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Author Topic: Dhemlan in Kaeleer  (Read 6122 times)

Description: Such pretty vices

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Dhemlan in Kaeleer
« on: Mar 16, 17, 10:19:10 PM »
192 AP191 AP190 AP188 AP186 APEarlier

Ruling Character:
Teoda Araneina

Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Queen
Plot Leader: phinneas | Court of Dhemlan | Culture of Dhemlan

Plot Summary:
Dhemlan, Kaeleer has slowly become a land divided. Blessed with an abundance of everything and anything the Realms of the Blood could offer, the Blood of Dhemlan have become increasingly entitled and self-serving, and the Landen have become increasingly ill-treated and abused. The corruption and oppression that Witch’s Purge wiped out in so much of the rest of the Realms was thwarted in its work by the well-meaning sacrifice of the territory’s Ebon Gray Queen. Mitra Sa Roya lost her jewels and much of her family and court while defending Dhemlan, but it was the price she paid for saving the better part of her territory from the destruction of Witch’s judgment against them. As such, the corruption here has only intensified. In particular, the tension between the Landen and the Blood who were meant to care for them is close to reaching a boiling point. The Landen Council is currently biding its time and watching the skies, but only a fool would think them idle.

In the midst of this turmoil, Province Queen Teoda Araneina stormed the capital palace in Amdarh, and exposed for all the Territory the farce perpetuated by the Territory Court: Mitra sa Roya had disappeared some time ago, and a shadow Queen, moved about by the Black Widows of the Coven, had been ruling in her stead. With the Coven shamed and Mitra's old court decimated, Teoda has begun to rebuild. Her path is a dangerous one; not only are the disgraced Black Widows intent on revenge, but every other faction in Dhemlan has just been reminded that the throne can belong to anyone, given enough blood spilled.

192 AP
Winter, 192 AP
The Devil You know

Trade Syndicate Captain Goryo Zamora visits Sitges on his regular rounds. While there, he invites Pirenza Capital Lieutenant Ricardo Dominguez to lunch. Goryo is seeking men whose loyalties to the future of the Landen in Dhemlan are strong enough to allow sense to overcome sentimentality.
To Be Back In Her Bosom 

Having not seen Taxet since the ill-fated Rut of their last encounter, Naraii runs into him at a party for Headrix’s birthday. He assures her that the old Coven is still at work in the shadows, and Naraii visits him later at his home to discuss the matter. (NSFW)

Paying Dues

Ricardo and Calista have a difference of opinion.

Confluence of Consequence

When Carmen and Jessenia are overheard making nefarious plans at a museum party, they must take drastic measures to cover their tracks.
191 AP
Fall, 191 AP

Raise a Glass to the Two of Us

Cristobal de la Cruz, a merchant who relocated to Little Terreille, returns to Dhemlan to warn Teoda that DK’s Nuncio emissary to LT has been accidentally slain in the Territory takeover.
An Ill-Timed Visit 

While the dinner party is busy speaking amongst themselves, Marisol makes a quiet return to the estate. She finds Mari recovering from a poor reaction to dinner, and finds out that her long-lost brother has returned home.

Do You Ever Close Your Eyes? 

Lorenzo returns home to Sitges District and works out some ancient issues with his brother’s widow, Xiomara.

A Winsol Adagio 

Soraya meets the famous composer Taxet Montecristo at a Winsol party and the two connect.

Invitation to a Fencing Salle

Gervasio Asturias gives a fencing lessong to Conseulla Chavez.
Bonding Our Hearts and Minds

Elena and Alejandro have an interlude.

Parlor Pleasantries & Coffee Cake Confessions

Xiomara and Corazon discuss Lorenzo, art and beauty after Lady Mari Calderon's difficult dinner party.
A Dinner Here is Never Second Best 

Lorenzo’s return to Sitges is uncovered by the rest of the house, and Mari insists they all sit down to dinner.
Mommy Dearest

Mari Calderon discusses a potential trip to Salamanca for her daughter, Clarissa.

