Izar Clan economically self-sufficient. He is exploring the trade of specially crafted weapons and intricate glass work, but is looking into selling offensive Widow Craft or trained guards as well.
      • Lucky has begun courting Salome Sands.
      • Lucky spoke with Elenor al-Sabbah and has begun to come to terms with his childhood abuse, attempting to become a better man.
      Fate al-Izar
      • While walking through the streets of Onn with her foster brother, she was attacked by a mob of people that wished she could use her Sandworm Craft to stop the siege of Onn.
      Matin al-Sabbah
      • Accepted a contract to serve as Steward of Clan Sabbah, relinquishing his position as First Escort to Bashir al-Sabbah. His daughter, Salma al-Sabbah, has been accepted as a Ward of the Court.
      Malika al-Sabbah
      • Has been promoted to be Matin’s Second, acting as Assistant Steward in the First Circle.
      Adileh al-Sabbah
      • Adel has joined Elenor’s Court after begging for asylum on the orders of Shira al-Sabbah. He has been appointed as provisional Court Priestess and continues to work as a double agent for Elenor and the True Sabbah.
      Elenor al-Sabbah
      • EAfter some much-needed changes to her Court, Elenor has made an offer to any True Sabbah members to renounce Shira and request amnesty, using the examples of Sarina and Adel. So far, no others have come forward. The rooftop agricultural project has begun to be adopted by the Tabur with Elenor’s assistance. Grain is beginning to be given out, at no cost to members of Clan Sabbah and at a fair, even low market price to members of other Clans when surplus is present, with a free allotment to children under the age of 13.
      Danyal al-Hague
      • Has accepted a position as guardian of the Wards in the Sabbah Court.
      Adavera al-Jinan
      • Vera sent Simin a letter regarding the Onn Massacre she made, requesting that she be removed as Voice and exiled from the Clan of her birth.
      Bashir al-Sabbah
      • Bashir has (finally!) been promoted to Elenor’s First Escort.
      Dinah al-Tabur
      • Dinah’s Black Widow Caste has finally bloomed but knowledge about it is still held by only a select few.
      Sarina al-Sabbah
      • Sarina al-Sabbah was summoned before Lady Sabbah shortly after the Queen's recovery. There she unexpectedly Bonded to the Master of the Guard, Danyal al-Hague. Sarina and her Bonded sought sanctuary with the Clan Queen and Sarina became a Ward of the Court.
      New Canon
      True Sabbah Signaling
      • While it is common for members of Clan Sabbah to have their traditional silver cuffs embellished and personalized, it has recently become a trend among the True Sabbah and their supporters to wear plain, simple cuffs with no decoration. This has become a mark of allegiance and a way for True Sabbah to recognize each other without incriminating themselves as dissidents. While it is possible for members of the Clan to be arrested based on this, the possibility that the unadorned cuff is an individual’s preference makes this implausible.
      Tunnels Under Onn
      • Extending out from the Sabbah Queen’s Residence, tunnels and vaults have been dug into the bedrock of Onn over centuries by previous Sabbah rulers. There is currently no known map of the entirety of this tunnel system, and no one is sure how far under the the city it spreads. It is at the deepest point two floors beneath the surface in the area that has been explored and the tunnels vary between well-made and raw, as if dug using picks or Craft from the bedrock with little finishing, using similar stone shaping techniques as are used to open veins in the Mines.

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