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Author Topic: Court of Loreniel Killan, Queen of Scelt  (Read 1935 times)


Offline Loreniel Killan

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      Queen of Scelt

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Court of Loreniel Killan, Queen of Scelt
« on: Jan 28, 12, 10:51:24 PM »
Court of Scelt

Loreniel Killan
Opal to Sapphire Black Widow Queen

Consort: N/A
Steward: Kean Devlin, Summer Sky to Opal Prince (NPC)
Master of the Guard: Rorie Doyle, Rose to Opal Warlord
First Escort: Brogan Devlin, Green to Gray Warlord Prince

Court Seer: Caoilainn White, Summer Sky to Blood Opal Black Widow
Court Healer: Maeve Doyle, Purple Dusk to Blood Opal Healer (NPC)
High Priestess: Bonnie Macleod, Rose to Purple Dusk Priestess (NPC Adoptable)
Head of the Hourglass Coven: Glenna Hugh, White to Rose Black Widow (NPC Adoptable)

First Circle Members:
  • Finley Devlin , Yellow to Summer Sky Warlord (NPC Adoptable)
  • Cillian Devlin , Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord
  • Honora Devlin , Yellow to Rose Queen (NPC)
  • Ciaran Doyle , White to Rose Broken Prince (NPC)
  • Ronan Devlin , Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord (NPC Adoptable)
  • Soncha Devlin , Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk witch (NPC Adoptable)
  • Riordan Doyle , Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord
  • Brighe Devlin, White to Tiger Eye Hearth Witch
  • Isis Moswen, Summer Sky to Green Priestess (NPC-Inactive)
  • Lisbeth Harrow, Purple Dusk to Green Black Widow (NPC-Inactive)
  • Drostan Kerr, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince
  • Quinn Higgins, Sapphire to Ebon Gray witch
  • Gavin Skye, ? to ? Warlord (NPC Adoptable)
  • Toag Dunning, ? to ? Warlord Prince (NPC Adoptable)
  • Boisil Kintyre. ? to ? Warlord (NPC Adoptable)

Wards of the Court
  • Aine Devlin, Blood Female
  • Siobhian Devlin, Birthright Yellow witch
  • Siona Doyle, Birthright Yellow Healer

Notable Affiliates:
  • Eamonn Shane, Green to Gray Prince - Currently a "guest" of the Court