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Author Topic: Dark Haven  (Read 1841 times)

Description: Information and Current Staff and Residents

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Dark Haven
« on: Jul 14, 12, 03:34:53 PM »
Established in 185 PP by Aravice Laurent and Dorian Conall, the Dark Haven provides a safe place for the dangerously unstable citizens of Chaillot to retire to and seek help getting their emotions under control. Dark Haven is located high in the mountains, far from any ski chalets or villages. Horses cannot handle the treacherous terrain and it takes about half an hour to walk from the main building to the nearest landing web, which is located along the White Wind. 


There are few hard-and-fast rules for admission to Dark Haven. First, there are absolutely no children under the age of thirteen, and very few teenagers. Very nearly every resident of Dark Haven has made their Offering to the Darkness already.


Admission to the Dark Haven is typically voluntary. Fear of the dark Jeweled in Chaillot is not a new phenomenon and there have been many historic incidents of the dark Jeweled losing control and hurting a lot of people. The Dark Jeweled in Chaillot have a number of reasons to fear themselves and what they are capable of, and even more reasons to be concerned about how society treats them, particularly if they are not serving in a Court -- something not everyone can aspire to.

Common reasons to seek admission are:
  • fear of harming people one cares about.
  • a desire to learn how to control oneself better.
  • encouragement from a superior or local Priestess.
  • being tired of the looks and whispers the dark Jeweled receive in Chaillot.

While most of Dark Haven's residents are socially conscious enough to have themselves admitted -- be it their idea or suggested by someone in their life whose opinion they trust -- sometimes, unfortunate incidents occur and damage control is necessary. Parents and Queens have been known to send people they are responsible for to Dark Haven, in hopes that the staff there can control the volatile dark Jeweled and keep everyone safe. It is not well known that some instances of instability have been induced, but this is indeed the case.

In addition, mad Black Widows are also brought to the Dark Haven to be kept safe and studied, both in an attempt to help learn how other Black Widows can avoid being trapped in the Twisted Kingdom, and to try to bring some of the afflicted Black Widows out into sanity.


All new residents of Dark Haven are fitted with controlling collars, but typically only the attached rings of the involuntarily admitted and those who have demonstrated themselves to be dangerous are actually worn by the staff. The rest are kept in a secure, monitored location unless they are needed, but there is relatively little accountability for use as long as they are promptly returned, and it is not unknown for someone to borrow a ring for personal uses, though it is wise for the staff to avoid doing this too frequently. 

For most people, Dark Haven isn't a prison. It has more in common with a hospital, where most people are able to check themselves out once they are "better," but some are held more firmly "for their own good."

In addition to the collars, Black Widow spells are employed to manipulate the minds of the residents. They are inhibited from harming the staff or leaving. Despite the determination of the Black Widows on staff to come up with spells that will protect the Territory of the Dark Jeweled, the inhibitions are not up to the level of permitting the dark Jeweled back into society… and in some cases they make matters worse, for when the spells are removed, the patients tend to be more unstable than they were before.


Dark Haven is more than just a place to tuck the Dark Jeweled away where they can't hurt anybody important. The staff is committed to finding the reasons for the dark Jeweled instability that plagues the Territory, and they are equally committed to solving the problem. Some take this even farther, though, taking the opportunity provided by a place devoted to questions of mental health and the issues caused by the depths of the abyss to pursue other studies as well.

The HEALERS of Dark Haven study the brain and mental illness. Some have even taken to inducing illness in order to study its effects and the causes of mental illness so that they can improve their Craft. The increased metabolisms of the dark Jeweled also make them excellent test subjects, and the controlling collars make them particularly biddable.

The BLACK WIDOWS of Dark Haven are particularly interested in the Craft underlying the slave collars and are actively attempting to improve upon them. Not, of course, to aid the cause of slavery -- what a base and unrefined notion -- but rather for the positive uses it could be put to, away from Raej. For instance, some Black Widows are convinced they could be modified to help a Queen monitor and control her Court, while others see it as a potential way to keep their children safe.

