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Author Topic: Overview of Tacea  (Read 2241 times)

Description: Statistics, Climate, Geography. Cultural snapshot.

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Overview of Tacea
« on: Jun 09, 13, 03:04:28 PM »

Capital City:  Ito - the First City, the Starred City.  It is situated approximately three days west of the Black Immortal and is the oldest of Tacea's cities.  Considered to be a center of policy, business, and history.

Population: 1, 200, 000 Blood & Landen.
Population Breakdown: 100% native to Tacea.
Caste Breakdown: 87% Landen to 13% Blood.  Currently the birthrates for natural born Healers and Warlord Princes are a little higher than their usual average, with a slight dip in Queens in the past 20-30 years, but prior to that Queens and Priestesses were fairly abundant.

Major Exports:  Due to the closed nature of Tacea, it does not have major exports at the moment.
Major Imports:  Due to the closed nature of Tacea, it does not have major imports at the moment.

Future (Potential) Major Exports:  Precious metals (specifically copper and silver), elaborate metal work/detail work (gears, smithy work,  jewelery, precision work), silk, indigenous flora and fauna beneficial towards Healer-work, rice, and tea.  Rich in pearls, jade, and semi-precious stones.
Future (Potential) Major Imports:  Produce, raw materials (cotton, wool, leather, etc.), strong focus on consumable goods and agricultural products Tacea's natural resources are not sufficient in providing (i.e. food).

Climate:  While small, Tacea as an island Territory generally has a full spectrum of weather patterns; it varies from subtropical in the far south to cool temperate in the north.  This is primarily affected by two major ocean currents - the warm Dark Current flows northward and the cold Dusk Current flows southward along the coast.  The northwest experiences heavy snow fall and inland climate usually undergoes large temperature differences between summer and winter.   Generally rainy and high in humidity, but it should be noted that climate changes along altitude and coastline.

Its land mass is relatively rugged and mountainous, though many of the mountains are dormant volcanoes.  Approximately 20% of the Territory is arable land and 15% is irrigated, with forests and woodland taking up 65%.  The Ama is the main river that cuts through most of the territory, but many smaller rivers, brooks, ponds, and lakes are not showcased on the map.  60% of Tacea is mountainous and the Black Immortal is the largest and tallest of these mountains; revered as a highly sacred and spiritual place, it is where the Territory Court often ventures to hold religious festivals or ceremonies.

(Updated map pending.)

The Provinces of Tacea are not lines drawn in the land, set in stone; rather they are dictated by Tacea's four great Clans: Ariake, Izayoi, Kagen, and Shingetsu.  Every twenty four years or so the Territory Queen may renegotiate these boundaries, but generally speaking each Clan has strong historical bases and is fairly entrenched in certain areas.  Districts, cities, towns, and villages however, remain relatively stable and are geographically locked.  Their supervision may be shifted into the purview of other Clans when "province" borders are redressed, but it is uncommon for more than border towns or villages to be reallocated.  The District of Black Immortal falls to no Clan and reports directly to the Territory Seat - a Queen may rule here, with the backing of the Priestesses, but otherwise a High Priestess may rule as well.

Below follows the current arrangement of land between the four Clans; it may change due to in game play. 
(Map pending.)

  • ARIAKE (Districts: Iwazumi & Higashima)
  • IZAYOI (Districts: Tokaido & Koumori)
  • KAGEN (Districts: Kyutai & Minami-fu)
  • SHINGETSU (Districts: Kitayama & Aohama)

Cultural Snapshot:
Tacea is the smallest of the Territories in the Realm of Light and also one of the most isolated.  Even before borders were closed after the purge and the land cloaked by Black Widows and Queens, its distance and dangerous waters made it a difficult journey for any of Realm.  Very set on tradition and balance, the people of Tacea embrace and celebrate their way of life; beautiful, but dangerous.  There is a distinct awareness of impermanence and temporal currents in the every day life - it begets an appreciation for the fleeting and the changeable, as well as a reliance on what was been proven true by the test of time. 

Their spirituality is a fact rather than a philosophy and though myths and legends are plentiful in their lore, their status in the eyes of Mother Night is extremely important to the general public.  Symbols and image mean a lot to the people of Tacea, so to bring disgrace to ones family or name can be punishable by death in some cases.

Blood in Tacea are only a few decades into a reconstruction era following a century and a half of warring; there is a great sense of hope and idealism abound, and a desire to create and build after such a long struggle.  The Arts are surging forward in peacetime, though Tacea has a way of making an art out unexpected things.  Typical arts such as music, poetry, painting, dance, and crafts exist of course, but in Tacea archery, fencing, flower arrangement, and tea ceremonies are arts.  Even men are starting to find opportunities in these female-exclusive fields.   It is a strange energy and tension that swirls in the Territory, caught between an excitement and enthusiasm for advancement and progress, but anchored by a long tradition and heavy history.  All people of Tacea value and venerate their ancestors and their origins, which lends to a desire to hold onto communal narratives of identity.

Landens have even begun to take cues from the societal structures of the Blood counterparts.  Tacea is a definitively matriarchal and distaff dominated culture, where women are not just deeply cherished and protected, but take on many of the positions of power.  Bloodlines are carried through daughters and witches are an aggressive and assertive force.  Women do business, create art, and fight wars.  The feminine in Tacea are very much so capable of being warriors and their claws are often honed to deadly points.  As such, there exists a heavy emphasis on honor and Protocol, binding these lethal threats to promises and oaths of fealty and obligation.  Males serve, but in return the females are expected to nurture and cherish the men in their care. 

A strict chain of authority presides in Tacea and at the very top sits the Dragon Mother to whom all Blood are ultimately loyal (in theory); the Territory Queen is charged with the well being of the entire land and her influence is immense.  In as small a Territory of Tacea, what she takes for tea one morning could easily make or break a whole series of tea plantations.
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Re: Overview of Tacea
« Reply #1 on: Jul 12, 18, 01:22:58 PM »
Please retire this article! We have a new one :3