Just A Pinprick

Taxet visits Elena Barbero, the Province Queen of Seville.
Summer, 191 AP

What the Queen Doesn't Know...

Rodrigo acquires a new acquaintance in Valeska Drachlan.

Hello, My Name is Inigo Montoya

Province Queen Elena Barbero and her brother Rodrigo receive a very angry visitor, Alejandro Delgado, who winds up belonging to Elena.

Beauty in Diversity

Adalita and Consuella visit the shore.
Summer Storms

Goryo and Ricardo, members of the Landen Council, take a moment to meet with Blood Queen Corazon Chavez to hear her tell about the work she’s done for the local ecosystem.

Interrogator's Apprentice

Lope de Harlo gains an unwilling apprentice.

Let's All Stroke Together

Colton Sheane visits Mari Calderon to discuss potential business opportunities.

Spring, 191 AP

Ordinary Things

Calista Abarora arrives at the Plaza del Toros to find no one there to receive her. Instead, she meets Ximo Gutierres, an ex torero who now sells horses to the Plaza.

Thorn in Your Side

Naraii runs into not only Caelestis at the Amdarh Keep, but Corazon and Anton as well when the Queen shows up for tea with Teoda.

The Breadth of Our Souls 

Caelestis takes Teoda to the beach for one of their periodic vacations. While there, assassins attempt to empty the throne.

 For Queenly Presence Grant A Bow

Sitges District Queen Mari Calderon meets a new bonded male, Romerio Asturias

Iterations: New Alliances

Graciela del Olmo and Jessenia Marques meet at the Museum. This cannot be good…

A Day late and a Plaza Short

When the Plaza del Toro fails to find its way into the hands of the Landen Council through typical means, Associate Head Vicente de Gant takes matters into his own hands and authorizes Goryo to use whatever means are necessary to win Trinidad Nava’s surrender of the Plaza.

The Promises You Keep

Caelestis and Naraii discuss the upcoming Spring Galas, the hiring of Dahlia and pirates at the Chavez Museum. Naraii meets Cassandria the Hearth Witch who cares for the museum.(April, 2016)


When Your Prayers Are Answered but the Answer is No

The reader meets Valeska Drachlan, a Glacian refugee who doesn’t quite make to the freedom for which she was hoping.

My Hunger Runs Deep 

Lorenzo enters a Rut and targets Corazon.


Caelestis taps a friend in Scelt Town named Desmond Clery to help him dig up information pertaining to the fuckery with the Glacian refugees.

Espinado el Corazon

Corazon is invited to tea with Teoda to tell her about her “great experiment”.
Show Me A Sign

While out performing her blessings for the masses, Carmen encounters an unaffiliated Healer named Adriana Rivera and enlists her service.

Just Queenly Things

Mari Calderon visits her Province Queen, Amore de Medina.
Roses and Thorns

Made curious by Lorenzo’s comments about Corazon, Naraii decides to meet this Queen for herself. She not only meets the Queen (and her dashing escorts), but gets the chance to participate in Corazon’s “great experiment”.


Lorenzo and Corazon keep in touch while Lorenzo is away.

Of Shadows and Webs, Betrayals and Bonds

Lope de Harlo, the leader of the new Coven, enlists the aid of Dahlia Octavian to begin tracking down those Black Widows loyal to the old, corrupt Coven.
190 AP
Winter, 190 AP
On the Right Track, Baby

Frustrated after how poorly her good work was received at the court, Naraii heads for the nearest bar with Lorenzo in tow. There, they encounter a strange, tri-casted witch named Delilah Montest.

A Little More Than You Bargained For

The fallout of Naraii & Lorenzo’s discovery concerning the Dhemlanese ship is quite a bit broader than Naraii imagined.

