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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Author Topic: Dharo's Tracker  (Read 4339 times)

Description: Updated Feb 4.

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Dharo's Tracker
« on: Feb 04, 13, 06:17:30 PM »

Plot Leader: Jamie
Ruling Character: Rheava Evesham, Queen, Purple Dusk to Broken Sapphire

Plot Summary
Dharo is a Territory rich in intrigue, politics and drama.

Thirteen years ago a young Queen named Alora Kent unwittingly orchestrated the downfall of Rheava Evesham. She was swiftly moved into the role of Territory Ruler, as Rheava Evesham’s replacement, and became the puppet Queen for the Ryder family. During Alora Kent’s reign the Territory suffered from the Queen’s neglect and inability to balance her duties as the Ruler.

Several years after being ousted from the seat of power in Dharo, Rheava Evesham returned with proof that she had been setup and quickly reclaimed control of the Territory from Alora Kent. Unknown to the public Alora Kent sought aid from Rheava Evesham, as the younger Queen was pregnant and wanting to be free of her shackles to the Ryder family. Rheava Evesham aided Alora Kent in her escape into hiding; rumors began circulating that the younger Queen had been executed by Rheava Evesham for her role in the plot to unseat Rheava.

Nearly eight years into Rheava’s second reign her Court became plagued with deaths and assassinations. Though she suspected the Ryder family to be behind her troubles she never had enough proof to call them to justice. News of the troubles spread to Alora Kent and the Queen left her careful hiding place in the countryside of Dharo to return to Court and offer what support and distraction she could provide to Rheava Evesham.

Dharo remains a Territory in heavy political turmoil. The Territory thrives on politics and trade above and beyond any other pastime or industry. The intrigue is further supported by the Spy Network loyal to Rheava Evesham, by the Rampart Club loyal to the causes of Dharo, by the aristocrats with their influences and betrayals, and by any other number of outside impact and influences levied against the Territory.

172 Years Post Purge
Dirk Ryder and Savenna Ryder utilize their carefully chosen pawn, Alora Kent, to oversee the downfall of the Queen Rheava Evesham. Following the close escape of the former Queen, Alora Kent is chosen as the new Queen of Dharo.

177 Years Post Purge 
The former Queen of Dharo returns to the capital with evidence of her innocence. During the turmoil Alora Kent discovers she is pregnant and has her eyes opened for the first time during the tenure of her poor reign. With Rheava's assistance Alora chooses a path of exile to protect herself and her child. Rheava Evesham is restored as the Queen of Dharo.

185 Years Post Purge  (2010 OOC)

Late Winter:
When the death toll at Court begins to pile up quickly there is fear that the Court is being purposefully targeted and attacked.

The former Queen of Dharo makes an unlikely return to the Capital in “The Return of the Queen”. The former Queen of Dharo presents herself to the current Queen and offers her knowledge and loyalty where it concerns Dirk Ryder.

186 Years Post Purge  (2011 OOC)

In “All Out of Faith” Rheava becomes convinced that her supposed ally Alora has slept with the enemy. Linnel Trent receives a death threat warning her to leave the Court, or else. Dirk confronts Alora over their supposed shared night of passion only to discover that the Queen has seen through his tricks.

Early Winter:
The new Leader of Little Terreille, the Warlord Prince Logain Morr, visits Dharo on a diplimatic envoy to broker trade and an alliance in “Politics and Pinor Noir”. The envoy from Little Terreille dines with the overly dramatized Court of Dharo. Dirk & Rhiannon begin their affair.

187 Years Post Purge  (2012 OOC)

Late Winter:
Dirk facilitates the murder and death of the young Gray Jeweled Priestess Linnel Trent while managing to carefully cover his tracks. The Court suffers yet another death.

In “The Queen’s Burden” The Queen of Dharo announces to her Triangle that she is pregnant. Rheava Evesham names the former Queen, Alora Kent, as her proxy in ruling the Territory.

Early Winter:
An envoy from Scelt is sent to Dharo to negotiate for food stores and assistance through their long and dark winter. Aidan Devlin, the Warlord Prince leading the envoy, became involved with the proxy Queen, Alora Kent, and stirred all kinds of inter Territory rumors. Unfortunately they attracted the wrong attention and Aidan Devlin became another victim of the troubles that plagued the Court of Dharo.

188 Years Post Purge  (2013 OOC)

Writers in Dharo are invited to add their threads into the tracker to align them to major plot points (but I will no longer be doing this on anyone’s behalf). To add your thread into the timeline please reply to this thread with the updated information necessary.

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