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Author Topic: Families and Ancestry.  (Read 1671 times)


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Families and Ancestry.
« on: Aug 26, 13, 09:21:46 PM »

There are four major noble clans in Tacea: Ariake, Izayoi, Kagen, and Shingetsu.  These four Clans are the oldest and most venerable of lines; affiliate and vassal families and clans often exist in tandem to these four.  Each family and clan takes great pride in refining, upholding, and continuing the arts of their foremothers.  The four great clans claim to trace their bloodline back to one of Tacea’s most legendary and mythical Queens, Amaterasu.  (See LORE & MYTHOLOGY.)

Family structures venerate ancestors and ties into the preservation family arts and legacies.  Just as a single act of great heroism can lift up an entire family, the sins of one member may take a whole clan generations to wipe clean.  An individual has the obligation to bring honor to their family - honor and duty are huge inescapable aspects of Tacea’s culture.  Rather than bringing shame their to lieges, some would rather commit suicide than have their dishonor affect the ones they serve. 

Wives who wish to have children and cannot do so with their spouse often times seek lovers outside of the marriage bond.  As women are not required to swear fidelity, whereas husbands are, this is not uncommon.  Technically, husbands have no say in the matter, but in practice are usually very involved in the selection process.  For two sworn women, both are expected and granted the right to choose potential fathers.

  • Each such circumstance is negotiated on a case by case basis between the three individuals involved, as well as their families.  These negotiations are usually in regards to the rights to the child and bloodlines.

Daughters are preferred over sons in that all blood lines are matrilineal.  Without a daughter, the family line will die as, all other factors equal, a male is married into his wife's family and takes her name.  It is not surprising to see a couple keep trying until they have birthed a daughter.  Unwanted sons in families to poor to afford raising them are sometimes left at temples to the care of priestesses.  (See Spirituality and Religion.)
In the home setting, the father often takes on leadership roles domestic tasks and the raising of children.  When a teenage son is undergoing physical training or escort training, a daughter will receive a far more extensive academic and scholarly education.

Naming Conventions:  the people of Tacea are differentiated often by their membership to a family line or a clan.  As such, names are denoted by FIRST NAME 'no' SURNAME, with the 'no' serving to denote this membership.  Not all people are allowed to claim direct membership to one of the four major clans; this is permitted only to those who are born or married into the main branch within two degrees of separation.  Keep in mind that most males will bear the surname of their mother (if unattached) or wife, with few exceptions.   

  • There are two exceptions to this rule.  Two smaller islands that exist along mainland Tacea hold minority tribes.  These tribes follow their own naming conventions (real life sources: Chinese and Korean names), but otherwise share a cultural and historical identity with the rest of Tacea, albeit with their own nuances and additions. 
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Re: Families and Ancestry.
« Reply #1 on: Dec 16, 19, 12:21:25 PM »
Please archive this article. It is being replaced with a slightly edited form.