The Black Widows are also eager for this opportunity to practice Craft that rarely sees sanctioned use, and work toward perfecting the arts of mind-alteration. The goal, of course, is to instill stability in the dark Jeweled so that they are safe for the light Jeweled to be around, but there are so many other options for an enterprising Black Widow to pursue as well, and the temptation is difficult to ignore... for instance bringing mad Black Widows out of the Twisted Kingdom and investigating those trapped there.

The PRIESTESSES of Dark Haven are particularly interested in the mysteries of the Abyss and in the nature of what it means to be Blood. The Priestesshood believes -- and preaches -- that the Chaillotian Abyss is unstable past the level of the Opal, and they are devoted to delving the mysteries of the Abyss.


Most of the staff is paid and have permanent positions. While the upper echelons have castes and the Black Widows in particular are very important to securing the safety of everyone at Dark Haven, there are also general staff to see to the daily needs like laundry, food, and cleanliness. There are also assistants to the upper echelons, to do scut work like make observations and record information.

But not all the staff is permanent, and this will be especially true after Camille takes power and more dark Jeweled residents come to Dark Haven. The knowledge gained from studying the minds, bodies, and selves of individuals so confined is invaluable, and Dark Haven has gained the implicit support of the caste leaders for this very reason. Many of the Territory's elite have volunteered their time at Dark Haven to "assist" at Dark Haven since its inception, and they have only grown more skilled as a result. Those who volunteer often have added cachet in the salons of Beldon Mor, and being accepted as a volunteer is a difficult thing, highly prized, though few speak of what occurs there. The silence and mystery surrounding their service at Dark Haven is a combination of a stated desire for confidentiality for the patients and because none wish to lose the advantage… and knowledge, especially in Chaillot, is power.


Dark Haven is divided into four buildings, arranged in a square around a lovely courtyard with brick walkways:
  • While the staff is able to visit Beldon Mor and leave the mountains fairly frequently -- there is a weekend rotation -- many choose to stay overnight fairly frequently. To this end, the first building is for the staff. It has four floors. The top floor is divided between Dorian and his Second in Command. The third floor is inhabited by ranking witches of caste, the second floor is inhabited by the staff, and the bottom floor houses the volunteers.
  • The rich, connected, or aristo type residents live in what is essentially a converted chalet. It's very nice, more like suites than inn rooms, and there are few visible signs that this is anything but an expensive vacation home. This is the building visitors see when they are given a tour of Dark Haven.
  • Involuntary residents, the particularly dangerous, or the poor / socially isolated live in the third building. Some residents must share rooms, with bunked beds, while others live in what are essentially converted closets. Bathrooms are shared on a hall by hall basis instead of being private, and there are visible widow's webs on the door- and window-frames.
  • The last building is essentially the work house, where the staff gets things done. The kitchens, the laundry rooms, the offices, and the libraries are all located here, for instance.

Offline Dorian Conall

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Re: Dark Haven
« Reply #1 on: Jan 10, 14, 05:45:44 AM »
    Dark Haven Staff and Residents

    Dorian Conall
    Summer Sky to Green Prince

    Second in Command:
    Head Housekeeper:

    Paid Staff:

    anyone at Dark Haven who earns a salary and has a position that is not unique,
    for example: cooks, researchers, generic Black Widows and Healers, etc.

    Volunteer Staff:

    skilled & high society Black Widows, Healers, & Priestesses
    typically interested in research and practicing their skills

    Residents of Ward One:

    the aristos, the rich, and the well-connected,
    who live in fairly cushy conditions
    •   Jocean Montier, Opal to Red Prince

    Residents of Ward Two:

    the dangerous, the poor, the socially isolated,
    & the involuntarily committed
    Patients not committed:

    patients monitored and released, often returning periodically for treatments
    • Tyella Chiaro, Broken Queen
    If you have a character who you believe belongs on this list, please PM Blue.
    organization and write-up by Eleanor.

    Offline tenkou

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    Re: Dark Haven
    « Reply #2 on: Nov 01, 17, 09:27:20 PM »
    Please retire.. New article covers