Iterations: Shooting Stars Will Fall Tonight 

Lorenzo professes his love for Corazon, but they can’t figure out how to protect her family and avoid her engagement to Tomas. (March, 2016)

Iterations: Castles in the Sand

Corazon and Lorenzo experiment with restoring a damaged harbor and increasing the yeild of the sea using the Queen’s Gift. Lorenzo decides to let Corazon go, rather than try to free her from her arranged marriage. The logic in it is too irrefutable. (March, 2016)

The Ledger: Balancing Accounts

Ricardo, a moneylender from the Landen Council, meets with the Province Queen of Seville and unfortunate debtor, Amore de Medina. (March, 2016)

A Little Party Preparations

Queen Elena and her favorite courtier, Graciela, prepare for Adalita’s celebration at the Museum. Elena is less than sober. (February, 2016)

Played the Wolf and Let the Sheep Figure It Out

Carmen (the Cathedra High Priestess) and Jessenia (the True Coven leader) plot against the world. (Feb, 2016)

Help Wanted

An independent Healer named Adriana seeks a post with Courtesan Soraya in order to learn more of the recent upheavals with the territory. (Jan, 2016)

Choose Your Own Chains

Naraii hunts down the Pirate Captain Rayen Sandoval (Nov, 2015)

A Rock That Bends to No Wind

Trinidad struggles further to maintain control of the Plaza del Toros

Lie and Smile to Get What's Mine

Dahlia Octavian is tasked with interviewing those brought in from the Bravado. Caelestis is tasked with making sure interviewing is all she does.

Raising the Black Flag 

Naraii enlists the aid of Lorenzo and Rayen (and her ship & crew) to investigate a Dhemlanese ship she suspects is involved in something nefarious.

Iterations: House Cleaning

Lorenzo heads to the University to talk to Santiago about women, but is ambushed by an angry Hearth-Witch and reassured by a Priestess. He resolves to make a change. (March, 2016)

 Tilling My Own Grave to Keep me Level

Queen Teoda hires the Black-Widow Queen Dahlia Octavian into her Court despite her
association with the traitors routed out of the Territory Court. (March, 2016)

Iterations: The Travel Coach

Consuella dodges the main party and hopefully the after party at the Museum by hiding in her travel Coach, so she can work uninterrupted. Adalita has other plans. (Feb, 2016)

Iterations: The Chavez Museum

Cassandria avoids the main party to prepare the Museum for Adalita’s guests. (Feb, 2016)(Feb, 2016)

Iterations: The Chavez Manor

Corazon hosts a small dinner celebrating Adalita’s finally completing her Doctoral thesis on Flight. Although not well known, Corazon and Adalita’s political connections bring a few influential people to the otherwise university-centric celebration. The party will eat lightly, then head to the Museum to see the exhibit on Flight in Adalita’s honor. (February, 2016)

An Offer You Can't Refuse

Syndicate Captain Gregorio pressures Trinidad Nava about the Plaza del Toros. (Feb, 2016)
Never Be More Than The Wolf At Your Door

Lorenzo Calderon returns to Amdarh, meets Teoda and reconnects with his old friend Naraii. (Feb, 2016)

Only the Weak Are Cruel

Trinidad Nava, owner of the Plaza del Toros, tries to keep her struggling property afloat.

Wild Stallions and Tamed Mares

Queen Alondra and Xima discusses horses. (Dec, 2015)

Fall, 190 AP

Sinners Play As Saints 

Jessenia reaches out for help from Taxet Montecristo. The meeting does not go quite as she expected.

Perhaps I Am Stronger Than I Think

Teoda and Menicia discuss the problem of finding a Queen for the Coreserini Province, and decide to host a series of Queens' Galas to lure all available Queens to be interviewed.

Summer, 190 AP

Into the Bookshelf

After her meeting with Santiago, Mari encounters Marissa Valentina in the University library.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Ximo and Adriana amongst other folks. (July, 2015)

Don't Give a Good Goddamn About Redemption 

A few days after the bloody coup in Amdarh, Naraii visits Taxet at his home to tell him the good news. She is dismayed to learn that Taxet’s son was among those slain, and is even more dismayed to find the Black Widow Prince on the verge of a Rut. (NSFW)

Together We Will Rise

Teoda, Octaivan and Naraii destroy the false Mitra, kill the traitors and take over the Territory Court. (June, 2015)

Better to Burn Out Than to Fade Away

After being appointed to replace the corrupt former Headmaster of Salamanca University, Santiago Rivera receives a visit from Mari Calderon.

