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Author Topic: The Coven; A Prism  (Read 2428 times)


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The Coven; A Prism
« on: Jan 09, 13, 07:02:31 PM »
There are many ways in which a Black Widow can be employed as theirs is one of the most versatile Crafts. While many Black Widows will often work for themselves, some will seek positions with a court.  A Black Widow’s skills can lend itself to the cerebral necessities of court and daily life, but they have many physical abilities as well.  The Coven in Glacia, as a result, is more specific in the delegation of its activities than other territories.  While some Black Widows choose the traditional roles of their Craft, they may also choose to specialize in one of three fields the Coven offers. 

The Hand
Henna Kivi, the founder of this branch of the Coven served in the Territory Court in the year 11 AP.  It was her habit to delve into people’s thoughts during meetings with the Queen. It was Kivi who discovered in this method the far reaching plot by the Salo Queen to usurp the Territory Queen. It was she who, after the traitorous Queen had been dispatched, suggested to the Coven and to her Queen to create a specialized branch in the Coven that would police the thoughts of court members.  In the time since, this specialized branch has changed and expanded until it became what it is today.

Today, the Hand, has become Glacia’s primary defense against the Light Jeweled smuggling underground.  The Black Widows who belong to the Hand are trained in the Craft of subtle delving. Over the years this Craft has been practiced and perfected by this branch of the Coven. There are rumors that these Black Widows are so at ease with mind delving that they are capable of doing so even on a street teeming with people. The truth of this lies only with the Coven and with individual Widows and their level of expertise with the Craft.  Blood Laws have been created in Glacia that allow these women to delve into the mind of any stranger they see fit, in particular the Light Jeweled.

These widows are often employed by province and district courts to act as spies for the court and route out any subverters. When not employed by the courts they are employed by the Coven which works hand in hand with the Territory Court in searching out the areas of most rich smuggling activity.

The widows of the Hand wear a hand emblem either above their hourglass pendant or as a ring holding their jewel of rank.  They are the most feared women in the territory.

The Sight
There is no record of the official creation of The Sight. Conjecture is that this branch of the Coven was created long before the Purge and that any records that were kept on this branch of the Coven were destroyed when the Widows who had survived the Purge feared an uprising against the Coven for not protecting the Territory from it.  The Sight is the smallest branch of the Coven. The widows who belong to this branch are all natural Black Widows with strengths in vision Craft.  To The Sight, it doesn’t matter whether the visions come about naturally in Twisted Dreams or whether they need to be forced. Among The Sight no vision webs may be hidden. They must all be common property for these women often work in concert.  In the past these women have predicted natural phenomena, birth rates and even population shifts among more specific events. 

While as a group The Sight tend to work on large projects, as individuals who hire their services out to the courts they are in charge of predicting potential court breaking events and, in particular,  crimes of the light jeweled of a province or district.

These women wear an eye emblem over their hourglass pendants or an eye shaped ring with their jewel of rank as the pupil. Though they are not as feared as the Hand widows, they are seen as some of the most arcane women in the territory.

The Chimera 
These widows are located mainly in the Virratt province.  The creation of this branch of the Coven was entirely Isyviel Valenkos’ idea.  It was she, who upon taking Nharkava under Glacia’s shadow, realized that the situation in Nharkava was a lot more strained between Landens and Blood than anyone had first realized. After a few attacks by the Landen rebellion of Nharkava against its own Blood population, and the apparent inability of her court to find the rebels, Isyviel came up with the idea of sending landens from Glacia into Nharkava and infiltrating the rebellion there.

The Chimera are the widows charged with creating illusion webs for the landens willing to risk themselves and go into Glacia.  They create illusion webs to make Glacian men and women look like those found in the hot and humid territory, but they do more than that.  They provide any multitude of spells required by these Glacian landens for their spying purposes. They are also the liaisons between the Glacian Landens and the Court of Virratt and the Territory Court. These women are the ones who bring back the information to the Queens who can act on it.

The Chimera wear an emblem of the head of an animal of their choosing above their hourglass pendant or as the ring setting for their jewel of rank.

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Re: The Coven; A Prism
« Reply #1 on: Sep 04, 18, 10:20:24 AM »
please retire this article as it will be merged with a new article forthcoming
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