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Author Topic: Dena Nehele  (Read 2889 times)


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Dena Nehele
« on: Oct 12, 12, 07:05:49 PM »

Plot Leaders: Phedre & Blue
Ruling Character: Currently Darcia Glassade, Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Queen, Future Rilandra Vlas Rose to Opal Queen

Plot Summary
The common people know the truth, that Darcia Glassade does not rule them, but rather Gavril Conta takes advantage of them at his every opportunity, stripping them of even the most basic necessities needed for essential survival. The working population who produce the food go home hungry, too poor to purchase any of what they spend all day producing, while the Aristos live lush lifestyles filled with decadence and riches, parties and fancy dinners.

Contempt such as this breeds violence. Those who walk the streets of Bidea are among the most deadly in all of Terreille. The Myos, Shaos, and Jacks Guildsmembers make their way through Dena Nehele smoothly, taking contract after contract, seeing that those who can pay keep their hands clean of the blood they wish to see spilled while still having the secrets they desire delivered unto them. They are not just bedtime tales parents tell their children to frighten them into staying inside at night, they are real, living, breathing nightmares who walk among the people.

A common born Province Queen with Landen blood flowing through her veins holds the support of many of the Jacks Guild and the love of the people. Rilandra Vlas watches from the sidelines, waiting for the opportunity to move in and seize control.

Plot Timeline & Threads:

185 Years Post Purge


186 Years Post Purge

Late Winter





187 Years Post Purge

Late Winter




To add your thread into the timeline (or to correct it) please reply to this thread with the updated information necessary. If you make note of timeline references in your thread I will do my best to add them correctly here.

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