Legacy of the Battle

Aftermath of a battle on the pirate ship Valliant, with Captain Rayen, tri-casted Aira and LT. Anela talk. (July, 2015)
Above All These Promises We Couldn't Keep

Naraii and Octavian celebrate the capture of the Territory Court, before the evening takes a dramatic and unexpected turn. (June, 2015)

Friends With the Monster That's Under My Bed

La Oratova Province Queen Teoda Araneina gets a surprise visit from the exiled Ebon Gray Warlord Prince Tiberius Octavian. He has brought tidings of dark secrets being concealed at Amdarh.

Spring, 190 AP

The Sun is Gonna Burn Them Feathers

Naraii's search for Tiberius Octavian leads her to discovers the dangerous islands known as the Devil's Teeth, and a Black-Widow Prince named Ulixes Dinis who lives there. (Feb, 2015)

188 AP
Summer, 188 AP

Don't Be Aroused By My Confession 

Convinced that something foul is afoot at the Territory Court and that even her beloved brother Headrix is compromised, Naraii follows a lead from one of her father’s old Journals and tries to track down Tiberius Octavian to help her address the problem. Though the nefarious Ebon Gray Warlord Prince is nowhere to be found, Naraii does manage to track down his old friend, a Black Widow Prince named Taxet Montecristo.

186 AP
Winter, 186 AP

Strange and Dangerous Winds

Mitra sa Roya reminisces on the state of the Territory.

135 AP
Fall, 135 AP

4 AP
Spring, 4 AP

Principles Are For the Ages

After seeing the overflow of corruption in and around his cousin Mitra sa Roya's court in the wake of the Purge, Tiberius Octavian visits the Amdarh court and calls for Mitra sa Roya to step down as Queen of Dhemlan. Charged with treason, Tiberius is summarily banished from Dhemlan indefinitely.

2 AP
Winter, 2 AP
Another Inch of Your Life, Sacrificed

Soledad receives word that Taulamus Sigurd has returned to Dhemlan, and she takes the opportunity to make good on her 500 year-old vow to make him pay for his crimes. The confrontation changes both of them irrevocably, shattering both of their Offering Jewels before Taulamus escapes once more..

0 AP
Winter, 0 AP


522 BP
Summer, 522 BP

Another One With the Golden Tongue

The Ebon Gray Warlord Prince Tiberius Octavian, and the Gray Jeweled Black Widow Soledad Augustin follow a series of clues that lead them to the hidden lab of a well-respected Dhemlanese Prince, Taulamus Sigurd. The pair discover the horrible truth about his work, though they are too late to catch the Prince before he flees the Territory.

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Re: Dhemlan in Kaeleer
« Reply #1 on: Mar 16, 17, 10:23:09 PM »
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Re: Dhemlan in Kaeleer
« Reply #2 on: Mar 20, 17, 03:04:02 AM »

Thread Title: Parlor Pleasantries and Coffee Cake Confessions.
Thread Link Parlor Pleasantries and Coffee Cake Confessions
Description Xiomara and Corazon discuss Lorenzo, art and beauty after Lady Mari Calderon's difficult dinner party.
Thread Before A dinner here is never Second Best
Thread After Raise a Glass to the two of us (though I think Lorenzo and Clarissa will have a thread that is parallel to Parlor Pleasantries.)

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Re: Dhemlan in Kaeleer
« Reply #3 on: Mar 20, 17, 08:25:07 AM »
Added! Thanks!

Thread Title: Parlor Pleasantries and Coffee Cake Confessions.
Thread Link Parlor Pleasantries and Coffee Cake Confessions
Description Xiomara and Corazon discuss Lorenzo, art and beauty after Lady Mari Calderon's difficult dinner party.
Thread Before A dinner here is never Second Best
Thread After Raise a Glass to the two of us (though I think Lorenzo and Clarissa will have a thread that is parallel to Parlor Pleasantries.)  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker