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Author Topic: Castes in Chaillot  (Read 6974 times)


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Castes in Chaillot
« on: Jul 26, 12, 07:30:25 PM »
Though many witches of caste in Chaillot find their skills in demand at Dark Haven and some even choose to volunteer there in order to hone them, service in Dark Haven is only a small part of what the castes provide to the Territory.


Like Princes, hearth witches enjoy unusual status in Chaillot. The best fashion houses are run by hearth witches, and the best spells for keeping one's hair and makeup in place come from hearth witches as well. It may be the Queens who set fashion, but it is the hearth witches who design it. Fancy dishes are eaten by the beautiful and rich, but they are made by hearth witches, and hearth witches are often welcome members of the salons, for their observations and predictions are often cuttingly on the mark.


Witches in Chaillot are much the same as witches everywhere, for they are females with the deep-seated tempers that ride all the Blood when the time is right. But in Chaillot, these tempers ride closer to the surface in dark Jeweled witches, and a dark Jeweled witch is viewed to be nearly as unstable as a Warlord Prince. They are treated much the same, with the same expectations that they be within a Court or be viewed as a dangerous risk to be around.


Though Chaillot is a fairly secular Territory, Priestesses nonetheless have a very important role and they are, as a caste, quite respected. All the best tutors come from the Priestess caste, and free education is provided for all at the altars. It is mandatory for those between their Birthright and their Offering. Priestesses are also responsible for maintaining records about births, deaths, and Jewels. For this reasons, the Priestesshood maintains close ties with the Courts.

Though few in Chaillot care much about Mother Night or the Darkness, except as a handy epithet to use when a toe is stubbed or a heart broken, the Priestesses nonetheless do have a great deal to say. They educate not only the youth, but on a weekly basis can be found at the altars discussing philosophical issues like ethics and educating on obscure bits of Protocol. They also take an active role in the salons, and are vocal on the topic of the dangers the depths of the Abyss pose. In particular, they preach that the depths of the Abyss below the level of Opal are unstable.


Perhaps because of the historic instability plaguing the strongest citizens of their Territory, the Healers of Chaillot have an unusual institutional preoccupation with illnesses of the brain. Though the Healers are of course available for the usual run of ailments and perform the same duties as Healers everywhere, as a whole the Healers of Chaillot take a very active role in learning and experimenting.

Dark Haven isn't the first example of Healers in Chaillot hurting people so they can learn to heal, and more than one has befriended a bribable Priestess to get access to a dead body they can study. Chaillot's secular nature means that little is sacred, and the Healers in Chaillot are very eager to learn… sometimes to the detriment of their patients.


Chaillot's Black Widows are heavily involved in the Dark Haven project and their skills are very much in demand there. They are not only focused on finding a solution to the problem of dark Jeweled instability, they also delve the depths of the Twisted Kingdom, studying their own mad Sisters in order to unlock the secrets of being lost there. It is one of the deepest fears of most Black Widows that they will become trapped in the Twisted Kingdom, and many are preoccupied with learning how to avoid this fate… and rescue the lost.

But not all is deep dark secrets, and illusion Craft is making a comeback in a big way in Chaillot. Superficial beauty is very important in this Territory, and Black Widows hold the key to manipulating it. Aside from altering the appearances of clients, Black Widows are also in demand for the beautiful illusions they can craft to entertain or enhance one's home. These unique abilities make Black Widows very popular in the salons. Though the Coven exists as an organization, it functions more like a trade union than a true political entity, maintaining and furthering Craft standards.


Warlords, as a general rule, work with their hands and not their minds, and this is particularly true in Chaillot, where manual labor is respected and important. Without the fishermen and their boats, the vintners tending their vines, or the builders to bring architecture to life, Chaillot could not be what it is, and there is a certain titillating upper-class romanization that occurs with those whose occupations lead them to work with their hands and their lands.


Chaillot is a successful Territory, financially, and has a larger share of Princes than most Territories. The personality and proclivities of Princes have very much permeated the culture, and Princes have much more prestige than elsewhere. Paperwork, accountability, education, and sophisticated entertainment are highly valued. Chaillot is a Territory very concerned with the making and spending of money, especially given the Blood need to compete with and compensate for the landen mercantile empires that do not tithe to the Courts.

Additionally, Chaillot is very much preoccupied with being cultured. Fancy foods, erudite plays, and haute couture are all deeply important. Social networking via the salons is as relevant to one's status as money or bloodlines or caste or Jewels, if not more so, and Princes are excellent at navigating these waters.


In comparison to the Warlord Princes in other Territories, Chaillot's Warlord Princes actually have it pretty good. Due to the rampant fear of the dark Jeweled, a light Jeweled Warlord Prince has comparative little bias against him, and a dark Jeweled Warlord Prince is treated little different than any other dark Jeweled individual. Namely, if he is serving in a Court and controlled by a Queen, there is significantly less concern that he will snap and start killing people. The common view of the dark Jeweled is such that they are all treated as though they are as volatile and dangerous as a Warlord Prince.

There is of course a downside of this to those Warlord Princes who like feeling special and who might enjoy the effect their caste would have in convincing people not to cross them. In addition, though there is less fear directed specifically at Warlord Princes, there is also less tolerance for the risks Warlord Princes pose, and Warlord Princes who embrace their volatile nature are much more likely to be encouraged to spend time at Dark Haven.

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Re: Castes in Chaillot
« Reply #1 on: Jan 10, 20, 01:39:42 AM »
can this article be archived please? the information isn't necessarily relevant to the current political climate and will be covered in the updated culture article!