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Author Topic: Priestesses and the Glacian Law  (Read 2954 times)


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Priestesses and the Glacian Law
« on: Dec 31, 12, 08:16:30 PM »
Because Glacia is a religious territory, its laws stem directly from its religion. It follows, then, that the witches most poised to dispense justice according to the whims of the Darkness and Mother Night are those witches most closely associated with Mother Night.  While Queens are traditionally the witches who accord justice to the Blood and Landens, in Glacia, the Queens are relieved of such duty except in the most dire of circumstances.

Because of their deep connection to the Darkness, it is the Priestesses of Glacia who appropriate justice except in the most dire or personal of instances.  This is done both in cases of criminal or personal dissension.  Across Glacia while Priestesses oversee rituals of the Darkness in the shrines and caves, they mete out justice aboveground in their homes, their Queen’s residences or special halls set aside for the purposes of Dissension.

While all Priestesses can mete out decisions regarding Dissension cases, there are Priestesses who make justice their full time ambition. Over time the divide between Priestesses who oversee dissension cases and those who oversee Dark Rituals has become sharp and to avoid contrasting decisions hierarchies within towns and villages have sprung up where certain places are under the jurisdiction of an adequate amount of Priestesses who communicate actively about their dissension cases.  This has the added advantage of never overlapping decisions, always having enough priestesses in case of emergencies and having differing opinions on the mercy of Mother Night.

Wherever possible, Dark Jeweled priestesses oversee dissension cases, however, because it is not always possible to have a Dark Jeweled priestess presiding, there are certain places, in particular small villages, where light jeweled priestesses are the only hierarchy of justice available. Always these light jeweled priestesses are beholden to the darker jeweled priestesses who oversee larger areas.  Village Priestesses are beholden to regional ones who are then answerable to the Court Priestess of the district who oversees both dissensions and rituals. The District Court Priestess is beholden to her Queen and the Court Priestess of her Province.  The Province Priestess is beholden to her Queen and the High Priestess.  It is important to note that while these priestesses are religious figures, they do not have religious function (except for the ones personally volunteered) while they are working the judicial function.

Those Priestesses with too much work on their plates will often hire Light Jeweled Priestesses, witches or hearth witches to assist in the paperwork and other workload that goes with managing the dissension branch of Glacian life.

Because Landens do not live by the Blood Law they are, for the most part, self-governing.  However it has happened in the past that agreements could not be reached over law and civil dissension cases among Landen courts. Those cases are ultimately brought before a District Priestess who rules over them.

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Re: Priestesses and the Glacian Law
« Reply #1 on: Sep 04, 18, 10:05:11 AM »
please retire this article as it will be merged with a new one forthcoming
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