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Author Topic: Culture of Hayll [Old]  (Read 857 times)

Description: Statistics, Climate, Geography, Culture (Need-to-knows)

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Culture of Hayll [Old]
« on: May 17, 12, 10:27:30 AM »
Statistics, Climate, Geography, and Culture

Capital City: Draega

Population: 5.2 Million, combined of Blood & landen
Population Breakdown: 91% native to Territory, 8% imported slaves/artisans
Caste Breakdown: 78% Landen to 22% Blood / Due to the Purge, there is especially a shortage of unbroken Queens over the age of 207 (and with Dark Birthrights over the age of 195). PM Kri if this interests you.

Major Exports: Wine, wheat, seafood, fabric, clothing, olive oil, fruit, sexual and political literature.
Major Imports:  Slaves, assassins, artisans, precious metals, gems, iron, coal, lumber.

Climate: The northern Province of Leiria has a humid, subtropical climate with the entire east coast of the Territory having very hot, dry summers and wet, mild winters. The beaches of Hayll are heavily populated and filled with summer houses of the wealthy. As you move to the middle of the Territory to the Province Agrippa Euracini, things get significantly wetter and much much hotter. The mountains bordering the west of this Province trap all of the rain that would otherwise go to Pruul, causing the rainfall to be more than significant here. However, once you get into the mountains, the hot desert of Pruul follows the wind here. The southern Province of Faro is wine country. Warm nearly all year round, the Province gets average to small amounts of rainfall and thus the many vineyards and farms are maintained by hand.


  • Leira (Districts: Ulma & Capua)
  • Agrippa Euracini (Districts: Tyrus & Magcunium & Lentia)
  • Faro (Districts: Cirta & Mutina)


The Court and Senate
The Senate is part of the governing body of Hayll. From it is drawn the Council and from that is drawn the Queen's Triangle. They speak their voice and the voice of their families to the Queen while creating laws and other ideas to run by the Queen. It's a lot of old people shoved together that have to be politically correct and nice all the time, at least in public. However, this does not diminish the Court that the Queens surrounds herself with. Senate does law stuff, Court does social. In Hayll, the Social Scene is the backbone that really supports the Territory. Who you have at your party, who invited you to theirs, it's all a big deal. Members at court are the biggest of the big deals and you have never seen someone gossip until you've met the court. If you don't invite the court to your party, or some, you won't have them talk about you around the Senate and the Queen, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on who you are. The Court is a snake of the social scene, moving around from one event to the next, dangerous yet exciting. They do all the things and say all the things the Senate would do if it were politically correct. Placement at court has all to do with what you have to offer the Queen, be it a Jewel, money, business, or connections that the Queen wants.

Sexual Relations
In Hayll, everything is about political relations and climbing the ladder up, even if you are climbing over other people. Thus, for a Hayllian to have sexual relations with another for political gain, information, or social relations is a very common occurrence. Be careful, though, for the more a Hayllian sleeps around, the less a night with them is worth. A Hayllian has to choose their partners wisely and carefully. Along the same lines, it is often accepted if a married person were to have sexual relations with someone other than their spouse if it would be to the benefit of them both and their family.

Education is a way to up one's social standing. Of the 100 families, it is expected that all pure blooded children get the best education as they will be eligible for the Senate seat and therefore possibly that family's voice to the Queen. Education is not denied to any. Hayll must reign supreme in relation to other Territories, and Education is a way to gain an upper foot.

Typically, the Blood view Landens as one large group unless they are dealing with a single Landen in person or in business. They make up the largest population of Hayll and are thus a force to respect. Often they are used as a way to gain support for a particular faction. Landens hold the largest empire of industry in Hayll and have a much higher work ethic than Blood as the politics of society don't influence them directly nearly as much. While they party like any other Hayllian, they would rather make their business boom. Often times, one family of the 100 families will be in business with a Landen. The Landen family tends to the actual business while the Blood deals with the politics and social aspect at court. The factions use Landens as a way to get back at each other as well since there are so many of them. They bribe the businesses to leave behind a member of another faction, etc. Landens are typically quite wealthy, or have land of their own, or are the physical labor in wine country and the farms. Thus, in Faro, the population is nearly 96% Landen.

Fashion has the ability to make or break a Hayllian's Social Standing. Fashion is a sign of one's wealth. Jewelry, clothing, footwear, hairstyles, the whole shabang. Hayll is a major influence of fashion in the Realm and refuses to follow but lead the fashion world.

The Blood spend much of their time hosting and attending parties after the sun sets. At these parties, the host is expected to hire entertainers such as jugglers, poets, etc. If a musician is hired as entertainment to a party of Hayll, it is seen as a cheap form of entertainment unless the Host family takes a turn in the music making. If the Host or a member of the Host's family does not show his/her own musical talent, it is a big social blow. Durring the day, the average Hayllian will spend time at various lunches doing social business or at the Coliseum watching or placing their bets.

Blood Society/Hearth Witches
What matters most in Hayllian Blood Society is one's placement in one of the 100 families, then age. Age is highly looked upon in Hayll, much over caste many times and especially over Jewel Ranking. However, castes can play an important role in society. and example of this is Hearth witches. Hearth witches are the only of the Blood that own and run their own high class Inns. If another of the Blood castes owns an Inn, a Hearth Witch almost always runs it.

Hayll is very hesitant to offer any sort of alliance. The occupation by the hands of Askavi is still very fresh in their minds as they are long lived. Also, they are very proud proud peoples. They have trade alliances but make it clear that they hold no hostility towards any territory nor do they support a territory. Very politically careful. Even so, their distaste for Eyriens is very well known

Hayllians are proud as possibly can be. Other than the slaves and artisans they import from other Territories, hardly any outsider lives in Hayll. And if they do, they don't stay for very long. While the people of Hayll welcome the money tourism brings in, they frown upon anyone moving to stay, especially a short lived person or an Eyrien. Others are just...inferior. There is no need for them to take up land that does not belong to them. Beyond all people, Eyriens are not welcome in Hayll.

Common Blood
It is quite difficult for the common Blood to make their voice heard as they are not represented in the Sente unless they have business alliances with one of the 100 Families. Typically this is exploited by the 100 Families. They will offer to voice the opinion of the common Blood in exchange for favors or a trade agreement. Thus, many Hayllians, common or not, are very skeptical and untrusting when it comes to business, but they will never turn down a potential business opportunity. The Common Blood often help run businesses for the 100 families.

Many small crimes, people are able to buy themselves out of. However, for major crimes, people are publicly sought and friends and even family will not harbor you. It brings filth into their social lives. If a family is known to have harbored a major criminal, they are socially dead to the world, 100 families or not. It is really hard to come back from that. However, that being said, assassinations are very common, but not at the hand of the actual person. Assassins are hired in, often from Dena Nehele. In Hayll, theft of one's jewelry and vandalism are considered to be major crimes. The Senate is the body to enforce law and punish those who break the law. All major cases are presented before the Queen, who has the opportunity to read them over and either agree with the Senate or make her own decision in the matter. Once the Senate has made a decision, the Queen is the only one who may overturn it. One of the biggest crimes in Hayll's history is the impersonation of a Queen. This is one of the few crimes that is undeniably punishable by death. The Shield of Hayll is responsible for executions.

Naming conventions in Hayll follow very similar patterns as other Territorites. It is acceptable to have anywhere from two names to four. The first name is generally how the person is referred to. The last name is their family name. The middle name(s) can be use to differentiate members of the same family. Often, numerical names are used such as "Augustus Secundus Deterius" signifying that Augustus was the second persons with that first name in his family.

The Queen of Hayll has a very unique and uncommon name given to her by her Guardian when she was only 13 years old. The purpose of this was to signify both that she was now an adopted member of the 100 families (by adding her guardian's name "Aurelius Vincentius" as her second and third names) while still allowing for her family name to be attached, as she is the sole surviving heir of the Claudii family line. Aurelius felt that this was important to honor. Thus her name shows her family status in the 100 Families as well as showing from where her blood came from. This can be common for other adoptions. Please send any questions to Kri if you are choosing a non-traditional name.

Hayllians have straight jet black hair, golden eyes, and beautifully tanned skin like all of the long lived. The men, also, cannot grow facial hair. So I guess the women can't have mustaches either!